Thursday Teams – ADE vs GEE

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 3 2019


Thursday 4 April, 7.50pm at Adelaide Oval


B: Jake Kelly, Alex Keath, Rory Laird

HB: Brodie Smith, Daniel Talia, David Mackay

C: Paul Seedsman, Matt Crouch, Riley Knight

HF: Rory Sloane, Taylor Walker, Rory Atkins

F: Chayce Jones, Josh Jenkins, Eddie Betts

FOLL: Reilly O’Brien, Bryce Gibbs, Brad Crouch

I/C: Kyle Hartigan, Tom Lynch, Wayne Milera, Lachlan Murphy

EMG: Myles Poholke, Andy Otten, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Darcy Fogarty


B: Mark O’Connor, Mark Blicavs, Tom Stewart

HB: Jake Kolodjashnij, Harry Taylor, Luke Dahlhaus

C: Joel Selwood, Patrick Dangerfield, Jordan Clark

HF: Mitch Duncan, Esava Ratugolea, Brandan Parfitt

F: Gary Ablett, Tom Atkins, Gary Rohan

FOLL: Rhys Stanley, Tom Hawkins, Tim Kelly

I/C: Lachie Henderson, Sam Menegola, Charlie Constable, Gryan Miers

EMG: Ryan Abbott, Jordan Cunico, Zach Guthrie, James Parsons



In: Reilly O’Brien
Out: Sam Jacobs (knee)


In: Lachie Henderson
Out: Jack Henry (hamstring)


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25 thoughts on “Thursday Teams – ADE vs GEE”

  1. To bench constable or not. Him, Walsh and butters… Only 2 on field.
    Hmmm, thinking of constable sitting this one out, Walsh is due a good one, butters is warming up but wines coming in, might actually help him.


    1. Wasn’t going to put constable on until I discovered he had over 30 touches last week. Can’t have any rookie on the bench with that potential and apparent consistency.


      1. Reilly O’Brien, 23,whose only two AFL matches came in 2016 is expected to do the bulk of the ruck,performed well in the SANFL on Saturday with 21 hit-outs, 17 disposals, eight marks and five tackles.


      2. He’s the son-in-law of a good friend. He’s done EVERYTHING he can to maximise this opportunity. Go you good thing!


  2. Should I have concern over Goldstein? He had no energy in the last game. Was no where! Would I get enough games out of O’Brien? What about looking towards Phillips? Or, do I hold him.


    1. I’m in the same boat with you XBBX.

      I’m holding.

      1. He scored 102 in the first game in a losing effort.
      2. Second bad team outing (except Cunnington & LDU).
      3. He got out of the blocks slowly last year and came home like a freight-train.
      4. He has a reasonable slate the next few rounds (Hawks, Crows, Bombers).

      I’m backing him in and hoping he settles into the season.


    2. Didn’t watch him last week so can’t say, but would have thought Tom Campbell’s inclusion may have had something to do with it?!

      What I will say is that he has such a cushy run up to the byes, he should peak just when you want to offload him. If you even do. Grundy’s potentially hard fixtures are through the same period so it might just work out to wait.

      I didn’t start him, so am not gonna advise what to do. But the reason I did consider him was for that soft run up to Rd14, when the price gap to Grundy may be at its smallest.

      Good luck, whatever you decide!


    1. Two tall blokes named in the followers against a pretty green opponent in Reilly O’Brien… they’re not going to try and rough him up a bit are they? Nah.


  3. Menegola.
    Is he a bit under done? Heard he had off- season surgery. Who’s watched cats games and got info on him? Stick with him or trade him out for T Kelly. It’s now or never!

    T/U stick with him. You’ll regret it when he finds his groove.
    T/D Trade him. T Kelly is the forward you want in your team.


      1. Ha thanks mate.
        Might as well bring in Tomahawk and Miers too then. Could def do worse than that forward line.


    1. From the phantom:

      Back him in. Dunkley ranks fifth at the Bulldogs for centre bounce attendance this season, after attending the second-most (17) against the Hawks. But he’s fading out of games, averaging just 36 points in second halves. Expect him to find form against the Suns in Round 3.



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