Trade Or Hold – Rd6 #1

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 23 2018

Many Coaches started their ‘Set & Forget’ Ruck Strategy with Sam Jacobs (ADE) this season.  Not only is he extremely durable (barely missed a game over the last few years) but most were hoping to an impovement in his output from the last two seasons (2016 – 87avg, 2017 – 96 avg).

With only one ton from the first five Rounds, it’s getting harder to watch Grundy belt out a big score and not hope for more from ‘Sauce’.  Even after winning 42 hitouts against Sydney on Friday night, Big Sauce only came away with 74 SC-pts.  So what would you advise his owners to do?  Stick fat for now?  Or jump ship?


What to do with Sam Jacobs (ADE)?

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7 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd6 #1”

  1. I posted the following after the Crows Swans games, seems relevant on this post instead….

    In same boat, rolled the dice and kept him this week – after rage trading him at the start of the week to Nic Nat (which would’ve made me money!), but hit the reverse button, and he’s pumped out another low score, so will drop even further in value. He got plenty of hit outs v Swans but just doesn’t seem to do enough around the ground, not sure if low on confidence as he was fumbling balls, throwing it onto the boot etc.?

    T/U – Hold for rest of season as he was picked as a keeper
    T/D – Trade before he bleeds even more cash



  2. I traded him last week to Grundy.
    He just seems to be winning the hit outs but not getting any disposals. Not sure if his numbers will lift when the Crows get a few of their gun midfielders back but I didn’t want to wait and see.
    Hopefully Grundy will be the set and forget ruckman I wanted Sauce to be


  3. 1st trade- Bonner to Guelfi or Giles-Langdon (via Sicily)

    2nd trade- Doedee to either Kade simpson or Elliot Yeo

    Yes or No?


  4. Doedee is almost D6 or D7, good to start him on the bench and loophole him if possible. I think out of him,Kelly and Holman he is almost the keeper.Finlayson could be the other.



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