Trade Or Hold – Rocky

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 6 2019

He made a blistering start over the first couple Rounds which had Coaches trading him into their teams.  Over the last couple weeks, Rocky has struggled somewhat however, even looking injured at times.  He hasn’t been able to crack the $500k mark which stands as a sign for midfield premium.  What would you do with Rockliff?


What to do with Tom Rockliff (PTA)?

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11 thoughts on “Trade Or Hold – Rocky”

  1. I mean, you may as well hold.

    He should fire up against the Crows, then Port have the Suns, Hawthorn and St. Kilda. Surely he puts out some serviceable scores in those games, after which you’ll have sacrificed most of your cows and you could luxury trade him to another premo.

    That said, I don’t own him and probably wouldn’t be so nuanced and balanced if my M5/6 was throwing out 36s and 58s.


  2. I voted Hold.

    Saying that, If his time on ground drops, or he starts to spend too much time forward in the next few weeks, that tells me he is injured again.

    In this case ,I will be finding the cash to turn him into a fallen Uber Premo in Macrea or Lloyd.

    Hopefully the 8 day break has down him some good, and he returns to his piggish ways again 🙂


  3. Probably copped a little knock earlier last week. Should be back to his piggish ways. But if his tog drops below 75 and he plays forward he’s cooked.


  4. I think it also depends on if you started Rocky or not. I would hate to have to trade him out if I had only got him in a few weeks ago. If you started with him, you haven’t wasted multiple trades on him, so a little bit easier to stomach.



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