Tipping 2011

Written by Motts on September 7 2011

A big congrats to Minh Tran who took out the inaugural SCT tipping comp with 148. Lex Carlton Rule (ripping name, Lexy) followed closely with 147 and behind him came Loz on 146. Great efforts all!

Amazingly, Deano and I finished on exactly the same score – 145 winners with 596 points of margin. Talk about being tuned in!

Proving that here at SCT we know a truckload about football, all three of your faithful scribes finished in the Top 10. Those looking for Big Sexy will find him under the moniker of Ablett must DIE! (he just can’t get over young Gary leaving for sunnier climes).

Thanks to everyone for playing – see you all for another go-round next year.


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3 thoughts on “Tipping 2011”

  1. Cheers Mottsy! still gutted I blew the final round. Minh Tran and i were neck and neck but i picked the not so mighty blues and the tigers. oh well – always next year! Well done Tran! Not sure who you are on the site but you did well mate.

    PS Mottsy im very nervous about this Sunday mate….HUGE game and out of all the teams to play i really wish it wasnt the bombers…



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