Trade Or Hold – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 6 2018

Luke Dahlhaus (WBD) $498 500 FWD/MID – Dahlhaus has started the 2018 season with 88 & 51………not something that his 19256 owners would’ve had in mind when starting him in their FWD line.  Carrying over from last season, Dahlhaus has just three tons from his last 17 games.  For whatever reason (Rotations? Injury?), Dahlhaus has been spending more time up forward and less time in the midfield.

It’s almost strange to be talking of Dahlhaus as if he’s ‘past it’.  The guy is still just 25 years of age and should have a lot of good footy ahead of him.  Yet here we are………..what would you recommend his owners do ahead of Rd3?

What to do with Luke Dahlhaus (WBD)?

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Kane Lambert (RIC) $472 500 FWD – This is the part where I pull out my yellow&black glasses and ask: how could anyone be upset with Lambert?  The guy was instrumental in the last six weeks of 2017, literally took his game to another level over the Finals and helped himself to a Premiership Medal.

That sort of thing sticks in the mind of many Supercoaches……around 9000 of them started with Lambert this season.  Their expectations have taken a tumble, as have Lambert’s stats.  71 & 49 SC pts to start the season from just 15 & 14 possessions have brought the Legend of Lambert crashing back to Earth.  Can he turn it around in a hurry?  Or is it the perfect time to use a corrective trade?

What to do with Kane Lambert (RIC)?

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16 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd3”

  1. Hopefully people don’t have both, but if you had either of these guys, and no other MAJOR issues to deal with, then I would be definitely looking at moving them on (in a similar vein to the Hibberd discussion).


  2. The writing was on the wall for Dahl with the role change from the back half of last year. Reminds me of Shaw last year when you see his drop off in 2016.

    Lambert I’m really annoyed with. Was in my team for 2 minutes this pre-season and that was the 2 minutes before lockout – seriously, why? I’m swapping him for Coniglio and receiving some coin in exchange. Helps the byes too (hence why Lambert was never in my team in the first place).


  3. I was considering trading GLangdon, probably to Venables. But now I am considering waiting to see how Higgins goes for the Tigers this week.

    Up – trade GLangdon
    Dn – hold and watch Higgins


  4. Schwarz Can we edit this article to include hibberd ? I’ve had so many sleepless nights over him! I wanna trade him so badly to heater or Ryan. But I know he can go 100+ for the next month and leave me kickin myself!

    I had lambert & went to Liam Ryan. But had lobb at F6 so a very deep fwd line. Putting the cash toward dusty in 3-4 weeks


    1. Michael Hibberd: “With Frosty back this week, it might free me up a bit, which will allow me to use my run and carry, as it’s probably my biggest strength.” #AFLDeesNorth
      This was retweeted by SC Talk twitter


    2. We’ve had three polls on Hibberd this week (with Twitter and the TEAM) and it’s been near 50/50 each time. Looks like its a personal call to make…….


  5. I have bell who needs to go for my team and hibbed’s role change means gets the flick. I have 3 options that i am considering
    1. Luke ryan, Curnow
    2. Savage Christensen and save $130,000
    3. Savage Taranto

    Some advice on what i should do. Think i’m leading to option 1


  6. trading LDU out
    tu – cripps and 20k
    td – coniglio and 100k
    i think theyll score similar and i get the extra cash.
    althought coniglio cant play any better but doesnt score great compared to cripps.


  7. Am thinking of trading Z Merrett out, whilst his price is high, and bringing in Oliver.

    TU: Great idea
    TD: Keep the faith with Merrett


  8. Brayshaw/LDU to Bonner for increased scoring and the possibility of him being a keeper?

    TU yes
    TD Waste of a trade


  9. Dahl out for Coniglio via DPP?
    Thumbs up/down.

    (I think i can guess how this will turn out, but just want to check, I’m nervous about corrective trades since I traded out Jarryd Roughead in 2013)


  10. Something really strange is happening at the dogs. They pulled off quite the coup when they played well above themselves to win the flag. I think we all assumed that they got to the flag early but would keep improving. It hasn’t happened. And dahlhouse isn’t the only one to have regressed.

    As for Lambert, he didn’t even make a beep on my radar. Maybe it’s only tiger fans who could pick him in a line up. 😀



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