The Teams – R9

Written by Motts on May 18 2017

Thanks Chaos Theory!! You are the MVP.


Geelong v Western Bulldogs

Friday May 19 at Simonds Stadium (7.50pm)


B: T.Stewart, T.Lonergan, Z.Tuohy

HB: J.Kolodjashnij, L.Henderson, A.Mackie

C: M.Blicavs, J.Selwood, C.Guthrie

HF: J.Parsons, H.Taylor, S.Motlop

F: D.Menzel, T.Hawkins, N.Cockatoo

FOL: Z.Smith, P.Dangerfield, S.Selwood

I/C: J.Bews, M.Duncan, S.Menegola, M.O’Connor

EMG: G.Horlin-Smith, J.Murdoch, T.Ruggles

IN: L.Henderson, S.Selwood

OUT: R.Stanley, G.Horlin-Smith


B: D.Morris, M.Adams, J.Johannisen

HB: R.Murphy, E.Wood, B.Williams

C: L.Hunter, L.Dahlhaus, J.Macrae

HF: C.Daniel, T.Cloke, C.Smith

F: L.Jong, J.Redpath, L.Picken

FOL: T.Boyd, M.Bontempelli, M.Wallis

I/C: M.Suckling, L.Webb, T.Dickson, B.Dale

EMG: T.McLean, F.Roberts, J.Roughead

IN: R.Murphy, T.Cloke, D.Morris, M.Wallis, T.Dickson

OUT: M.Boyd, T.Liberatore, F.Roberts, Z.Cordy, T.McLean

St Kilda v Sydney Swans

Saturday May 20 at Etihad Stadium (1.45pm)


B: J.Geary, N.Brown, D.McKenzie

HB: J.Newnes, J.Carlisle, D.Roberton

C: J.Billings, J.Steele, L.Montagna

HF: J.Gresham, N.Riewoldt, M.Weller

F: T.Membrey, P.McCartin, J.Sinclair

FOL: B.Longer, S.Ross, J.Steven

I/C: L.Dunstan, B.Acres, S.Gilbert, K.Stevens

EMG: S.Savage, J.Bruce, D.Minchington

IN: K.Stevens, D.McKenzie, P.McCartin

OUT: J.Webster, J.Bruce, D.Minchington


B: D.Rampe, H.Grundy, N.Smith

HB: N.Newman, L.Melican, Z.Jones

C: J.Lloyd, J.Kennedy, C.Mills

HF: G.Hewett, L.Franklin, I.Heeney

F: H.Cunningham, S.Reid, T.Papley

FOL: C.Sinclair, L.Parker, D.Hannebery

I/C: W.Hayward, G.Rohan, K.Tippett, D.Towers

EMG: A.Aliir, J.Dawson, O.Florent

IN: K.Tippett, D.Rampe, G.Rohan

OUT: J.McVeigh, H.Marsh, S.Naismith

GWS Giants v Richmond

Saturday May 20 at Spotless Stadium (4.35pm)


B: N.Wilson, A.Tomlinson, A.Corr

HB: H.Shaw, P.Davis, Z.Williams

C: D.Smith, D.Shiel, T.Scully

HF: R.Lobb, J.Patton, T.Greene

F: S.Johnson, J.Cameron, S.Reid

FOL: S.Mumford, J.Kelly, C.Ward

I/C: D.Lloyd, H.Perryman, L.Whitfield, T.Taranto

EMG: M.Kennedy, Boer, H.Himmelberg

IN: T.Greene, H.Perryman

OUT: S.Coniglio, H.Himmelberg


B: A.Rance, D.Astbury, D.Grimes

HB: J.Short, B.Houli, B.Ellis

C: J.Castagna, J.Caddy, S.Grigg

HF: D.Rioli, S.Lloyd, S.Edwards

F: D.Martin, J.Riewoldt, K.McIntosh

FOL: T.Nankervis, T.Cotchin, K.Lambert

I/C: I.Soldo, D.Prestia, C.Menadue, S.Bolton

EMG: J.Townsend, A.Miles, C.Ellis

IN: S.Lloyd, D.Prestia, C.Menadue, S.Bolton, I.Soldo

OUT: J.Batchelor, T.Elton, O.Markov, C.Ellis, D.Butler

Brisbane Lions v Adelaide Crows

Saturday May 20 at the Gabba (7.25pm)


B: D.Gardiner, H.Andrews, D.Rich

HB: S.Mayes, J.Walker, N.Robertson

C: M.Paparone, D.Zorko, R.Lester

HF: L.Taylor, M.Close, J.Barrett

F: T.Bell, E.Hipwood, B.Keays

FOL: S.Martin, J.Berry, D.Beams

I/C: R.Harwood, H.McCluggage, C.Beams, M.Hammelmann

EMG: R.Bewick, R.Mathieson, A.Smith

IN: D.Beams, M.Hammelmann, H.McCluggage

OUT: T.Rockliff, R.Bewick, J.Schache


B: L.Brown, K.Hartigan, R.Laird

HB: R.Sloane, D.Talia, J.Kelly

C: R.Atkins, B.Crouch, B.Smith

HF: C.Cameron, T.Lynch, E.Betts

F: A.Otten, T.Walker, W.Milera

FOL: S.Jacobs, M.Crouch, R.Douglas

I/C: J.Lever, J.Gallucci, C.Hampton, H.Greenwood

EMG: J.Beech, D.Mackay, R.O’Brien

IN: H.Greenwood, J.Lever, J.Gallucci

OUT: D.Mackay, T.Menzel, J.Jenkins

Collingwood v Hawthorn

Saturday May 20 at the MCG (7.25pm)


B: J.Howe, H.Schade, T.Goldsack

HB: J.Smith, L.Dunn, B.Maynard

C: S.Sidebottom, S.Pendlebury, D.Wells

HF: J.De Goey, A.Fasolo, W.Hoskin-Elliott

F: J.Blair, D.Moore, J.Elliott

FOL: B.Grundy, T.Adams, A.Treloar

I/C: J.Aish, L.Greenwood, T.Phillips, J.Crisp

EMG: M.Scharenberg, C.Brown, M.Cox

IN: A.Treloar

OUT: B.Reid


B: B.Hardwick, K.Brand, T.Duryea

HB: R.Burton, J.Gibson, L.Hodge

C: I.Smith, S.Burgoyne, R.Henderson

HF: L.Breust, J.Gunston, B.Hartung

F: T.Vickery, J.Roughead, P.Puopolo

FOL: B.McEvoy, L.Shiels, T.Mitchell

I/C: D.Howe, W.Langford, T.O’Brien, B.Whitecross

EMG: K.Stewart, K.Heatherley, J.Sicily

IN: B.Whitecross, T.Vickery, T.Duryea, K.Brand

OUT: J.Frawley, C.Rioli, B.Stratton, J.Fitzpatrick

Essendon v West Coast Eagles

Sunday May 21 at Etihad Stadium (1.10pm)


B: M.Dea, M.Hurley, M.Baguley

HB: J.Kelly, M.Hartley, D.Zaharakis

C: D.Parish, Z.Merrett, B.Goddard

HF: J.Stewart, C.Hooker, T.Colyer

F: A.McDonald-Tipungwuti, J.Daniher, C.McKenna

FOL: M.Leuenberger, D.Heppell, O.Fantasia

I/C (from): A.McGrath, T.Bellchambers, J.Watson, J.Green, J.Merrett, D.Myers, C.Bird

IN: C.Bird, T.Bellchambers, J.Merrett

OUT: nil


B: B.Sheppard, T.Barrass, S.Hurn

HB: S.Butler, J.McGovern, E.Yeo

C: A.Gaff, M.Priddis, C.Masten

HF: D.Sheed, J.Darling, M.LeCras

F: F.McInnes, J.Kennedy, L.Duggan

FOL: N.Vardy, S.Mitchell, L.Shuey

I/C (from): J.Redden, S.Wellingham, J.Cripps, D.Petrie, J.Nelson, J.Hill, K.Mutimer

IN: D.Petrie, J.Cripps, J.Nelson

OUT: nil

Melbourne v North Melbourne

Sunday May 21 at the MCG (3.20pm)


B: M.Hibberd, O.McDonald, N.Jetta

HB: J.Hunt, S.Frost, B.Vince

C: N.Jones, C.Oliver, T.Bugg

HF: C.Petracca, J.Watts, M.Hannan

F: J.Garlett, C.Pedersen, D.Tyson

FOL: T.McDonald, J.Lewis, J.Viney

I/C (from): C.Salem, D.Kent, J.Melksham, S.Weiderman, A.Neal-Bullen, J.Wagner, J.Harmes

IN: J.Melksham, A.Neal-Bullen, J.Harmes

OUT: nil


B: S.Durdin, R.Tarrant, E.Vickers-Willis

HB: L.Hansen, S.Thompson, J.Macmillan

C: S.Gibson, B.Cunnington, S.Atley

HF: K.Turner, J.Waite, M.Williams

F: N.Hrovat, B.Brown, S.Higgins

FOL: T.Goldstein, J.Ziebell, J.Anderson

I/C (from): A.Swallow, L.McDonald, R.Clarke, A.Mullett, T.Garner, M.Wood, D.Mountford

IN: J.Waite, A.Swallow, A.Mullett, T.Garner, D.Mountford

OUT: T.Dumont, J.Simpkin

Fremantle v Carlton

Sunday May 21 at Subiaco (4.40pm)


B: G.Ibbotson, J.Hamling, L.Spurr

HB: L.Weller, M.Johnson, C.Sutcliffe

C: S.Hill, L.Neale, B.Hill

HF: H.Crozier, C.Blakely, M.Walters

F: M.Taberner, C.McCarthy, S.Kersten

FOL: A.Sandilands, N.Fyfe, D.Mundy

I/C (from): E.Hughes, D.Tucker, T.Sheriden, N.Suban, D.Pearce, B.Grey, E.Langdon

IN: N.Suban, S.Hill, T.Sheridan

OUT: nil


B: L.Plowman, S.Rowe, C.Marchbank

HB: K.Simpson, A.Silvagni, E.Curnow

C: S/Docherty, P.Cripps, B.Gibbs

HF: S.Petrevski-Seton, J.Weitering, M.Wright

F: Z.Fisher, J.Silvagni, M.Kreuzer

FOL: L.Casboult, C.Curnow, M.Murphy

I/C (from): N.Graham, D.Thomas, T.Williamson, D.Armfield, L.Jones, B.Boekhorst, D.Cunningham

IN: D.Armfield, L.Jones, B.Boekhorst, D.Cuningham

OUT: S.White

Byes: Gold Coast Suns, Port Adelaide


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44 thoughts on “The Teams – R9”

  1. Reportedly 31 changes for Friday and Saturday games. I don’t know much about number stuff, but that seems like a lot.


  2. Big News:

    – Jenkins is out! Will this boost Otten’s scoring?
    – Bulldogs with huge ins but Libba out??
    – Newman stays in
    – Balic/Houston out, McNiece not named


    1. Libba hasn’t looked right since concussed from Mumford smashing, great ins for us this week – Morris and Dickson we’ve missed all year.


    2. It is supposed to pour down in Brisbane for the Crows game.

      Does that affect anyone’s thinking on keeping Otten and / or Hampton this week?

      Tall forwards in the rain will surely struggle – even if it is against a struggling side like Brisbane.

      I am now not sure whether to get rid of Otten or Hampton (for Myers).

      T/up Otten
      T/down Hampton


  3. Newman, Parsons, Fisher & Stewart all stay in plus Treloar back!
    Very happy with the collective selection panels…


  4. With Parson’s named i escape a Crispy Creme.

    Myers on the extended bench is a concern even though i have had to bypass him.

    A big watch on Shai Bolton on debut replacing Butler who has the handy Mid – Fwd DPP status and a cheap downgrade option @117k.


  5. Geez! Parsons named!
    Means I escape a donut this week!
    If there are any late outs, I’m completely cactus

    By the time we get to round 13 it will feel like I have played 8weeks of Bye rounds in a row I reckon.

    Good luck to all this weekend!


  6. Dissecting rookies:
    – Parsons stays, no Black. 2-1 to Parsons
    – Newman survives, for now…
    – Cripps named for WCE, may affect Mutimer. McInnes named for second game.
    – Still no McNeice
    – Bolton (FWD $117.3k) to debut for Ric, Soldo named for second game
    – Butler out
    – Perryman (DEF/MID $155.3k) to debut for GWS, Lloyd named for second game
    – Lever out with Otten named in FWD line. Galluci (FWD/MID $148.8) and Greenwood (FWD/MID $117.3k) to debut for ADEL – More with the dreaded Rd13 byes…


    1. U say that, but I don’t think Parsons’ totals in those 2 games = Black’s score in one game!


      1. Irrelevant for me, been on the bench the last few weeks anyway. The first week I actually need one of the Geelong boys to cover a 0, I have Parsons and he is named! Ain’t complaining.


    1. My Rock Idol………lucky enough to have seen him twice live (Big Day Out ’97 with Soundgarden & Audioslave 2003). RIP……


  7. I reckon these teams have saved a few SC teams from donuts this week!!

    How did Parsons survive? That (good) late goal might have saved him, but he looked way off the pace for 99% of the game.

    Think Myers will survive – with Essendon making no changes this week.


  8. To trade Williamson with a BE of 65 or Otten with a BE in the 90s?
    With Jenkins out and the Crows playing the Lions, there’s a chance for Otten to get on the end of a few.


  9. Was trading out Otten & Hampton, but with Jenkins out, now re-thinking & maybe holding Otten for now. So if I don’t trade out Otten, I could move on WHE instead, which would mean being able to trade in Kennedy (WCE) – to help with my R11 problem.
    TU: Trade out Otten & Hampton, Trade in Laird & McInnes
    TD: Trade out Hampton & WHE, trade in Myers & Kennedy (WCE)


  10. Was trading Otten like many to rance however Jenkins out looks good for Otten.

    Otten WITH jenkins (45, 108 (jenkins injured played half game), 61, 69, 56 at an average of 66. Not including 108 game average of 58 with jenkins)

    Otten WITHOUT jenkins (98,98,101 (plus the 108 if u count the half game without jenkins) so 3 game average of 99 without jenkins or average 101 including the 108 game)

    Taking this into consideration im thinking of keeping otten until the byes and trading ot Marchbank instead who has the round 11 bye in which i have to many.


    T/U- Marchbank -Rance

    T/D – Otten – Rance anyway


    1. Richmond is dying for another tall forward since Griffo is out indefinitely with concussions.

      If Nank plays well up forward (not hard to beat Eltons last couple of weeks) they will probably keep playing 2 rucks.

      My prediction is, unless Nank can kick 1-2 goals a game his score may drop my 10 points with less hitouts. I’ll be watching closely.


  11. I am at a loss as to what to do this week – Balic and Butler are my two outs, Myers my one in, leaving me with $489 900. What forward to get in… I wanted Heeney, but just a few k short 🙁
    TU – Buddy?
    TD – better options – please comment who!!


  12. Essendon v West Coast at Etihad Stadium, 1.10pm AEST

    No changes

    In: J.Cripps
    Out: J.Hill

    Melbourne v North Melbourne at the MCG, 3.20pm AEST

    No changes

    In: J.Waite, A.Swallow, A.Mullett, T.Garner
    Out: T.Dumont (concussion), J.Simpkin (AC joint), J.Anderson (foot), S.Durdin

    Fremantle v Carlton at Domain Stadium, 2.40pm AWST

    In: S.Hill
    Out: D.Tucker

    In: D.Cuningham
    Out: S.White



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