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Written by Motts on March 22 2011

Some interesting AFL tweets coming out this afternoon – thought I’d share a couple with you:

AFL_KatrinaGill Katrina Gill – a reporter with

Neil Craig has used Andy Otten as an example of the “perfect substitute player”… could wreak havoc on Dream Teams across the country!
m0nty Paul Montgomery

Alright, I’ve cut my Dream Team GC exposure down to eight Suns. My bench looks like a Communist Party demonstration.
Robbo_heraldsun Mark Robinson

SC war in office. Quick scan of PCs caught Gullan, Ralph, Sammy, Warner, Stevo, Jay C and Matt W all tinkering. Some nervous, some scared!
(yes I invited him to post his boys on the site – awaiting a response)

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15 thoughts on “The Twitterverse”

  1. Craig also said on otten thats not what theyre going to do, he’s just the sort of player he thinks makes a good sub.


  2. Yep – the use of the word “necessarily” makes a BIG change in the context from a pure “thats not what theyre going to do” !! Though of course I WISH he’d said categorically they weren’t going to do it, because it is more than a little concerning that he would even be considered a good Sub player (in conjunction with his pretty average pre-season form). It might be safer for me to rethink Otten in my team now as I had him on the field – and thus begins another season … 🙁



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