Trade Or Hold – Rd6 #2

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 23 2018

Dayne Zorko is scoring 30s on a more regular basis than most rookies after Rd5.  Problem is that most Coaches took “The Magician” at his starting price of $600k+. To say that they’re getting impatient would be an understatement.  So what should the owners of The Magician do?


What to do with Dayne Zorko (BRL)

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13 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd6 #2”

  1. Looking to trade Zorko

    TU zerret – almost a straight swap
    TD spend some extra cash instead of putting it towards an upgrade and gets cogs or someone?


      1. They certainly are Baz and for good reason I think mate. None of the blokes you mentioned really interest me as trade-ins at this stage. Zerrett may be able to turn his form around, but don’t like the look of the others.

        I mentioned somewhere else that I think Zorks will have a few massive games during the year, but IMO these will be few and far between. With no Rocky and Beams looking out of sorts, Zorko is the obvious target for the opposition, as he is clearly our most damaging player. As a Lions supporter, I really, really hope that he turns his form around, but he needs to learn how to handle the tag and work on his mental toughness and discipline when things aren’t going right. I’m certainly not saying that he throws in the towel, as he works his backside off, but just seems to do some silly things when not having a great game.


  2. I know this isn’t the best place to post this, but is anyone else getting horrible popups when using this site on mobile today? Up until today it’s been perfect (I visit this site daily). The redirects even happen when using Incognito mode. Is this just me?


  3. Zorko for:
    TU: Danger/Titch with downgrade of rookie
    TD: Yeo/ other premium on the bubble via dpp if necessary
    Comment: Other



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