Trade Or Hold Rd23

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 19 2019

James Sicily, the enigma himself, is up for discussion again this week.  It seems he either gives us a 130+ or struggles to reach 60pts depending on which week it is………

He is the sort of player that could win or lose a big Grand Final for you this week……if you’re still standing after the Prelims…… what to do with James Sicily?  Will he score well against the Eagles in Perth?  Or is it safe to trade him?


What to do with James Sicily (HAW)?

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6 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold Rd23”

  1. It has to be a hold
    Gold Coast have not been great for defenders.

    For example
    Jake Lloyd vs GC – 16 disposals and 62 sc pts
    Following week vs dons- 32 and 122 SC pts

    Hurn failed to ton up as did laird, Stewart, houli, crisp

    Obviously plenty of differentials here but it’s food for thought.
    I’m keeping him and possibly loop holing.

    People are quick to forget he scared 140 the game before playing in his best position


  2. Couldn’t agree more, if Hawthorn win this weekend, he’ll have a lot to do with it. Expecting him to ton up,how big is anyone guess.


  3. Let’s also not forget that the 140 he scored against GWS was when Dawson Simpson and Mumford were alternating on him at CHF in the snow. Zach Dawson would have tonned up.
    It was such a sweet feeling getting rid of him. Do not expect more than 70 this week. He actually isn’t trying.


    1. Hard one you would think Sicily would go well this weekend and dependant on some games outcomes Crouch may or may not have something to play for, I’m in the same situation but I also have crisp.


  4. Well crouch definitely has something to play for regardless of other results. They win and they are in the 8 if their percentage is the best.



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