Trade Or Hold – Rd5 #4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 19 2018

Josh Kelly has been solid without being spectacular in 2018.  Averaging 105 SC-pts is nothing to be ashamed of.  He has however been overshadowed a touch by Coniglio and has already dropped nearly $30k in value.  And now the niggling groin injuries are setting in.  Kelly was a surprise withdrawal last week and is no guarantee to play again this week.  It’s tough seein one of your elites gathering dust on the bench for too long.  So what’s to be done with Josh Kelly?


What to do with Josh Kelly (GWS)?

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14 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd5 #4”

    1. Two more weeks for a one week injury and it also gets mentioned that he’s been managing it for a year and he might miss other games, we didn’t know any of that beforehand


    2. I was able to use my bank to bring in McLean for Brayshaw last week and sit Kelly on the pine, but now he is out for another week and is managing a groin injury, it’s time to pull the trigger…..
      Definitely ok to trade him this week, even if you held last week, as much more information has now come to light…..


  1. GWS Giants coach Leon Cameron is taking a long-term view with injured midfield gun Josh Kelly, even if it means some short-term pain.

    Kelly is set to be rested for another two weeks as he continues to struggle with a groin injury.

    Cameron revealed Kelly struggled with the same problem for all of last year but missed only the Round 14 win over the Brisbane Lions.

    “I’d like him to be going better,” Cameron said.

    “We’re not resting him for six or eight weeks, we are making sure that when he does participate in full on footy again … he can cope for the week after and the week after that because it’s pointless just coming in for one or two or out for another two.

    “He managed this last year for the entire year, some weeks are better than others.”


  2. I still have all 30 trades and was planning to make my first 2 next week
    but if he isn’t named this week which isn’t looking likely
    What does everyone think of a straight swap with Jack Macrae



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