Trade Or Hold – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 27 2018

There’s no doubt that the kid Petracca can play, but he’s not quite at that superstar-level just yet.  Exciting to watch but also very frustrating as a Supercoach.  As he’s now out with an infected finger (dog bite), it might be the perfect time to offload him for a true Top6 FWD?  What would you do with Christian Petracca right now?


What to do with Christian Petracca (MEL)?

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8 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd6”

  1. Mid-priced gamble that didn’t pay off. Was going to offload during byes but may as well go now. Gray/Menegola for points, Mundy for piece of mind, or Acres/Hogan for a gamble.


  2. So it’s settled I will trade Petracca for most likely Menegola
    Or does anyone else have any better options
    I already have Heeney, McLean and Smith
    Wouldn’t mind Gray but the bye and tag this round making me think other wise


  3. Hey Schwarzy I posted in coaches box a week or two back if there was any chance of a similar post re Sauce?? ( or have I missed one whilst away on Comm games duties??)


    1. thanks Nato … and apologies Schwarzy, I’ve finally had the time to “get back to normal” and gone through the various pages and found that you did indeed post the article back on Monday!! Legend as always mate and greatly appreciated!!



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