The TEAM – Rd21

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 10 2017

Welcome to the TEAM! The largest Community TEAM on the net……..


Rd19 Score: 2368

Overall Ranking: 25 447

Trades Left: 1

Remaining Salary: $94 100


Trade History

Rd4 – Mitchell Hibberd (NTH) to Nic Newman (SYD) & Max Gawn (MEL) to Stefan Martin (BRL)

Rd5 – Tim Taranto (GWS) to Zac Fisher (CAR) & Jaeger O’Meara (HAW) to Marc Murphy (CAR)

Rd6 – Sam Powell-Pepper(PTA) to Harley Balic (FRE) & Jarryd Roughead (HAW) to Lance Franklin (SYD)

Rd7 – Brandan Parfitt (GEE) to James Parsons (GEE)

Rd8 – Dan Houston (PTA) to David Myers (ESS) & Curtly Hampton (ADE) to Taylor Adams (COL)

Rd9 – Dan Butler (RIC) to James Stewart (ESS)

Rd10 – Harley Balic (FRE) to Hugh Greenwood (ADE) & Caleb Marchbank (CAR) to Jarrod Harbrow (GCS)

Rd11 – Oliver Florent (SYD) to Shai Bolton (RIC), Jarrod Pickett (CAR) to James Cousins (HAW) & Brett Eddy to Tom J Lynch (GCS)

Rd12 – Andy Otten (ADE) to Matthew Scharenberg (COL) & Aaron Sandilands (FRE) to Tom Rockliff (BRL)

Rd14 – Zac Fisher (CAR) to Jake Lloyd (SYD) & David Myers (ESS) vs Luke Ryan (FRE)

Rd15 – Tom Stewart (GEE) to Alex Witherden (BRL) & Jake Barrett (BRL) to Elliot Yeo (WCE)

Rd16 – Heath Shaw (GWS) to Sean Darcy (FRE) & James Stewart (ESS) to Max Gawn (MEL)

Rd18 – Scott Pendlebury (COL) to Joel Selwood (GEE) & Nic Newman (SYD) to Michael Hurley (ESS)

Rd19 – Matt Scharenberg (COL) to Conor Glass (HAW) & James Parsons (GEE) to Rory Sloane (ADE)

Rd20 – JPK (SYD) to Dustin Martin (RIC) & Sean Darcy FRE) to Corey Maynard (MEL)


The TEAM won two of its Elimination Finals in Week One and proceed to the next week of the knockout stage.  We picked Nat Fyfe successfully as Captain although that left us with Lloyd as our ‘M8’.  Again we didn’t have Ryan on the field.  If its ok with the Coaching Staff, I might keep Ryan on-field this week and give Harbrow a spell on the bench.  This is what we have to work with……….

Obviously Joel Selwood is the worry here.  We have one trade left and some change in the bank, we can still bring in a decent replacement.  With Danger back this week, we should be able to field a full line-up.  What say you, Coaches?


** UPDATE at 8pm on 10/8/17 **

According to yesterdays ‘Selwood’ poll, our last trade will be used on Lachie Neale (115 from 153 voters chose Neale).  That just leaves our Captains poll for Rd21.  Please keep in mind that Richmond are playing against the Cats on Saturday when placing your votes.  Thank you Coaches……and good luck to you all this weekend!


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12 thoughts on “The TEAM – Rd21”

  1. Gee that Sloane went ok 😉 Could have done it a week earlier tho!

    Neale or Kelly as a replacement for Joelwood. Then move Lloyd into defence for glass at M9, and loophole Harbrow and Lloyd. Obviously start Ryan.


  2. With $567,000 (J.Selwood OUT) seems pretty straight forward this week with a vote for a straight swap for Neale, J.Kelly, Bontempelli.


  3. If this was my team and I only had one trade left I would put Selwood on the bench and play Lloyd.
    Rather than try and guess who may score 20-30 points more than Lloyd I’d keep the trade, it may be better used later.


  4. At time of writing:
    Total voters =18
    Dangerfield = 18 votes
    Martin = 5 votes
    Who are the 5 idiots that chose them both when they are playing the same game?
    No wonder The Team is struggling



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