Trade Table

Written by MJ on July 8 2015

It’s time to once again check in on how we’re faring for trades. Are you starting to bite those nails wondering where all your trades have wandered? Feeling the pressure that the run into finals inevitably brings? I daresay you’re probably not alone!

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How do you stack up?


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4 thoughts on “Trade Table”

  1. Trades are a dream of days gone by, I’m again forced to trade with Jobe in my team…. After this week I will be left with only 4 ๐Ÿ™
    planning Watson > Armitage
    and Saad > Maynard for cash generation only

    Team looks like this
    Def – Shaw, Murphy, Gibson, Yeo, MacMillan, Hibberd – Hamling/Maynard
    Mid – Fyfe, Pendles, Armitage, Treloar, SMitchell, Thompson, Wines, CEY – Lambert/Amon/Glenn
    Ruck – Goldstein, Kreuzer – Read
    Fwd – Gray, Swan, Franklin, Betts, Bont, DPearce, – Steele/Lamb
    GAJ should get in for CEY but we will see.. with $246K now in bank it might need 2 trades to get him and I don’t know if I should worry about it this year, I’m in the crap in 3/4 leagues anyway, I’ve not enjoyed SC this year with all the forced trades along the way



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