Trade Or Hold – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 14 2017

We knew Jaeger O’Meara wasn’t travelling too well after his score of 44pts against the Gold Coast last week.  But missing the big Easter Monday game against the Cats?  Due to a ‘knock on the knee’?  It just reeks of Daisy Thomas all over again (when he crossed to Carlton)!  Having only appreciated $9k in value, should we be looking to cut our losses with Jaeger already?  Or give him one more week?


What to do with Jaeger O'Meara (HAW)?

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Zach Tuohy had a brilliant pre-season which led to many Coaches taking the chance on him from Rd1.  They had hoped he’d move into Corey Enright’s role off the half-back line at Kardinia Park and into the Top10 DEFs for the year.  After three Rds Tuohy is averaging 82pts, about the same as his Carlton days.  Is it time to make a correction?


What to do with Zach Tuohy (GEE)?

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5 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd4”

  1. If Taranto scores well enough to cover O’Meara I’ll hold for a few weeks. For those switching to Swallow just watch he isn’t a late out tomorrow.


  2. I ended up treating JOM like a plump-ish rookie and traded him up to Docherty via links. Was contemplating trading down to Newman but figured with just enough rookie cows and a couple current stud midpricers making cash might aswell go with a bump up now instead of letting about $500k sit in the bank. Seems like a justifiable move especially after staring at my sad sad score from last week. Hopefully it was the right one!


    1. If you can get to a premium why wouldn’t you flick JOM? I can’t quite go premium and hate side swapping mid-pricers so will probably hold.



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