Trade Talk – R11

Written by Motts on June 9 2015

Poof! There goes about a third of your team. How are you going to deal with it?


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54 thoughts on “Trade Talk – R11”

  1. By ranting at the gods, er, god, banging my head, warm milk, cold beer, sticking my fingers in my ears while saying โ€œlast week didnโ€™t happen, no no no no no,โ€ and falling asleep at my computer after hoping that this time when I refresh, a rookie worth downgrading to will appearโ€ฆ..


  2. Rocky out this week for i think lads…
    TU Wines
    TD Sloan

    leaning towards Ollie currently, with 1 score under 100 due to his injury that game


  3. I need to pass on trading this week, as I only have 16 trades left. I’m in it for leagues only and I’ll beat the bottom team in one and will probably be beaten by the top team in the other. I have 20 playing at the moment but not sure about Clark playing and know nothing about Vandenberg’s injury yesterday.


  4. Well, I was forced into two unplanned trades last week to cover donuts so thinking of no trades this week seeing whoever you bring in will miss a week in the next fortnight.

    However, I’ve got a midfield bench of injured players in Rockliff, Heeney and McKenzie as well as Dangerfield, Cripps and CEY missing this week. So contemplating the following trade:

    Heeney – Boston
    CEY – Wines

    Reckon its worth it?


  5. Ellis-Yolmen has been great, but its his time to go. This is what I’m thinking:

    Mitch Clark -> Rookie
    CEY -> Ollie Wines

    Been looking at the forward rookies, and Fantasia looks like the best option. Open to suggestions though, any recommendations?


  6. Need to make some drastic moves this week. lost 4 in a row by under 20pts and wont make finials if I dont. looking to hold onto Rocky if possible, 18 trades left.

    This is what I am thinking: This week
    Krak – Boston
    CEY – Selwood
    Clark – Brooksby (Via DPP- Frees up cash for next week gives me some cover for R13)

    349k in the bank

    Next week:
    Saad – Edwards
    & maybe
    Tarrent – Sloane

    T/U Solid trades
    T/D Keep thinking


  7. i think we should be culling fat cash cows to the next batch this round.

    every player still has a bye to go, so i think it’s the best strategy to be bringing players in as their respective byes roll out.

    unless trades are required to stop teams having to put out a zero.


  8. CEY to Selwood locked.

    Considering Boston or Glenn but both don’t help my round 12 bye structure.

    Keen to move Miller and Hogan on but will look at options keeping in mind next weeks likely trades.


  9. Am also thinking CEY to Selwood this week as my MIDS are pretty strong for the round 13 bye.

    If McKenzie doesn’t play this week, that will give me 18 players this week.

    Either that, or wait a week as Selwoods BE is 91 (vs Port at AO) – and then I can get Jordan Lewis after he has had his bye.

    T/up Get Selwood this week
    T/down Wait for Lewis next week


  10. Really don’t want to trade this week, but if I don’t I’ll have 17 on field, at best. So it’s either:

    T/U CEY -> Boston, giving me 18 on field, or
    T/D Save trades, eat a donut


  11. Looking at Cripps out for a Round 13 bye mid

    T/U Ward
    T/D Wines

    Comments for other suggestions.



  12. So just when I thought I had my bye structures set for this first Bye round and the following ones I’ve been forced to deal my hand in trading, a few patch-ups are in order. So, in saying that, which of these combos looks the goods (really thinking about adding more Rd 13 bye players in order to cover myself for Rd 12):

    T/U – M.Johnson – Yeo
    Rocky – Wines

    T/D – M.Johnson – Higgins
    Rocky – Shiel/Treloar (if you guys pick this combo option, which of those two GWS midfielders looks a better option?)

    Cheers guys ๐Ÿ™‚


    Season’s pretty much all but over for me, so why not go hard with a disregard for any other factors the Supercoach Gods want to throw at us, and hope for the best.

    Round 11
    J.Hogan > S.Mumford via T.Bellchambers
    M.Clark > A.Boston via T.Mitchell

    Round 12
    A.Oxley > B.Smith
    A.Saad > T.McDonald
    R.Tarrant > B.Dale

    Round 13
    C.Ellis-Yolmen > Premo MID
    Haven’t fully thought about round 13 as of yet, we’ll see how that goes once Rounds 11 and 12 go bye (hah geddit, by, bye? SC has hit a new low for me).

    This then leaves my team at the conclusion of Round 13 as:
    J.Newnes, M.Hibberd, B.Smith, T.McDonald, K.Simpson, H.Shaw (J.Lever, D.McKenzie)
    N.Fyfe, S.Pendlebury, J.Kennedy, J.Lewis, T.Rockliff, Premo MID, P.Cripps, T.Dumont (K.Amon, A.Boston, J.Glenn)
    T.Goldstein, S.Mumford (T.Read)
    M.Bontempelli, D.Swan, D.Martin, B.Goddard, T.Mitchell, R.Gray (T.Bellchambers, B.Dale)
    8 trades remaining and about $300,000 in the bank.


  14. In the last week, my week 1 bye strategy has gone from conservative (Anderson –> forward rookie), to moderate (Rich –> Wines, Anderson –> forward rookie) to all out trade-a-rama:
    Week 1
    Rich –>Wines (Upgrade)
    CEY–>Kelly (GWS) Goes well when he doesn’t have the vest. M/F Bench cover for the rest of the season (Luxury, but needed for the funds to get a semi-decent rookie this week)
    Anderson –> Amon (Downgrade)
    Week 2
    Tarrant –> Dalhaus (Upgrade)
    Saad –> Hambling (Downgrade)
    Miller –> Mid rookie (Downgrade)
    Week 3
    Krakour –> Sidebottom. (Upgrade) Based on current projections, I should get there with $20K to spare.
    After that, just 1 Midfield spot to upgrade and 9 trades.
    I should note that I haven’t successfully finished a 2 week trade plan so far this year, so this could go completely balls up.


  15. Hello wise SCT Comunity. I need some input on my plan:

    This week:
    Out: Cripps, Vanders, McIntosh
    In: Wines, Boston, McGovern

    Next week:
    Out: Saad, Clark & Brown
    In: Sloane, Hamling & Smith
    That should leave my team looking like:

    Yeo, Simpson, Newes, Hibberd, McGovern, Smith
    Hamling, Lever.

    Fyfe, Danger, Beams, Pendles, Parker, Kennedy, Wines, Sloane,
    Boston, Mackenzie, Heeney.

    Goldy, Nic Nat.

    Gray, Martin, Swan, Bonts, Dalhouse, Buddy.
    Lonie, Krakour

    What’s everyone’s thoughts


  16. This week:
    Rockliff -> Wines
    CEY -> Glenn/Boston (waiting for teams)
    Krakour -> Steele

    Next week:
    Tarrant -> Edwards
    Heeney -> Sloane
    McIntosh -> Smith

    Leaving me with:

    DEF: Gibson, Simpson, Kolo, Newnes, Smith, Oxley (Saad, Byrne)
    MID: Fyfe, Pendles, Ward, Parker, Sloane, JPK, Wines, Treloar (Dumont, McKenzie, Glenn)
    RUC: Goldy, Maric (Read)
    FWD: Gray, Martin, Dahlhaus, Swan, Edwards, McGovern (Lambert, Steele)

    9 trades in the bank after all is said and done.


  17. whats the word on hamlings job security anyone? thinking bout bringing him in this week, i know he has a bye, but im fine for this week and want to free up cash and have 3 trades available next week. will he keep his spot for a wile atleaset? cheers


  18. This week
    Out: Miller, CEY, Vandenberg
    IN: Boston, Sloane, Wines

    Next week:
    Out: D.McKenzie, Oxley
    IN: Hamling, Gibson


  19. Who is the next best fwd to fill in my team.
    I already have Gray swan Mitchell Martin Bont n need to get rid of Hogan.
    I’m currently thinking Deledio Dahlhaus or Kennedy.


  20. My trades this week

    Clark to Goldstein via bellchambers

    Nathan J Brown to Hamling

    Ellis Yolmen to Selwood


  21. Had penciled in Oxley & Roberton as automatic trades in round 12 but these jokers have somehow pumped out scores of 122 and 124 – so most trades are suddenly looking like sideways ones at best!

    My non-playing players for round 12 are – Fyfe, Steven, Goddard, Swan, Buddy, Titch, Saad, Roberton, Ox, Boston & H Goddard.

    I need to cull at least 2 in round 12. But who?? Should I consider taking the unusual step of downgrading a premium like B Goddard with upcoming games against the Eagles & Hawks and who may have peaked?


  22. Having thought a lot about my options, it looks like I need to upgrade to a premium forward with a R12 bye. I already have Swan, so it looks like Mitchel, Buddy, and Goddard are the best options.

    Goddard $534,400 ave 101.30
    Mitchel $506,020 ave 114.67
    Buddy $486,200 ave 97.40

    My only other Swan is Parker and I have no Bombers. From the above it looks like Mitchel, although I know buddy had a great 2nd half last season.

    T/U –> Buddy
    T/D –> Mitchel

    please comment if someone else, with a R12 bye only.


  23. Thoughts on the following:

    Two trade options both include:
    CEY > Boston
    Hogan > Franklin

    Weighing up the following with the third trade:

    TU: Rockliff > Ward/Wines/Selwood & 200k bank
    TD: Krak > Ward/Wines/Selwood & 50k bank

    Trading Krak would have Wallis at M9. The following weeks will be all about upgrading the backline which is untouched so far.


  24. So my bye trade plans would
    This week:
    Krakouer – Boston +178K
    Next week:
    McKenzie – Hamling +104K
    Saad – Houli -99K
    Ellis-Yolmen – Edwards (Mid/Fwd 504K) or Sloane 484K
    Tarrant – Downgrade
    Amon/McIntosh – Upgrade

    But my dilemma is should I go for someone cheaper then houli(has to be R11 bye) ?
    I could go for someone like Rance and have an extra 50K to get someone better



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