Trade or Hold – Round 17

Written by Hot Sauce on July 12 2019





Sydney Stack – Mid – $439,800 – AVG: 83.7 – BE: 57

2019’s version of Tim Kelly continues to impress averaging 96.8 over the last 5 weeks. Stack will continue to make cash for his owners and is a serious contender for M8 spot for coaches struggling to fill their teams.


Will Setterfield – Fwd/Mid – $302,600 – AVG: 58.6 – BE: 33

Has certainly found some consistency over the past month or so which allows the DPP to make a further $30k at least and help cover any injured premo’s.


Noah Answerth – Def/Mid – $253,500 – AVG: 56.5 – BE: 7

Saved his highest score for last week which should see him earn a further $40k-$50k.

Callum Wilkie – Def – $365,200 – AVG: 69.5 – BE: 61

Is set to climb a little further so despite a fairly high BE I’d be holding with all the recent carnage, especially with cheap defenders.


Zak Butters – Mid/Fwd – $320,500 – AVG: 63.0 – BE: 57

Could be traded this week for those with no urgent trade requirements. Should stay around this price point for the next few weeks.


Bailey Smith – Mid – $368,000 – AVG: 74.9 – BE: 26

If you still have him, ride the next wave of price rises due to come your way thanks to his excellent games in the last fortnight. Should get back to his peak price or thereabouts over the next few weeks.


Sam Walsh – Mid – $422,800 – AVG: 88.9 – BE: 85

He’ll continue to perform well for the remainder of the season, so if there are more pressing issues, he is definitely worth holding onto. In the same boat as Sydney Stack.

Jordan Clark – Def – $300,400 – AVG: 61.0 – BE: 4

Trade worthy a few weeks ago, the kid has bounced back nicely and is looking better every game. Set for a further $30k increase over the next week or two, and until then should be held.


Nick Larkey – Fwd – $260,500 – AVG: 59.8 – BE: 31

Will increase a little more so hold for now.


Jackson Hately – Mid – $238,300 – AVG: 68.8 – BE: 46

With Kelly going down, Hately should receive an increased role in the middle, but could depend on where Whitfield lines up. Either way, should be held.

Dylan Clarke – Mid – $259,600 – AVG: 70.4 – BE: 36

Clarke continues to get regular time in the Dons midfield and will continue to make more cash. Another $40k to $50k over the next month.

Nick Hind – Mid – $213,100 – AVG: 59.2 – BE: 22

Very similar to Clarke, Hind will continue to make money over the next month.




Matthew Parker – Fwd – $265,100 – AVG: 54.8 – BE: 57

His omission from the Saints this week coincides with the perfect week to trade him out given he has likely reached his max price point.


Marty Hore – Def – $357,600 – AVG: 76.3 – BE: 133

Unfortunately, Hore was injured in the early moments of his last game resulting in him dropping just over $50k. That is a shocking blow for his owners, but you need to cut your losses now.


Reilly O’Brien – Ruc – $544,200 – AVG: 96.2 – BE: 124

Has likely reached his max price point so if you have him and he is on your bench, it is a waste to have that much cash wasting away. If you have locked him as your R2 I see no reason to trade him. Will continue to perform at this level.

Luke Davies-Uniacke – Mid – $299,700 – AVG: 65.5 – BE: 73

Should have already been moved on but if not, can do so now.


Michael Gibbons – Mid – $295,400 – AVG: 55.5 – BE: 66

Trade now, before he falls any further.




Angus Brayshaw – Mid – $446,400 – AVG: 88.1 – BE: 120

Has dropped in performance over the last two months which is a worry for coaches hoping he could remain as M8. Hold for now, as there is most likely more important trades required.

James Worpel – Mid/Fwd – $434,000 – AVG: 88.3 – BE: 94

Very similar to Brayshaw, his performance is starting to worry is owners, but could easily be held.

Ricky Henderson – Mid – $487,300 – AVG: 98.1 – BE: 186

He is going to drop in price considerably considering his poor score last week, but if you are still holding him this deep in the season he should be held as your M8.


Tom Hawkins – Mid – $383,300 – AVG: 88.1 – BE: 104

Enough is enough. He needs to be updated – unless there is more pressing requirements.


Josh Kelly – Mid – $614,000 – AVG: 119.8 – BE: 154

3 week sentence is the worst! If it was more, easy decision to trade; if less you hold. 3 weeks is tough. I’m saying trade as a capataincy option is too much to miss at this late stage of season. If you don’t have one of Neale, Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe and Bont – pull the trigger.


Good luck coaches.


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3 thoughts on “Trade or Hold – Round 17”

  1. If Setters keeps up the consistent 60’s-70’s I’m considering holding for the season as a backup swingman. Could do worse and job security seems solid…


  2. Most likely keeping Josh Kelly, as I already have the options of Cripps, Neale, Macrae, Fyfe, Taranto and Oliver


  3. Thinking of going j Kelly and r O’Brien to
    L Whitfield/Hurn and bont to complete team and have 5 trades left currently sitting at 353 thoughts everyone



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