The Teams – R16

Written by Motts on July 16 2015

Who’s the fastest on the net with the weekly teams?

That’s right it’s us (with a ton of help from Gibbo – thanks again mate!)



Friday July 17 at Etihad Stadium, 7.50pm (AEST)


B: S.Wright, R.Tarrant, M.Firrito

HB: N.Dal Santo, S.Thompson, J.Macmillan

C: B.Jacobs, S.Atley, T.Ga

HF: A.Black, J.Waite, J.Ziebell

F: B.Harvey, B.Brown, S.Higgins

Foll: T.Goldstein, B.Cunnington, A.Swallow

Inter: R.Bastinac, S.Gibson, A.Mullett, K.Turner

Emer: L.McDonald, L.Thomas, M.Wood

In: A.Black

Out: D.Petrie (suspension)


B: M.Baguley, A.Steinberg, M.Hurley

HB: M.Hibberd, J.Gwilt, M.Gleeson

C: B.Stanton, B.Goddard, D.Zaharakis

HF: C.Hooker, P.Ambrose, J.Merrett

F: J.Laverde, J.Daniher, D.Heppell

Foll: S.McKernan, N.Oโ€™Brien, Z.Merrett

Inter: K.Langford, J.Ashby, S.Edwards, B.Howlett

Emer: J.Giles, C.Dempsey, E.Kavanagh

In: K.Langford

Out: A.Browne (concussion)


Saturday July 18 at Simonds Stadium, 1.45pm (AEST)


B: J.Thurlow, T.Lonergan, J.Bews

HB: C.Enright, H.Taylor, M.Blicavs

C: A.Mackie, C.Guthrie, S.Motlop

HF: M.Stokes, S.Kersten, J.Bartel

F: J.Murdoch, T.Hawkins, D.Lang

Foll: J.Walker, J.Caddy, S.Johnson

Inter: M.Duncan, C.Gregson, J.Kelly, J.Kolodjashnij

Emer: G.Horlin-Smith, D.Simpson, B.Smedts

In: S.Kersten, M.Duncan, J.Kolodjashnij

Out: J.Rivers (knee), J.Selwood (suspended), D.Simpson


B: D.Morris, J.Roughead, M.Boyd

HB: R.Murphy, E.Wood, J.Johannisen

C: J.Macrae, M.Bontempelli, T.Dickson

HF: L.Dahlhaus, T.Boyd, J.Grant

F: M.Wallis, J.Redpath, J.Stringer

Foll: T.Campbell, K.Stevens, L.Picken

Inter: S.Crameri, J.Prudden, B.Dale, C.Daniel

Emer: L.Hunter, L.Webb, M.Talia

In: J.Roughead, T.Campbell, S.Crameri, B.Dale

Out: W.Minson (shoulder), F.Roberts (ankle), L.Hunter, M.Talia


Saturday July 18 at Metricon Stadium, 2.10pm (AEST)


B: S.Day, R.Thompson, K.Kolodjashnij

HB: J.Harbrow, S.May, T.McKenzie

C: A.Sexton, G.Ablett, N.Malceski

HF: M.Shaw, TJ.Lynch, B.Matera

F: A.Hall, P.Wright, Z.Smith

Foll: T.Nicholls, M.Rischitelli, M.Hallahan

Inter: T.Miller, C.Cameron, J.Lonergan, J.Glenn

Emer: H.Schade, K.Brooksby, A.Raines

In: Z.Smith, C.Cameron, J.Glenn, P.Wright

Out: C.Dixon (ankle), D.Swallow (knee), S.Tape (hamstring), S.Lemmens


B: H.Shaw, N.Haynes, C.Hampton

HB: M.Buntine, A.Corr, Z.Williams

C: D.Smith, R.Griffen, A.Tomlinson

HF: R.Palmer, J.Cameron, C.Ward

F: T.Scully, C.McCarthy, L.Whitfield

Foll: R.Lobb, A.Treloar, J.Steele

Inter: S.Coniglio, T.Greene, J.Kelly, T.Downie

Emer: W.Hoskin-Elliott, J.Lamb, N.Wilson

In: J.Kelly

Out: D.Shiel (knee)


Saturday July 18 at Etihad Stadium, 4.35pm (AEST)


B: T.Langdon, N.Brown, M.Williams

HB: A.Toovey, J.Frost, T.Varcoe

C: A.Oxley, D.Swan, S.Sidebottom

HF: B.Kennedy, J.White, A.Fasolo

F: J.Blair, T.Cloke, B.Grundy

Foll: J.Witts, L.Greenwood, S.Pendlebury

Inter: P.Seedsman, B.Maynard, J.De Goey, J.Crisp

Emer: M.Scharenberg, D.Moore, S.Dwyer

In: L.Greenwood, B.Kennedy, P.Seedsman, M.Williams

Out: T.Adams (suspension), T.Broomhead (shoulder), J.Elliott (back), D.Moore


B: S.Hurn, W.Schofield, B.Sheppard

HB: X.Ellis, J.McGovern, S.Wellingham

C: E.Yeo, M.Priddis, M.Rosa

HF: J.Hill, J.Darling, C.Masten

F: M.LeCras, J.Kennedy, C.Sinclair

Foll: N.Naitanui, L.Shuey, A.Gaff

Inter: J.Cripps, M.Hutchings, S.Selwood, D.Sheed

Emer: B.Colledge, F.McInnes, L.Duggan

No change


Saturday July 18 at ANZ Stadium, 7.20pm (AEST)


B: R.Shaw, T Richards, N Smith

HB: Z Jones, H Grundy, D Rampe

C: J McVeigh, J Kennedy, L Jetta

HF: D Hannebery, L Franklin, L Parker

F: A Goodes, K Tippett, S Reid

Foll: T Nankervis, T Mitchell, K Jack

Inter: C Bird, H Cunningham, B Jack, J Lloyd

Emer: H Marsh, X Richards, D Towers

In: C Bird, B Jack, T Nankervis, T Richards

Out: M.Pyke (knee), J.Laidler (ankle), D.Robinson, D.Towers


B: M Spangher, B Lake, S Mitchell

HB: G Birchall, J Gibson, L Hodge

C: B Hill, S Burgoyne, I Smith

HF: C Rioli, R Schoenmakers, M Suckling

F: J Gunston, J Roughead, L Breust

Foll: B McEvoy, L Shiels, J Lewis

Inter: D Hale, B Hartung, P Puopolo, B Stratton

Emer: A. Litherland, J Sicily, A Woodward

In: J Roughead

Out: T Duryea (shoulder)


Saturday July 18 at Subiaco Oval, 7.40pm (AEST)


B: L Spurr, L McPharlin, G Ibbotson

HB: D Pearce, A Pearce, S Hill

C: T Sheridan, N Fyfe, N Suban

HF: M Barlow, C Mayne, M de Boer

F: H Ballantyne, M Pavlich, M Walters

Foll: A Sandilands, D Mundy, L Neale

Inter: H Crozier, J Griffin, C Sutcliffe, M Taberner

Emer: L Weller, E Langdon, Z Clarke

In: H Crozier, J Griffin, C Sutcliffe, M Taberner

Out: C Pearce, Z Clarke, P Duffield, T Mzungu


B: S White, M Jamison, T Fields

HB: C Yarran, Z Tuohy, D Buckley

C: K Simpson, A Carrazzo, S Docherty

HF: E Curnow, T Bell, A Everitt

F: L Casboult, L Henderson, T Menzel

Foll: M Kreuzer, P Cripps, M Murphy

Inter: N Holman, S Rowe, J Tutt, B Walsh

Emer: M Whiley, M Dick, B Boekhorst

In: S Docherty, S Rowe, B Walsh

Out: C.Wood, B.Gibbs (pectoral muscle), D.Armfield (arm)

New: Brad Walsh (Peel Thunder)


Sunday July 19 at MCG, 1.10pm (AEST)


B: C.Garland, L.Dunn, N.Jetta

HB: J.Howe, T.McDonald, B.Stretch

C: D.Cross, B.Vince, H.Lumumba

HF: A.Vandenberg, C.Dawes, J.Garlett

F: A.Brayshaw, J.Hogan, J.Watts

Foll: M.Gawn, N.Jones, J.Viney

Inter (from): J.Kennedy-Harris, A.Riley, D.Tyson, A.Neal-Bullen, J.Grimes, J.Harmes, M.Jamar

In: J.Grimes, M.Jamar, A.Riley

Out: Nil


B: J.Clarke, D.Merrett, H.Andrews

HB: D.Rich, M.Paparone, S.Mayes

C: D.Zorko, D.Beams, L.Taylor

HF: J.Redden, D.McStay, A.Christensen

F: S.Martin, B.Staker, J.Adcock

Foll: M.Leuenberger, T.Rockliff, P.Hanley

Inter (from): J.Aish, R.Bewick, R.Harwood, M.Robinson, M.Golby, N.Robertson, H.Beasley

In: M.Golby, R.Harwood, S.Martin, M.Robinson, H.Beasley

Out: J.Bourke (shoulder), D.Gardiner


Sunday July 19 at Adelaide Oval, 3.20pm (AEST)


B: C.Oโ€™Shea, J.Hombsch, J.Impey

HB: T.Clurey, J.Trengove, P.Stewart

C: M.Broadbent, R.Gray, B.Ebert

HF: A.Monfries, J.Westhoff, C.Wingard

F: H.Hartlett, J.Schulz, P.Ryder

Foll: M.Lobbe, T.Boak, O.Wines

Inter (from): B.Ah Chee, K.Amon, A.Moore, J.Neade, A.Young, J.Palmer, N.Krakouer

In: A.Moore, A.Young, J.Palmer, N.Krakouer

Out: J.Pittard (ankle)

New: Jesse Palmer (North Ballarat)


B: J.Lever, D.Talia, L.Brown

HB: R.Laird, K.Hartigan, D.Mackay

C: B.Smith, S.Thompson, R.Henderson

HF: M.Crouch, T.Lynch, R.Knight

F: J.Jenkins, T.Walker, E.Betts

Foll: S.Jacobs, P.Dangerfield, R.Douglas

Inter (from): R.Atkins, C.Cameron, J.Podsiadly, M.Wright, J.Lyons, B.Martin, S.Shaw

In: R.Atkins, J.Lyons, B.Martin, J.Podsiadly, S.Shaw

Out: C.Ellis-Yolmen, N.Van Berlo


Sunday July 19 at Etihad Stadium, 4.40pm (AEST)


B: J.Geary, S.Fisher, H.Goddard

HB: S.Dempster, S.Gilbert, J.Newnes

C: D.Roberton, D.Armitage, J.Webster

HF: L.Montagna, N.Riewoldt, S.Savage

F: J.Lonie, J.Bruce, L.Dunstan

Foll: B.Longer, J.Steven, M.Weller

Inter (from): T.Hickey, F.Ray, E.Templeton, A.Schneider, T.Membrey, P.McCartin, J.Sinclair

In: T.Hickey, E.Templeton, P.McCartin, H.Goddard

Out: S.Ross


B: D.Grimes, J.Batchelor, T.Chaplin

HB: N.Vlastuin, A.Rance, B.Houli

C: B.Ellis, B.Deledio, K.McIntosh

HF: A.Miles, S.Hampson, D.Martin

F: N.Gordon, J.Riewoldt, T.Cotchin

Foll: I.Maric, T.Hunt, S.Grigg

Inter: M.Dea, S.Morris, C.Newman, K.Lambert

Emer: B.Lennon, S.Lloyd, M.McDonough

In: M.Dea, B.Lennon, S.Lloyd, I.Maric, M.McDonough

Out: S.Edwards (leg), T.Vickery (suspension)


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52 thoughts on “The Teams – R16”

  1. Hey guys,

    Pending the teams that come in, I’ve got a tricky situation as to who I’ll get out for GAJ this week, out of Cripps or Selwood it looks to be so far as the likely candidates to make way.

    Selwood hasn’t been close at all in terms of his usual averages all this season despite myself keeping the faith in him, only putting up 2 scores over 100+ if I’m correct against the Suns and the Kangaroos.

    Cripps has possibly hit the rookie wall and has been a great part of my team for most of the season,but with tough opposition in the Dockers, Hawks, Kangaroos and Magpies to come he might find the going tough I think personally, although at the same time he’s going to become an even bigger focal point for the Blues midfield with Gibbs being ruled out for the season.

    So, who should be out first community?

    T/U – Selwood
    T/D – Cripps

    I do have coverage for Selwood with Steele if I’m holding onto him this week obviously with Selwood out with suspension for 1 week.


  2. Was planning to trade out Oxley for McDonald, but now that Saad is still out, my hand might be forced to trade out Saad instead – unless I don’t mind copping a low 60 from Smith as cover….

    Current Def looks like this : Heater, Rance, Higgins, Yeo, Ox, Saad (Smith/Maynard)

    T/U – Good trade
    T/D – Bad trade, Ox must go


  3. Got both Hamling and McKenzie as non playing rookies in my backline, to go with A. Pearce. One needs to go so I can trade up to a premium, but which one (keeping Pearce)
    TU: Hamling
    TD: McKenzie


  4. So we have rookies finally. But which ones. Looks like Glenn is the choice ahead of Knight in the above poll. So……

    Thumbs up Daniel
    Thumbs down Glenn


  5. HUGE thank you to Adam Saad…….you’ve made Catta’s Clan nearly $300k & kept an average in a “SC nightmare called defence” in 2015 around 80-85 for a 1st year player.

    2nd week out with a groin worries me, could be back next week but…..

    Saad > T McDonald for $36,600k is hard to pass up, welcome T Mac!


  6. Thinking of doing the following trades this week:
    OUT -J Selwood & Cripps (couldn’t decide which one so why not both?)
    IN – Rockliff and Hodge

    TU: Bold and brave so not the worst idea
    TD: Don’t do it


  7. To trade in Rockliff (Ablett too expensive dammit), I’m trading out one of these two mids but which one –
    TU: Griffen BE 75 Av 90.57
    TD: Saad BE 81 Av 82.58 (and not playing again)


  8. I’m hoping for Lambert to get dropped so I can loophole Mckernan and Steele, for F6 (with bont having to go to the Mids to cover Selwood). Feels wrong hoping that a player gets dropped.


  9. Just need a bit of of help. Wallis not doing me any favours , thinking
    of going Sidebottom, I have 6 trades left.What do you think?

    TU go for it

    TD Save the trade


  10. Who should I trade in for my final premium upgrade?

    TU: Trade in Ablett but use 2 trades

    TD: Trade in Rockliff and only use 1 trade


  11. 5 trades left and 250K in the bank with Ox and B.Smith to upgrade
    Oxley to:
    TU: Play it safe and bring in D.Beams(via Newnes)
    TD: Bring in the underpriced Rockliffe and bank 100K


  12. First time poster but long time reader, this site has saved me many times!

    one question, who has the greater job security.

    t/u maynard
    t/d glenn

    9 trades left, with 1 of the 2 coming in for either dumont or hamling to get in GAJ to complete the team. comments on who to trade out will be a bonus.



  13. I’ve pulled the trigger on 2. Moved Saad to the middle and changed him for T Greene (who is way unders) and the other Hamling to Malceski (who hopefully can only get better with more games)

    Haven’t been around for a bit but just saw I managed a 2278 which included a donut in the rucks. Back to full strength this week, but who knows.

    Really happy about bringing Picken in last week (138). Could be a great POD next year too (or next years Rocky…)


  14. Upgrading Danyle Pearce this round, very happy to be able to get him out. Dream would be Deledio obviously but I can’t afford him unfortunately

    TU: Zorko
    TD: Higgins


  15. T/U:
    Selwood – Rockliff
    Cripps – Ablett

    Selwood – Rockliff
    Smith – Hodge (BE of 35 compared to Ablett’s 119)


  16. Should i do

    Savage to Gibson now (Only got $450kish banked), or wait till Krak to max out

    TU Gibson now
    TD wait for Krak


  17. Cripps to rocky is my 100% call….

    But for Saad, as a solid D7

    T/U: Tmac (I have Higgins for Fwd cover, and Newnes for Mid cover) as a premo Def cover (can switch with early round prems for loopholing)
    T/D: Zac Williams (scores look nice for a backup, and the extra cash can go towards Krak-Bartel as F7 in 2wks)

    How’s Zac Williams’ JS? Any GWS fans out there that can shed some light on him?

    Cheers, community!



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