Trade Or Hold – Rd17

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 14 2017

Rory Sloane started the year in blistering fashion, averaging 124 over the first ten Rounds to be the Top Scorer at the time.  So what is with the 83pts avg from the last five weeks?  Is he really that easy to figure out with a simple tag?  Has he never had to deal with a tag in the past?  Is this just a form slump or will it continue with help from opposition Coaches?  Because at this rate, he’s a huge liability for the upcoming SC-Finals.  Sidenote: Last six weeks from Matt Crouch – 123, 105, 100, 131, 132 & 116 (That’s where all the points are going).  What should Rory’s owners do ahead of Rd17?


What to do with Rory Sloane (ADE)?

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Shane Mumford‘s record for the year reads similarly to that of Rory Sloane.  Started beautifully to be the #1 Ruckman after ten Rounds with an average of 107.  Has produced an average of 80 over the last five weeks and often seems more interested in hurting an opponent than winning the ball.  Can Mummy see out the year without injury?  Is he just in a slump for the time being?  With Goldy/Kreuzer averaging 105-120 over the last month, is it time to move Mummy on?  What would you do with Mumford?


What to do with Shane Mumford (GWS)?

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