Trade Or Hold – Rd19

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 28 2017

Obviously Tom Rockliff‘s shoulder isn’t completely right because the magnitude of his drop-off is too large for a simple ‘tag’ explanation.  As evidenced in ‘The Leaderboard‘ last week, Rocky’s numbers have taken a dive in contested disposals, clearances & tackles.  In other words, he seems to be avoiding the ‘in&under’ work that is his trademark.  To top things off, Coach Fagan used Rocky as a tagger (successfully!) on Bryce Gibbs last week.  How to handle this Rocky situation?


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Alex Rance seemed to have worked his way back into form between Rds13-15 where he scored three consecutive tons.  While he hasn’t played poorly over the last three weeks (conditions weren’t great last Sunday), he’s only managed 62, 66 & 71.  He’s becoming a little costly for those wanting to make their League Finals.  Is it time to jump ship?


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10 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd19”

  1. One of my many blues with my starting line up was starting with Rance over Laird.

    Rance is a hold for me though as i can now loophole him with Lloyd or Shaw.

    I am not confident he will see much of the ball this week against the Suns.
    My dilemma this week is if Scharenberg is named i cannot loophole.

    So if Scharenberg makes the final cut
    Who to play on field

    T – U Rance

    T – D. Lloyd


  2. Robertson is back this week, and no Zorko. This means Rocky won’t tag, because somebody has to get the ball for the Lions.

    You’d have to be brave to trade him this week IMO.


  3. Picked up Rance before he went on his good run of form. Felt on top of the world, then reality hit. Don’t think there is any point trading him unless you are going to doc. Rance can easily come out with another 3 games of 110+ scores and make you look silly for trading him.

    Same boat with Rocky. If I could loophole him I would, but I wouldn’t trade him. He has no $$$ value but has potential to randomly belt out 150+ scores


  4. It’s a shame that Brisbane have the last game of the round this week as that removes the loophole option. If Rocky was playing earlier, I would loophole him but as he’s not, its goodbye for me I think. But I will probably re-consider that another 50 times between now and tonight…



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