The Walking Wounded R2

Written by Duck on April 11 2012

Adelaide Crows

Richard Douglas      Hamstring      TBC

Brisbane Lions

Brent Staker      Knee      Season
Dayne Zorko      Hip Test
Simon Black      Hand      3-4 weeks


Andrew Walker      Quad     2-3 weeks
Dylan Buckley      Finger      4-5 weeks
Levi Casboult      Knee      8-9 weeks
Luke Mitchell      Shoulder      6-8 weeks
Marcus Davies      Shoulder      10 weeks
Rhys O’Keeffe      Heel      5-6 weeks
Simon White      Knee      9 weeks
Tom Bell      Adductor      1 week


Andrew Krakouer      Knee      Indefinite
Brent Macaffer      Knee      Indefinite
Chris Tarrant      Calf      4-5 weeks
Daniel Farmer      Hip      2 Weeks
Josh Thomas      Foot      Indefinite


Alex Browne      Hamstring      Test
Brent Prismall      Knee      Test
David Hille      Calf     2-3 weeks
David Myers      Hamstring      2-3 weeks
Jason Winderlich      Hamstring      4 weeks
Michael Ross      Ankle      2-3 weeks
Nathan Lovett-Murray      Hamstring      2-3 weeks
Scott Gumbleton      Back      Test
Travis Colyer      Thumb      4 weeks


Alex Forster      Hip      TBC
Anthony Morabito      Hamstring      2 weeks
Gavin Roberts      Sinus      TBC
Josh Mellington      Cork      Test
Paul Duffield      Ribs      Test
Viv Michie      Foot      TBC

Geelong Cats (updated 3/4/2012)

Josh Cowan      Calf/Achilles      Test
Josh Hunt      Calf      Test
Tom Gillies      Ankle      Test
Daniel Menzel      Knee      Indefinite
Dawson Simpson      Back      Indefinite
Nathan Vardy      Hip      Indefinite
Travis Varcoe      Foot      Indefinite
David Wojcisnski      Foot      Indefinite

Gold Coast Suns

Charlie Dixon      Ankle      Test
Jake Hutchins      Ankle      Test
Matt Shaw      Ill      Test
Rory Thompson      Ankle      Test
Seb Tape      Teeth      1 Week

Greater Western Sydney Giants

Jonathon Patton      Knee      6-7 weeks
Josh Growden      Fractured Tibia & Fibula      Indefinite
Kurt Aylett      ACL      Indefinite
Setanta O’hAilpin      Corked calf      1 week
Stephen Clifton     Fractured wrist      4 weeks
Tom Scully      Cheek     1 week


Alex Woodward      Knee      Season
Luke Hodge      Calf      Test
Max Bailey      Wrist      TBC
Mitch Hallahan      Shoulder      Test
Paul Puopolo      Back & Hamstring Tightness      Test


Brent Moloney      Groin      Test
Colin Sylvia      Back      3 Weeks
James Strauss      Leg      2 Weeks
Jordan Gysberts      Ankle      3-5 weeks
Liam Jurrah  Wrist      3 weeks
Lucas Cook      Groin      2 weeks
Max Gawn      Knee      Season
Michael Evans      Back      Indefinite
Neville Jetta      Ankle      Indefinite
Rory Taggert      Back      3 Weeks
Stef Martin      Hip      Test

North Melbourne (updated 3/4/2012)

Lachlan Hansen      Hamstring      Test
Robbie Tarrant      Hamstring      Test
Nathan Grima      Knee      Test
Levi Greenwood      Corked buttock      Test
Majak Daw     Knee     1 week
Tom Curran     Foot      5 weeks

Port Adelaide

Jasper Pittard      Hamstring      Indefinite
John Butcher      Hamstring      Test
Matthew Lobbe      Hip      1-2 weeks
Nick Salter      Foot      10 weeks
Tom Logan      Knee      Test


Brad Helbig      Foot      Indefinite
David Astbury      Knee      Indefinite
Kelvin Moore      Hip      Indefinite

St Kilda (updated 3/4/2012)

Jason Gram      Hamstring      2 weeks
James Gwilt      Knee      3-4 weeks
Adam Schneider      Hamstring      3-4 weeks
Raphael Clarke      Hamstring      5-7 weeks

Sydney Swans

Alex Brown      Hips      5 weeks
Brett Meredith      Knee      Test
Eugene Kruger      Knee      Test
Lewis Roberts-Thompson      Face      3 weeks
Matt Spangher      Hamstring      2 weeks
Shane Mumford      Back      Test
Tom Mitchell      Knee      2-3 weeks

West Coast Eagles (updated 3/4/2012)

Andrew Strijk      Quad      1-2 weeks
Mark Nicoski      Hamstring      12-14 weeks
Mark LeCras      Knee      Season

Western Bulldogs

Brodie Moles      Ankle      1 week
Christian Howard      Knee      4-5 weeks
Dale Morris      Leg      TBC
James Mulligan      Calf      1 week
Lindsay Gilbee      Knee      TBC
Tom Williams      Shoulder     12 weeks


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16 thoughts on “The Walking Wounded R2”

  1. Thanks for the update.

    Poor Seb Tape. Bloody tough nut to keep playing missing 2 or 3 teeth! Front ones at that. Did you see the pic of him? God he looks so young.

    Is Joel Selwood ok after the weekend? Must be.

    Hope Mumford pulls up ok this week, very unusual.

    Can’t wait to see Jimmy Gwilt back out there.


  2. both my trades this week are based on mumford playing. I have a plan b though. when are the teams named and if he is named what will his performance be like?


  3. Billie looked in a lot of pain putting the red vest on the other day. Does anyone know if its really serious?? If so he will be traded and will keep Dickson.

    T/U – I’m crazy

    T/D – Good move


  4. I’m sweating on hodgy.let us knowif you hear more about hodge. I still think he is up for a big year.



  5. Anyone know the injury news on:

    *mummy is he playing round three?

    *robbie gray is he playing?

    *ryan hargarve is he playing for the dogs?

    any latest news would be great, regards hamo



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