The Weakest Link

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 5 2017

E=mchammer has asked to see everyone’s weakest link through the Polling Station.  Instead of a series of polls, we’ll get a better guide to each team by entering our ‘weakest’ player (according to pts average) on each line in the comments below.

Schwarzwalder@SCT might not be the best guide as we’re currently clinging to a Top30k position, but I’ll use it as an example…………

My weakest links are:

DEF (D6) – Jake Lloyd (SYD) 91.71

MID (M8) – Nat Fyfe (FRE) 98.15

RUCK (R2) – Aaron Sandilands (FRE) 87.3, will be traded out (finally) this week)

FWD (F6) – Tom J Lynch (GCS) 86.36


Who are your weakest links at the minute?  Give us your worst……..


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37 thoughts on “The Weakest Link”

  1. Newman (91.3)
    J.Selwood (104) including injury
    Witts (94.4)
    GCLynch (86.4)

    My entire starting lineup averages 2422 with Danger (C). Yet to score over 2400 though.


  2. With DPPs it’s a bit convoluted but,
    DEF – Shaw 85.8 but he’ll be getting loopholed wherever possible with Witherden 83.5
    MID – J Lloyd 91.7
    RUCK – Sandi 87.3 but with Gawn coming in to R1 it’ll be Witts 94.4
    FWD – Lynch 86.4


  3. In terms of average
    Howe 94.79
    Fyfe 98.15
    Ryder 95.69
    Walters 88.43

    In reality Wines, Rockliff, Fyfe, and Higgins are all letting me down


  4. DEF (D6)- Marchbank 73.07 , going this week for Hibberd

    MID (M8)- R.Gray 90.86,

    RUCK (R2)- Ryder 95.69,

    FWD(F6)- T.Lynch 86.36,


  5. In Terms of Averges:

    DEF (D6) – Nick Newman (SYD) 91.27

    MID (M8) Hugh Greenwood (ADE) 87.83

    RUCK (R2) – Toby Nankervis (FRE) 94.08

    FWD (F6) – Lance Franklin (SYD) 93.29

    I had JJ but he will be traded to Hibberd/Hurley this week


    1. I thought mid season trading was on the agenda next year for the AFL. Didn’t realise they’d gone early, but as a Dockers fan rapt to grab Nank. I think we’d play him forward though!


  6. Lloyd 91.7- Scooter 86.2 – Witts 94.4 – Greenwood 87.8

    Scooter and Greenwood loop to M9 or M/F cover after trading Barrett and Stewart for Witherden and Yeo this week, although that may be wishfull thinking as ironically/unbelievably after all the rookie carnage, I now have 6 playing rooks when I could probably use one more non player to loop.


  7. Some of you blokes seem to have it easy!

    D6: JJ (80.86)
    M8: Fyfe (98.15)
    R2: Grundy (103 since I brought him in)
    F6: Gunston (79.93)

    Will get T Lynch next week for F7, and hopefully Williams for D7 after his price drops!


  8. D6.Tuohy
    Ward has been pretty the past 3 weeks has a 3rnd ave of 120, glad I persisted with him.


  9. Def – Lloyd (91) Would be higher without the concussion game

    Mid – Fyfe (98) If he doesn’t perform this week considering trading to Zorko

    Ruck – Gawn (95) Wouldn’t call this a week link though 🙂

    Foward – Lynch (86) Hoping for some more games like last week


  10. Lloyd (91.71avg) but newman as cover on bench

    Scooter (86.2) and Fyfe (98.15) – Damn this area needs some work haha… oh and Murphy (107 – but 95.3 3roundavg) ….. Damn (Witherden as cover and DDP link to DEF)

    Witts (94.4)

    Buddy (94) – Greenwood for the loop

    Scoot will become Joel in two weeks, maybe newman gets the late boot to Tmitch so fyfe becomes loopable?? Witherden and Ryan as cover on the DEF then i guess.


  11. Def: Newman (91.27)

    Mid: Hannebery (99.14)

    Ruck: Grundy (96.64)

    Fwd: F’ing Stephen Motlop (WTF was I thinking?!? If Greene gets up this week I will press the T next to your name with more joy and unadulterated pleasure than I have for any other player this year. Don’t let the door bang you on the @ss on the way out, buddy) (78.50)


    1. Since you were so genius starting Zorko in Rd1 last year, the SC gods just had to even things out.


  12. DEF – Newman (91.3)
    MID – Fyfe (98.1)
    RUCK – Goldy (98.3)
    FWD – Buddy (93.3)

    Probably only change for LTI’s and once the finals come if I have cash available.


  13. Thanks Schwarz, appreciate the post! Very interesting to see the benchmark so far this year! Good to see am not the only one getting burnt by Shaw week after week, can only hope he will come good eventually to repay the Faith!


  14. For mine:
    DEF – Shaw 85.79
    MID – Greenwood 87.83 until hes upgraded then will be Selwood
    RUC – Martin 103.5
    FWD – Nank 94.08


  15. Was Tuohy high eighties to Docherty this week. Now Newman lowest.
    Priddis low 90’s to Martin this week. Now Fyfe lowest.

    Only 5 trades left now and sensing/feeling it’s not enough.


  16. D: Shaw (This is the last year I select him ever)
    M: Scooter (Just waiting for some cash to trade to a premo)
    R: Sandi (Traded up to Gawn this week)
    F: Greene (After consec 30’s I traded GCLynch for Greene last week. Trade of the year for me)


  17. Newman DEF is a bargain, so hard to call a weak link. Shaw is proving more of a liability.

    My bottom three MIDS are Fyfe, Hannebery and Murphy.
    I might have sideways-traded one of these for Sloane and Rockliff but glad I haven’t. Jelwood is tempting though…

    I still have Roughead hanging around up FWD. Stars haven’t aligned for it to be timely to trade him out, but when opportunity present itself, he’ll likely become Yeo or Franklin.

    Trades are at a premium with only 5 left.


  18. This is the first time I have finished first in anything related to SC this year,
    not only am I the only one to get a thumbs down I got two.
    Eat my dust the rest of you no one will beat that!



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