Trade Or Hold – Rd8

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 12 2017

Jack Gunston was one of a handful of FWDs that started the year over $500k.  He has performed the worst from that short list (by far!).  His current avg of 80.43 is inflated by a 131 performance against Adelaide.  Without that it’s just a measly 72avg.  How the mighty Hawks have fallen……and in his case, Gunston has fallen very heavily.  What would you advise his Coaches to do in this situation?


What to do with Jack Gunston?

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Adam Treloar came into the season with massive wraps on him and a $600k starting price tag.  He’s done little to justify that hefty price over the last month.  Despite an impressive 148pts haul on Anzac Day, Treloar has battled to three mid-70s scores from the last four weeks.  Not something you want/need from one of your elite MIDs.

Owned by nearly a quarter of all Coaches (including the TEAM!), Treloar’s name has been bobbing up on Trade Talk……..and not as a Trade-IN option.  Now his problems are compunded by an ankle injury that will see him miss this Round (at least).  How would you deal with Adam Treloar?


What to do with Adam Treloar?

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12 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd8”

  1. I’ve held Beams from last week so it looks as though I have to hold Treloar. Hoping to keep enough trades up my sleeve to somehow be able to afford a luxury trade later on to turn them into someone else if their form doesn’t turn around.

    Looking to do a single downgrade so it can enable me to afford Heeney this week.

    T/U: Berry
    T/D: Mutimer


  2. If I Boot Treloar I complete my forward line and will only have 5 rookies on field next week which includes Marchbank, Otten and SPP who have been producing well enough. Also means that my upgrades are for players I actually want rather than who I can afford. However it would mean I only have 19 trades left going into next week.

    TU: Boot him
    TD: Hold until his bye


  3. Adam Treloar has become the biggest stain in my Supercoach pants…and I’ve had Relton Roberts


    1. Yeah I did, bad call at the moment but he will lift as the season goes on, and the Hawks lift too. I’ll be holding at least until his bye, then reassess


  4. although Hutta had some nice statements against it, Treloar has messed with the fro, he’s got to go.. overall is so far over but my only h2h league I’m in against a few mates, I’ve slumped to 2-3 i was rolled comprehensively by a side that was coming last in the league and ranked 102,000 odd overall.. that stung, that really really freaking stung.. still feeling the burn, with no aloe vera in sight..


  5. Treloar < Adams & Houstan < Heeney

    My expectation of Treloar in disposals per match has been met, but on the other hand his de is average at 67.2% (including 31 clangers & 13 free kicks against in 7 matches). This mystery ankle injury concerns me as he's a contested in & under player, but on top of this a break even of 163 he's going to leak plenty of $$$$$ on his return!

    T/U….. Good points Catta, seeya later Treloar
    T/D….. Nooooo Catta, give him more time as he'll come good!


  6. I’ve been conservative with my trades, so I feel I can give Treloar the boot. Underperformed and now playing sore with an ankle or other stuff. No thanks. For a paltry $40k, welcome to the team Tom Mitchell.

    Apologies to all TMitch owners if he bombs out from now on.


  7. James Stewart as only downgrade option hoping for an average of 60
    Then butler and houston up to Heeney



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