Top 5 Indigenous Players

Written by Motts on August 18 2011

BLeeDiNG rEd & BLaCk has been at the typewriter again to produce another primo piece of prose penned for your particular pleasure. Let’s hear it for Br&B!

“The skill, the grace and the absolute brilliance….sometimes the wizardry…that we’ve seen on our football fields from the Indigenous players really adds to why are game is so unique” – AFL chief Andrew Demetriou

Indigenous footballers have always been able to excite the crowd with dazzling displays of skill & speed. From the great Polly Farmer & the excitement duo of the Krakouer brothers to the poetry in motion of Cyril Rioli & Chris Yarran, indigenous players showcase how great our game is.

There are currently 78 listed Aboriginal footballers in the AFL today. Some will have long careers in the game but unfortunately, some will fizzle out.

I guess with every Buddy Franklin…there’s always gonna be a Troy Taylor.

So lets check out the best five indigenous players so far in Supercoach season 2011….

5) Leon Davis (COL) FWD: $491,500/ 98.16av – At the end of season 2010, the future of Neon Leon looked all but dim…but a change in position revitalized this former goal sneak into a hard running defender. The move has made him a more confident player and Collingwood is reaping the rewards. Has pinpoint accuracy with his kick in’s and cool under pressure. If you’re one of the 15,529 coaches who picked him up early in the season then you’ve made a solid investment with interest. Hasn’t hit the ton only 6 times in 17 game. In fantastic form right now averaging 119.3 pts in the last 3 rounds.Currently 12th in the AFL for rebound 50’s & 19th in kicks.

4) Cyril Rioli (HAW) FWD: $444,300/103.79av – Despite an injury plagued season, Sizzle still knows when to turn up the heat when it counts. Leading up to finals he’s been averaging 120.0 pts in the past 3 games with his best score last week against the lowly Port Power (175pts). ‘Delicious’ will have you licking your lips with his extraordinary ability to run through traffic, break tackles & kick goals all in the matter of seconds. Has the pace to make everything around him look like its in slow motion. Has a possible future as a midfield type player but is going great guns as a small forward (1st for Hawks in goal assists, 2nd for goals & 4th in tackles). A star in the making.

3) Daniel Wells (NM) MID: $416,900/105.42av – Roo fans have been waiting patiently for Wells to have a breakout year….& it’s finally paid off. Having his best season of his career, he’s shown North that he’s ready to step up & be accountable. Hit massive SC numbers in the middle of the season 178 (rnd 8), 152 (rnd 10) 180 (rnd 12) & has been up in the kangas best statistically (1st for kicks, 2nd in disposals, 2nd in uncontested possssion, 3rd for contested possession, 4th in handballs & 5th in tackles). Possesses skills smoother than a picture of Riewoldt’s balls & has the running capacity to match. The only way is up for Daniel Wells.

2) Lance Franklin (HAW) FWD: $448,800/110.82av – He might not be everyones ‘Buddy’ but love him or hate him, you have to respect him….especially if he’s playing against your team. Hard to match up on & hard to stop, he is the perfect mesh of height & speed. In Coleman medallist form with 62 goals (1st in AFL) & counting. Is one of the best forwards in the game & has that uncanny ability to turn the game on its head. 1st for the Hawks in contested marks, 1st for inside 50 marks (also 1st in AFL), 3rd for goal assists & 5th in contested possession. Buddy’s bringing up the big SC numbers before finals time averaging 117.0pts in the last 5 rounds. Almost unstoppable when on song.

1) Adam Goodes (SYD) FWD/MID: $521,800/104.53av – This former Brownlow medallist has been in ripping form. Despite being first & foremost a midfielder, Goodesy has had to go forward to provide the Swans a genuine target & he’s making the most of it. In 19 games he hasn’t hit the ton only 6 times and he’s keeping Sydney in finals contention by averaging 131.3pts in the last 3 games. Can gallop around the ground like a racehorse when freed from the forward line & has the football brains to make the right decisions in crunch moments. Is the most important player of any team this year. 1st for the Swans in kicks, marks (15th in AFL), contested marks (10th in AFL) ,marks inside 50, goals & goal the Swan’s B&F. Absolute superstar.

Honourable mentions: Chris Yarran, Paddy Ryder, Matthew Stokes, Graham Johncock.

Geez, I must say once supercoach season is officially finished… Its gonna be hard to say goodbye to Supercoach Talk & all the contributors who have made the site what it is today…but heyyy there’s always 2012 !

& a special shout out to all the SCT coaches playing for their finals lives this weekend…good luck!


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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Indigenous Players”

  1. Great article.

    One of the blokes in one of the leagues I am in made a Buddy’s Brudda’s Team
    Non caucasion players only so Mzungu and the likes still quialify
    He has been averaging 1700 for the season but somehow managed to pull a 2150 out first week of finals (bottom half) and get a win

    Unfortunately for him he didn’t have Wells which might have put him further up the ladder



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