Trade Or Hold – Rd9

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 19 2017

Leigh Montagna has a terrific Supercoach record behind him.  After niggling calf injuries kept him out of the pre-season comp, Joey resumed playing in Rd2.  He scored a massive 164 in Rd3 but his average excluding that performance is 81.67.  Is it time to jump off Joey?  What action should his owners take?


What to do with Leigh Montagna (STK)?

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Heath Shaw has been one of the premium defenders (when fit) over the last ten years.  He’s posted just the two tons till now and it seems that Zac Williams may have surpassed him as the #1 Giants Defender.  Should we jump ship before he gives up more pts?  Or still worth holding?


What to do with Heath Shaw (GWS)?

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6 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rd9”

      1. Its not like there is that much certainty with other guys either. As long as you have Laird, Doch, Adams in your team you arent missing out on that much having Heater in there too.
        He isnt as good as we have come to expect and Im still annoyed I picked him over Doch/Adams in my original squad but its not like he is fairing that much worse than other popular defense selections (Simpson, rance, Johannisen etc) and I still want to see a bit more of Roberton / Lloyd before I jump on them.


  1. Surprised people wanting to trade Heater out, i’m thinking of bringing him in soon #cheapaschips. Hayens injured for 10 odd weeks so won’t be taking points of him anymore


    1. Agree. Think he’s in that fallen premium category. Change his name to John Smith and if you look at what he’s doing in the team he’s in for the price he’s at you’d be looking to jump on at some time soon either pre or post byes.



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