The Third SC Day of Christmas

Written by Thommo on December 16 2018

On the Third day of Christmas, the Supercoach Gods brought to me, three bench men…

Two winged crows…

And Paddy switched to Mid-forward D-P-P

SAM COLLINS (GC) DEF – $188,900

2017 Average: 58ppg

2017 Games: 2

Past Averages (2016): 72 points

Gold Coast’s new best player…


For those who weren’t paying attention in 2016, Sam Collins was a pretty handy tall defender for the Dockers who played 12 matches in the second half of the season, scoring 2 tonnes and a 92 in that time. He fell from favour in 2017, playing 18 matches in the WAFL and only 2 for the seniors and was delisted at the end of 2017.

And that is where things became interesting. Returning to Werribee in the VFL, Collins was likened to Jeremy McGovern with his amazing intercept marking prowess. In 2018 he averaged 126 SC ppg on the back of 10.6 marks, 6.4 intercept marks, 11.9 intercept possessions and 10.8 contested possessions. At 194cm, 98kg and age 24, Collins should be both a lock for the best 22 at the Suns and for Steven May’s half-back role.

In summary, if he plays in Round 1 you should just get on your knees and thank the Supercoach Gods for a mature age rookie miracle.


You know the ball will live in the Gold Coast back line.

Expect 70-75ppg.



McAdam is the 23-year-old mature age recruit drafted by Carlton with their extra local league selection which they then on-traded to Adelaide in the Mitch McGovern deal. After missing out on selection at the 2015 draft, the nephew of Gilbert McAdam and Cousin of Petrevski-Seton returned to local footy, only this season playing 12 matches for Sturt in the SANFL. He kicked 23 goals and showed great tackling intent in those 12 matches and is likely to find a role as a defensive forward for the Crows.

And the guy has serious speed and a vertical leap!


When I hear “defensive forward” I don’t exactly expect high Supercoach scores but McAdam should give us 55-65ppg as a pulse on the bench.

And based on his online highlights, he’s great to watch!


2017-2018 Av: DNP

2016 Av: 53ppg

2016 matches: 13

Past Averages (2015-2011): 66, 76, 96, 74, 89

See how unhappy he was at the Dockers!


We won’t know his role until the preseason arrives, but Clarke could be the bench ruckman we have long desired. Obviously he is behind Tom Bellchambers in the ruck department and he is rookie-listed, but if Joe Daniher is struggling with his osteitis pubis then Clarke may be used as a ruck-forward alternative.

And he does have some Supercoach chops. While he struggled for form in his final season at Fremantle in 2016, Clarke did average 96ppg in 16 matches in 2013. He recorded 11 scores over 80 points that season with a high score of 134 points. He never quite managed those highs again but Clarke did average over 74ppg every year from 2011 to 2014.


For a Supercoach like me who stuffed up the Captain loophole every week of the season, I would love some ruck bench cover for a change.

Now watch closely for Clarke to be elevated from the rookie list!

If he is, we should get 70-80ppg.

Rather than having a poll today, instead let the community know in the comments which rookie-priced players you have your eye on…


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10 thoughts on “The Third SC Day of Christmas”

  1. Theres some nice ones here. Collins a certainty for me. Actually think he can average 80+, but even at 70-75 a lock at that price.

    Adelaide lacked a good defensive forward last year which is why Murphy kept getting a game. Agree with you on this one, 60-65 ppw is good enough for a F7/8 as long as he plays each week.

    Zac Clarke is an interesting one. If he plays Round 1 he is my R3 with Mumford R2. If Bellchambers is fit Round 1, not sure Clarke plays, even without Daniher, as he would be competing with McKernan who had a decent year. (Understand Clarke is the better ruckmen, but McKernan is a better forward)

    Great writeup!


    1. Thanks Phil. I agree re: Collins but I am tending to mark down Suns because they could struggle to compete as a club which will effect their SC scoring.


  2. LOCKS
    Walsh, Setterfield, Bewley, Collins, McAdam, Wigg and hopefully Gibbons

    Cavarra, Williamson, Matt Parker, Hind, Bailey Williams, and if they start
    Baker, Dylan Moore, Wilson, Petty, North, Stoddart, Hayes and Scrimshaw

    Begley, Wilkinson, Wilkie, Valente, (ifs and)Butts, Shipley, Brander

    Might be more a question of who gets a guernsey and lock em all in 😉


    1. I really hope Setterfield and Wigg get a run of luck.

      Setterfield coming up tomorrow but I won’t review Walsh until we see him in the preseason. Might be another LDU.


      1. That’s a fair call Thommo re: Walsh. He’s gonna have to ave. 75+ min. to be a positive starter.
        Fingers crossed on the other kids.
        Looking forward to the rest of this series. Awesome!


  3. A playing R3 is a big change to my usual zombie R3 and makes the first few rounds unloopholeable (i’m sure that’s a word!).


    1. Can you not stick Carter (FRE), DEF/MID, $102 400 on your MID pine?
      They’re back at late Sunday school the first heap of games.

      If there’s a huge lack of Rookies in R1, I might even start with two loopholes with DPP to:
      i. maximise onfield rookie scores, and
      ii. be in a better position to pick up those rookies that start a little later
      Just a thought bubble.


      1. Yes, the r loophole looks tough this year. I’m thinking Sweet from Wbd as r/f as they have 11 late games, and also Bines (wce) as f/r to allow some flexibility for byes with Lobb also as r/f. Carter idea is good for early rounds as is Tobe Watson freo, d/m. Depends how many cash cow rookies are likely to debut r1. We do think alike sainter…two loopholes !!


        1. Yep. The FRE thing is valid til the byes, especially with the same DPP. It affords maximising VC/C options AND your rookies no BOTH lines.
          It also allows you to think real hard about the rookies you’re gonna start with. I think there’ll be plenty this year coming in R3-7 who you want to have flexibility to pick up.
          If your starters are good enough, they’ll have had the time and created the value you need to up/down grade to max. your pts/trade potential.
          Think alike indeed, but not when it comes to starting line-ups 😉



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