Trade Or Hold – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 28 2017

David Swallow was in high demand after Rd3.  He’d just reeled off a 117 against the Hawks following on from his 88pts against the Giants.  Coaches were dreaming of fast cash generation after the slow start of O’Meara and the like.  After a 46 & 55 over the last two weeks, those same Coaches are already exploring their options.  Especially with a BreakEven of 94 and now an omission from the team.  What would you advise owners of Swallow to do?


What to do with David Swallow(GCS)?

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Luke Parker started the season over $600k after averaging 112pts from all 22 games last year.  After five Rounds, his owners would be rather peeved.  A promising start of 105 has been followed up by 79, 93, 92, 83.  Now priced at $520k, is it time to cut our losses with Parker?  What would you do if he was in your team?


What to do with Luke Parker (SYD)

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6 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd6”

  1. So I have the money to trade roughead to toby greene.

    Not sure if Greene will keep up his goof form though.

    Yes or no?


  2. My 2 cents,
    Luke Parker is a Premo with runs on the board and will come good. (I admit, I don’t have him this year)
    David Swallow has missed a lot of football, I’d cut my losses and run. (I just dodged that bullet with a last minute rethink in Round 4.)

    Now for a question myself, I’ve got a fair bit of dead (or near dead) wood in my team. I’m looking at a double downgrade. SPS is a lock for the axe (BE is now astronomical). Who should be the other head on the block?

    TU – SPP
    TD – Taranto



    1. spp be is only 41 so not very high if he is able to produce a good score this week against the weak brisbane he should have a few more price rises trade out taranto.


  3. Trade or hold J. Pickett?

    Was going to bring in Z. Fisher but am down to 23 trades after using one this week.

    T/U Pickett is dead weight and needs to go for Fisher who will make money quick in a year where there is not many cows

    T/D Save your trades he will get another go later in the year and you’ve already used enough trades



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