Trade Talk R13

Written by Motts on June 18 2012

Last of the 3 bye rounds coming up. Are you just hibernating your way through or are you cheekily picking up some of the value that’s on offer at the moment?


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  1. Sam Shaw looks tempting, despite his price rise, but think I should conserve trades for the inevitable injuries which occur in the run home …


  2. Going to trade in one of the Adelaide boys
    Tex Walker – Very consistent. If you take out his 24 against Hawks then his average is 104 – thumb up
    Kurt Tippet – not so consistent but can score bigger on his day – Thumb down


  3. Only planned trade this week is Treloar to Michael Johnson to create the Johnson / Smedts D/F DPP link. Hopefully Johnson can carry on his solid, consistent form & prove a good swing man used mainly in defence.

    Thumbs UP: Treloar to M. Johnson great move.
    Thumbs DOWN: Queries on Johnson’s SC calibre.


  4. Treloar’s horrible day is troubling me. He was part of my plan over the next month but now I am not so sure. Maybe he has to go before time. Ideally I would liked to have him as a bench keeper to cover donuts during finals but I cannot have a player delivering those scores or getting dropped often because of poor form. What do others think?


  5. will make 2 trades this week of Horsley-Gibson and Ellis-S.Selwood (swap Lids into backs). Then my team looks like this

    Goddard, Delidio, H.Shaw, Hurn, Scotland, Clarke, Dempsey..Bugg, Darley
    Ablett, Watson, J.Selwood, S.Selwood, Dal Santo, Zorko..Shiel, Gibson
    Ryder, Giles..Redden, Stephenson
    Franklin, Sidebottom, Pavlich, Lewis, Cloke, Martin, Porps..Treloar, Adams.

    7 trades left and $46.5k in the kitty.

    If at some stage Williams and/or Couch get a crack I will downgrade Shiel and Treloar/Adams for them and drop Zorks to F7 and put in Swan/Pendles/Thompson/Boyd into mids and will look to upgrade 1 or both of Clarke/Dempsey to Carrots/Waters/Adcock.


  6. Planning 3 trades this week, what are your thoughts?

    Macdonald -> Gibson
    Clarke -> Hurn
    Treloar -> Goodes (comes back this week)

    Would’ve put Chappy in though I’d be 3 K short of Hurn…
    Enright and Chappy could be another alternative?


  7. Bit of a ruck poll:

    Nic Naitinui- Thumbs up

    Sam Jacobs + 80K- Thumbs down

    The 80k could be used quite nicely for my team I think.


  8. No mention of Cloke, won’t be under $400k for long

    Thumbs up – Trade Porp to Cloke
    Thumbs down – Waste of a trade


  9. I’m looking at three more trades this week:

    OUT: Giles (I love him, but I want that cash now!), Morris, Ellis
    IN: Crozier (by moving Roughead back into the rucks), M Johnson, Adcock

    A few selections obviously pending, but that should leave me doughnut-less for the first time during the bye weeks and hopefully move up from 223!

    Also leaves me with only one back to get to complete my team

    B: Deledio, Goddard, Johnson, Broughton, Adcock, Lake, S Shaw – Darley, Spurr
    M: Ablett, J Selwood, Pendlebury, Rockliff, Dal Santo, Priddis – McDonald, Adams
    R: Naitanui, Roughead – Redden, Stephenson
    F: Franklin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Beams, Chapman, Zorko, Martin – D Smith, Crozier

    Happy to play Zorko F7 (I always planned to have one rookie on the field at the end setting up my team and it is him)


  10. Three trades lined up for me this week I think.
    OUT: Sandilands, Horsley, Hall
    IN: Naitinui, Dangerfield, Gibson

    To leave me with 7 trades left and my team looking like this:

    B: Goddard, Deledio, H.Shaw, Birchall, Lake, Clarke, Golby- S. Shaw, Ellis
    M: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Dal Santo, Rockliff, Priddis- Adams, Gibson
    R- Naitinui, Giles – Redden, Big O
    F- Franklin, Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Martin, Hale, Zorko, Porplyzia- Zaharakis, Cameron

    I think I will carry Zaharakis until he is back, because I am quite low on trades. Next week I think I will go Cameron- Bargain Forward. Then if all goes well the week after that I will get Carazzo in for Golby.

    I am hoping to win my leagues aswell as finish with a high overall ranking.

    Thumbs up- Good trades, team on the right track
    Thumbs down- Bad trades, you will probably need more trades for the end of season


  11. I was impressed to see Gibson straight into the team and not the sub. North do not have a star studded midfield so I suppose he has a place there. What do others feel about his JS? Can any Roo supports give us some insight?


  12. Just would like your thoughts on where I should be strengthening, was thinking out trading out Kreuzer, just this week, then defence the next.
    Trades: 8
    Bank: $479,800
    B: Scotland, Goddard, Duffield, Birchall, M.Clarke, Lake, S Shaw – B.Elis, Spurr
    M: Ablett, Deledio, Pendlebury, Watson, Priddis, McDonald – Neale, A.Kennedy
    R: Maric, Kruezer – Redden, Stephenson
    F: Franklin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, S.Johnson, Chapman, Martin, Hall – Sexton, Smedts


  13. Brad Ebert has been a reliable foot soldier but I am thinking of trading him to Scott Thompson for an exchange of 50K.

    My midfield after the byes will look like this
    GAJ, Pendles, J Selwood, S Thompson, A Swallow, Priddis, Emergencies from Gibson, Adams, Sexton + someone for Kennedy (havnt decided yet).

    Thumbs up good trade
    Thumbs down Hold Ebert
    comments for suggestions
    Cheers Brian.


  14. Is it too soon to have your team settled for the rest of the season?

    If I use the 3 trades allocated this week I will only have injuries to deal with for the remaining rounds.

    The only problem will be the amount of trades I’;ll have left – 4.

    Would love to know others’ opinions.

    Or just give a thumbs up for using the trades, thumbs down for holding off.


  15. Using my hard earned cash and getting the best of the best players to strenghten my midfield and forward line.

    Treolar — Sidebottom
    D Smith —- Watson

    It feels so good doing a double upgrade and love getting rid of two GWS players therefore don’t have to yell at Sheeds when he is changing there position around every week and screwing there SC score.

    Then all I need to do is:
    McDonald – Gibson for some cash in Rd14.
    Horsely — Pendles when he is back from injury.
    Ellis – Carrazo for hopefully less than $200K when Ellis has peaked and Carrots has dropped to $440K.

    That would leave me with this:
    5 trades with practically no money and this team:

    B: Deledio, Goddard, Shaw, Birchall, Scotland, Carrots, Lake – Shaw, Darley
    M: Ablett, Swan, Pendles, Watson, Selwood, Dal Santo – Gibson, Adams
    R: Goldstein, Giles – Redden, Big O
    F: Franklin, Dangerfield, Beams, Sidebottom, Zaha, Martin, Zorko – Porps,Smedts

    T/U: Good team.
    T/D: Rethink your remaining trades.


  16. well since everyones doing it how about a thumbs up/down for me: after R14 (still 2 weeks from now) how about this for the rest of the season:

    def: goddard, deledio, waters, carrazzo, mackie, lake, dempsey (ellis, shaw)
    mid: ablett, pendlebury, watson, thompson, priddis, barlow (pfieffer, gibson)
    ruc: ryder, giles (redden, longer)
    fwd: franklin, sidebottom, rioli, tippet, pavlich, dahlhaus, zorko (cameron, smedts)


  17. Treloar, Adam Kennedy out,

    M Johnson, Rookie (Most likely Crozier, but open to suggestions. Must be cheap) in

    Thumbs up if you like this trade.
    Thumbs down if you don’t.


  18. Looking at the following trades:
    Ellis -> M. Johnson
    Horsely -> S. Gibson

    Which will definitely help with the bye this week… Or I can wait and get H. Shaw in a couple/few weeks instead of Johnson now.

    Thumb up for MJ now
    Thumb down for Shaw later

    Side so far:
    B: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Waters, Birchall, Dempsey, Darley (Ellis, S. Shaw)
    M: Ablett, Pendlebury, J Selwood, S. Thompson, Dal Santo, Cotchin (Treloar, Horsely)
    R: Roughhead, Giles (Redden, Stephenson)
    F: Franklin, Dangerfield, N. Riewoldt, Chapman, Martin, Sidebottom, Zorko (Saad, Sexton)


  19. Treloar>Thompson (one week early unfortunately)
    Then maybe another cash move, but I’m getting a bit thin in the trades dept.


  20. Going to go Ellis -> Scotland/Carazzo after their round 13 bye.
    Who would be the best option?

    TU – Scotland
    TD – Carazzo


  21. I am bringing Waters in next week to finish my backline, but I can upgrade/downgrade my midfield 1 more time, then thats it.

    My Team stands at
    Backs : Deledio, Goddard, Johnson, Mackie, Lake, Hargrave, Shaw (Darley, Wrigley)
    Midfield : Ablett,, Watson, Mitchell, Swan, Hayes, Priddis (McDonald, Pfeiffer)
    Rucks : Cox, Giles (Redden, Pattison)
    Forwards : Franklin, Sidebum, Dangerfield, Hale, Cloke, Bruest, Zorko (Adams, Hall)

    I will sell McDonald for Gibson and upgrade Hayes to either
    1. Pendles (TU)
    2. Selwood. (TD)
    Money is not a consideration anymore, i have what I need.


  22. What do people think about Collingwood once they get a full strength team. The likes of Swan, Pendles, Sidey, Beams and Shaw. Surely can’t all score 100s every week, will be steeling points off each other.


  23. Hi guys. Now that we have completed over half the sc season and finals loom I am looking to complete my team over next few rounds. What bothers me like last year is guns that are rested in the crucial sc finals which is good time for players to be rested prior to the ‘real’ finals.

    My question is what premiums do you think would not
    Get a rest in sc finals, my concern is loading on collingwood players and maybe should be looking at the middle of the table for
    Sides battling for 8th. Any thoughts on any players that might be Safe from the rest during sc finals? Thanks


  24. Cant resist going Treloar to big Clokey this week for only 50K, also bringing Danger in for Milera.

    Next week will downgrade Old Mac into Gibo and upgrade T Dickson into Sideass, then will do one more upgrade the following week most likely in the back-line.

    This will leave me with a miserly 5 trades only to be used for LT1, I know not enough trades but going for it anyway


  25. Midfield consists of:
    Ablett, Pendlebury, Selwood, Dal Santo, Priddis, Treloar

    Looking at upgrading young Adam to a premium midfielder this week and may just go with the best of the best in Dane Swan at $637k. Also like Scott Thompson though at $554k, who’ll drop to ~$535k next week.

    Thumbs UP: Spend the money and grab Dane Swan, proven over many years.
    Thumbs DOWN: Thompson should provide similar output to Swan and keep $80k in reserve. Snaffle him up with good fixtures in finals.


  26. Just a quicky….. need one to complete my mids of ablett, pendles, jelwood, dal santo and priddis..

    T/U – J.P Kennedy
    T/D – S. Thompson


  27. need some help. last two upgrades for me:
    or have a doughnut and go ellis—>carrots
    fwd options? Pav? Zorko?


  28. Currently thinking of going for a full 3-trader this round:

    Zaha – Sidebottom
    Mohr – Waters
    Shiel – Gibson/Couch

    Will leave me with 8 trades left with just one FWD spot needing to be upgraded. Giles left as 2nd Ruckman.

    T/U – Good trades. Go for it.
    T/D – Not so sure about them trades. Hold off / rethink.


  29. With three trades of:

    Out – Ellis, Horsley, Milera
    In – Rookie (Whiley), Watson, Cloke

    It completes my team to give me a team of.

    B – Goddard, Deledio, Broughton, Waters, H.Shaw, Heppell, Hargrave
    (Whiley, S.Shaw)

    C – GAJ, J.Selwood, Watson, Boyd, Dal Santo, Ward
    (T.Mitchell, S.Gibson)

    R – Goldstein, Giles
    (Stephenson, Redden)

    F – Franklin, Dangerfield, Sidebottom, O’Keefe, Cloke, D.Stanley, Martin
    (Zorko, Couch)


  30. Its this time of year where my LTI’s are coming to bite me on the backside…..

    As I see all of you with similar trades left and nearly a complete side I still have plenty of gaps that need to be filled….Trades going from 11 to 9 this week….

    Horse – Sidey is one….
    The other D Smith –

    Thumbs up – Dangermouse

    Thumbs down – Cloke plus 190k odd


  31. A few things on my mind-
    1. Curtly Hampton? (in my team, not as a trade in option)
    2. Mitch Clark? GWS twice, Gold Coast once, Port once and Brisbane once. Favorable draw and I think is good value, thoughts?
    3. Are these good trade options?
    Curtly Hampton > Mitch Clark/Boomer Harvey
    Kyal Horsley > Sam Gibson (does he have enough job security?)

    Feedback would be helpful, Thanks.


  32. Hey guys,
    Love your work on this site, best SC forum around.
    Just wondering what you fine fellows would say to a poll of M Johnson & O’Keefe T/U vs Dangerfield & Boomer T/D


  33. With 2 trades of
    Out: zaha, treloar
    In: Pavlich, Cloke leaves me with 6 trades and this what it looks like

    Def: Deledio, Goddard, Broughton,Birchall, Shaw, Suckling, Malceski ( darley) ( Ellis)

    Mid: Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, Stanton, Boyd, Priddis ( Adams) ( Couch)

    Ruck: Kreuzer, Giles ( Stephenson) (redden)

    Forward: Franklin,Sidebottom, Dangerfield,Pavlich,Martin, Cloke, Zorko (Dickson) (sexton)

    Thumbs up: Coming along nicely good team
    Thumbs down: Waste of trades and crap team


  34. Look I know its not a terrible team, but I know its not great. Only got a few trades left, looking to bring in a Premium ruck soon, besides that team is set. There are a lot of things i would do differently next time but overall i think its not a bad team for my first season, looking to hopefully get top 20,000 atleast, but try and push into top 15,000

    Ranking: 16,856

    Deledio, Goddard, Rance, Suckling, Birchall, Adcock, Yarren
    (Smedts, Darley)

    GAJ, Watson, Stanton, JPK, Pendles, Rockliff
    (Gibson, Ledger)

    Kreuzer, Redden
    (Big O, Pattison)

    Franklin, Beams, Sidebottom, Chapman, Dangerfield, Cloke, Zorko
    (Cameron, Pfeiffer)

    Backs: Decided to get the essentials Goddard, Deledio. Fallen premiums Yarren, Suckling, Birchall and then a few POD’s Adcock and Rance. Not huge scorers this year in the backs that is why I decided to take more risks with a bit of a ‘POD Backline’ then focus on getting high scoring premiums in the other positions.

    Midfield: Got most of the top midfielders and Rockliff as my POD, been disappointed with Stanton but hopefully he comes good in the second half of the season. Besides that very happy with my mids, only worry is bench cover.

    Rucks: Position that is worrying me the most. Kreuzer is doing ok but not great. Hopefully atleast on of Big O and Redden can get a game over the next few rounds until I bring in a premium.

    Forwards: Got 5 of the top scoring forwards, along with Cloke who I think is a bargain, and Zorko looks to be a keeper. Pretty happy with my bench cover as well in this position.

    Thumbs up- Pretty good team benno
    Thumbs down- Terrible, don’t like it at all
    Any comments would be good as well, thanks 🙂


  35. Trades for the week:
    Shiel>Boomer (Not too sure about him)
    Thumbs Up: Good Trades
    Thumbs Down: Bad Trades
    Comment for better fwd options <450k instead of Boomer


  36. With Giles’s Calf Complaint, I am considering trading him out.

    The plan I like the most looks like this.

    Giles out – Hale into the Rucks.
    Kennedy out – Tomlinson into the forward line.
    Treloar out – Adams into the forward line.

    Gibson into the middle, Adcock into Defence, M Johnson into FWDS.

    This gives me a bench of Ellis/S Shaw. Shiel/Gibson. Redden/Jenkins. Tomlinson/Smedts. Pretty weak up forward.

    And a team of
    Deledio, Adcock, Broughton, Scotland, Goddard, Golby, Clarke.
    Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, Shuey, Priddis, Dal Santo.
    Cox, Hale.
    Dangerfield, Martin, Harvey, M Johnson, Franklin, Zorko, Adams.

    Only $200 and 7 trades left.

    Thumbs up if you like this option for round 14 and beyond.
    Thumbs down if you do not.

    I’ll be hoping to move Johnson into the backline once Ellis reaches his max, and swap Adams back into the middle once Shiel is ready to be flicked. Hopefully then I could downgrade/upgrade Tomlinson and Smedts.

    Also might want to upgrade Hale, but only if everything else is running smoothly and I have the trade to spare. Looking out for Murphy and Fyfe as strengtheners before the finals; although they’ll not be a priority.


  37. Our good friend Scotty won’t be beaming us up on Saturday; as his sidelining stint is expected to be extended into Round 15.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I use the agonising misfortune of an innocent individual to poke fun at your Bye Round Supercoach woes! Can’t rely on the Pendleman to pull you out of the ditch and over the stumbling block now!

    You thought he’d be back, didn’t you! You wrapped his leg in cotton wool and laid him down on your cold, unforgiving bench, whilst he fended off Kennedy and Smedts begging for his autograph, and moodily sighed as the Wizard turned his backyard into a safari.

    Well, at least he and GAJ will do whatever champions do as they watch the mere mortals…Kyal, what is that? Yeah, we get it. Stop horsing around.

    So in conclusion,
    Scotty’s still out,
    Until Round 15,
    I’ve the allusion,
    He’s catching trout,
    and splitting my spleen.


  38. Have been playing around with a few trades but cant find any worthwhile. I know with a 29 ranking i should be pushing hard but the only trades i can find as keepers have the bye this week. Think im gonna hold firm on my 7 remaining trades and cop four donughts this week.


  39. Here is my team:

    Backs: Deledio, Goddard, Waters, Johnson, Rance, Ellis, Shaw.

    Mids: Ablett, Mitchell, Boyd, Redden, Hayes, Masten.

    Rucks: Cox, Giles.

    Forwards: Franklin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Beams, Tippett/Pavlich, Martin, Zorko.

    I’m not sure who to take out of Tippett and Pavlich yet but any feedback or ratings will be helpful, cheers.


  40. Im thinking;
    cash in Treloar to Gibson, Crozier.

    Then next week when bugg price rise( BE 30);
    Bugg to Scotland?

    Thumbs UP or Down?


  41. I am filling my final midfield spot this week and was planning on getting Pendles but he will probably miss the next 2 weeks. I was going to upgrade Horsley to him to avoid a donut (currently having 2 planned donuts this round plus maybe D.Smith, which means 3). I can either wait on Pendles for two weeks and get another donut (4 donuts all up) or upgrade Horsley to another gun midfielder in Watson and avoid an extra donut.
    What should I do?

    TU – Upgrade Horsley to Watson and get 2-3 donuts this week.
    TD – Get Pendles after 2 weeks and cop 3-4 donuts.


  42. Thinking of making the just the two changes this week:
    Giles > Pattison (94k RUC/FWD)
    Treloar > Swan

    Leaves this team:
    Deledio, Goddard, Broughton, Lake, Clarke, Ellis, Shaw
    Spurr, Yagmoor

    Ablett, Pendlebury, Swan, J.Selwood, Priddis, Dal Santo
    McDonald, Gibson

    Cox, Mumford
    Redden, Pattison

    Franklin, Chapman, Pavlich, O’Keefe, Martin, Harvey, Zorko
    Adams, Pfeiffer

    8 Trades remaining. $345,100 in the bank.

    Remaining trades to be implemented just prior to Rd 15
    Ellis > Carrazzo
    Shaw/Spurr > Fisher
    $345,100 should cover those two moves and will leave 6 trades for LTIs.

    I’m happy to have Clarke as D7 and Zorko as F7.
    Buying Pattison gives me the option of grabbing Roughead in the forwards and swinging him into the rucks at a later date if a short term injury arises to Cox/Mumford and Redden is dropped.

    Hows it looking SCT community?


  43. Since the start of the season Tom Couch has been sitting on my forward bench. Every week I think he’s a chance to be selected but Mark Neeld continues to leave him in the VFL.
    Should I sub him into the midfield and straight swap for Gibson who seems to have secured a spot, or hold onto him in the hope that Neeld gives him a run.

    T/U: Keep him, he’ll get his chance soon.
    T/D: Neeld won’t play him this year, trade to Gibson.


  44. I only have eight trades remaining and am low on cash.
    So I’m thinking this week:

    Hayes -> Watson
    Smith -> Gibson
    Hall -> Crozier
    These two rookie trades are to create money for final upgrades, however five trades is very short for the ten remaining rounds….

    Looking at Carrazzo in the next week and one more upgrade later on.


    Would like to upgrade to Naitanui in this line.


    Would like to move Zorko to the Forward line as F7 as he is a quality player and I would prefer another premium mid than forward.

    My problems are low amounts of cash and minimal trades and I would still like upgrades in –
    Defence (2) – Mid (1) – Ruck (1) so that means I will be extremely tight on trades..

    Anyone have any ideas that I could finish my upgrades whilst saving trades and having enough money to make those trades – I sure know that the trades I have listed above will not help and I will have to change!



  45. Who to bring in for horsley?

    T/U: watson
    T/U: j. selwood
    comment any other options you think are better please


  46. This week I am considering completing my midfield, ruck and forward line.

    JMac > SWAN (could get Thompson cheap but if Dane explodes I want in)
    Treloar > S.JACOBS (Roughnut into fwd line. Planned to do this later with Hall but I am shaky on Treloar after Saturday).

    This leaves me with 7 trades and 5K. My biggest problem is down back with Hargrave at D6 and Morris at D7. I have Suckling/Carrazzo in my sights but that will mean two more trades (down and then up).



  47. Kinda annoyed I’m only 100 Dollars short of

    Bugg –> Waters
    Milera –> Sidebottom
    Devon Smith –> Crozier


  48. Hey SCT coaches,

    I’m thinking these trades…..
    Morris out, move Gooddard back to defense & Gibson in
    Milera out, Pavlich in

    T/U………..Solid trades Catta, go for it
    T/D………..Save your trades

    Cheers coaches


  49. Any suggestions for my team? Got 11 trades left and $108k left

    Deledio Goddard Birchall Lake Malceski Bugg Dempsey
    Spurr S.Shaw

    Ablett Swan Pendlebury Hayes Boyd J.McDonald
    D.Smith T.Adams

    Natanui Giles
    Redden Stephenson

    Franklin Sidebottom Dangerfield Martin Zaharakis Treloar Zorko
    Smedts Hall


  50. Thinking of a triple trade:

    Have 300K in the bank so can upgrade 3 rookies into two stars.

    Treloar – Hall – A Kennedy
    Sidebottom – Cloke – S Gibson

    Thumbs up – like
    Thumbs down – better options, use of trades, etc…


  51. Which of these 3 to bring in to the last spot in my midfield.
    JPK (BE 148) Stanton (146) or Scott Thompson (149)? Should I wait one more week?

    Also any news on Paul Duffield getting back into the team?


  52. I realise that Mumford still has a long way to fall, but I’m considering sandi>mummy and shiel>pavlich/M.Johnson (in fwds), as it allows me to get a better fwd than sandi>nicnat and a fwd at 450k or lower.
    Thumbs Up: Mummy and Pav/M.Johnson
    Thumbs Down: NicNat and 450k fwd


  53. Rustee, Pendles is another dagger in my side. If my team was a horse, it’d be put down this week. You’ve already one this week’s LOEC1 clash. Well done.


  54. Who do you think i should keep as my D7?
    Marty Clarke (UP) or Brandon Ellis/Sam Shaw (DOWN)
    The Marty Clarke trade would free up extra cash but could lead to a zero maybe
    What do you think?


  55. Three trades for PA this week, will leave PA with 5 trades for the remainder thanks mainly due to 6 LTI’s thus far 😡 .

    Shiel ➡ Thompson
    Milera ➡ Pav
    Treloar ➡ Crozier

    Team would be:
    Lids, BJ, Broughton, Birchall, Heater, Lakey, Clarke
    Darley, Shaw
    GAJ, NDS, Joelwood, Thompson, Priddis, Griffen
    Zorko, Sexton
    Goldy, Giles, Big O, Redden
    Buddy, Stevie J, Robbo, Beams, Pav, Cloke, JRoo
    Cameron, Crozier
    Have $108K left in the kitty for a rainy day.


  56. What to do with Pendles?? To trade out or keep

    TU = Pendles to Thompson
    TD = Stick with Pendles, he’s a gun!!


  57. Hi could do with some help, down to 5 trades after a few poor first year desicions and injuries but its starting to take some shape, however it could still do with some improvements. My team looks like this:
    D: deledio, goddard, hurn, bugg, glass, dempsey, shaw (ellis, smedts)
    M: Kennedy, Thompson, Sidebottom, Beams, Priddis, Treloar (Horsley, Neale)
    R: natanui, pyke (redden, stephensen)
    F: franklin, dangerfield, johnson, rioli, pearce, walker, porplyzia (cameron, adams)

    Also have 56k. Was thinking of moving treloar for gibson this week, but then what? feel like i need an ablett, swan or pendlebury to have someone to trust as captain every week, but at the same time have a weak backline. Please help!


  58. This will be my starting squad for the start of Round 14 all going well.

    Lids, Goddard, Birchal, Scotland*, Carrots*, Enright, Broughton(Shaw, Darley)

    Mitchell, Thompson, Sloane, Rockliff, Judd, Beams(Gibson*, Couch*)

    NicNat*, Kruze(Redden, BigO)

    Buddy, StevieJ, Robbo, Martin, Danger, Sidebum, Darling(Zorko, Crozier)

    The * are the players that I plan to trade in in the next 5 trades.

    The main one I want to get right is the Ruck as I think The Blue Boys will be solid. Only having 1 real good rook in the mid/fwd DPP in Zork but I’m confident I wont need anymore.

    So T/u – Nicnat
    T/d – Cox

    I want one of them as they dominate. Please fell free to comment on others but I cant afford the Mullet.



  59. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Deledio, Goddard, Broughton, H.Shaw, Waters, Lake, S.Shaw (Bugg, Spurr)

    Ablett, Pendles, Watson, J.Selwood, Thompson, Priddis (Shiel, Horsely)

    Cox, Giles (Big O, Redden)

    Franklin, Sidebottom, Martin, Porplyzia, Zorko, Treloar, Pfeiffer (Adams, Sexton)

    I have 9 trades left and $272k.
    I know that I have to do a lot with my forward line and I wanted to go Pfeiffer>Chapman but I was $400 off.
    Any help at all would be great!


  60. Ok lads it’s upgrade time. I need 2 forwards with a combined total of less then 910k. Already have Buddy, Chappy, Dusty and Cloke.

    Really struggling with this one, At the moment I’ve gone with Tippet and Boomer. Not completely sold on either though. These are 2 of my last 3 upgrades Bringing Gaz back in next week.

    My completed team will be as follows:

    BJ Lids Shaw Birch Scotland Broughton Lake
    ( Darley Shaw )

    Pendles Swan Gaz Jellwood JPK Priddis
    ( Gibson Smith )

    Roughy Giles
    ( Redden BigO )

    Buddy Chappy Dusty Cloke Tippet Boomer Adams
    ( D.Smith Smedts )

    4 Trades left, Not ideal I know.

    Really struggling with the forward upgrades.


  61. So I am trading out Zaharakis this week and am a bit stumped as to who.

    THUMBS UP – Beams
    THUMBS DOWN – Cloke + $200k

    Or should go for a risk and pick up Goodes?
    Current FWD: Franklin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Chapman, ?, Martin, Zorko (Pfeiffer, Smedts)


  62. I find it amazing how many people seem to burn through trades. I have 14 remaining and I think Im a little bit light on. You need at least 6 trades come finals time. Maybe those people that are using there trades dont believe they will make finals??


  63. Overseas so havent been following the site 24/7 as I am used to doing when im in Aus. So I would love some ideas and suggestions on what trades do to with my team. I have a rough idea of some likely trades, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what people would do if they were in my situation.

    I need to trade out Sandi out this week obviously, trade in preference would be NicNat or Jacobs. I also ideally want to hold Zaharakis as word going around is that he may be back sooner than first expected.

    This is my team at its strongest, with 10 trades left and $254,700 to spend:

    B: Goddard, Deledio, H.Shaw, Birchall, Lake, Clarke, Golby (S. Shaw, Ellis)

    M: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Dal Santo, Rockliff, Priddis (Adams, Horsley)

    R- Sandilands Giles (Redden, Big O)

    F- Franklin, Sidebottom, Martin, Hale, Zorko, Porplyzia, Cameron (Zaharakis, Hall)

    May also be worth noting that I am going for the league wins but would also like to keep a strong overall ranking.


  64. Thoughts on my only trade this week.

    Milera > Cloke for F7

    Thumbs up – Solid trade for the F7 position

    Thumbs down – Better options for 396k


  65. have 8 trades left..

    i need to use 3 to get swan (i think i could survive with 5 trades for rest of the season)

    if i were to use 3, i would prolly get gibson(how is his job security?). but i dont know about the other one :S (if you could suggest one that would be great)

    alternatively i could go for thompson or boyd (using 2 trades for either – but scoring potential is a lot less..) my captain atm is ablett, other premium mids are dal santo, mitchell (those 3 not playing) and josh p kennedy. i want a reliable, high scoring premium and a reliable captain for this week.

    TU: For Swan (and let me know the 2nd rookie if thats ok- i have shaw but not the other ones)
    TD: For Boyd or Thompson (let me know which one if possible)

    Thanks a lot of the help guys, much appreciated.

    ps, i really want/need this week’s win! i only have 3 wins for the season :’( and i guess swan is good in the long run as well, can trust him for 120+ scores for rest of the year.
    oh and if i trade in gibson and swan, i’d have 285,300 to spend if i trade out hall from my forward line.. thoughts??? then my team is complete!


  66. Hi guys,
    Have a dilema – I want to trade A.Hall up to a prem fwd but i can’t decide who,
    Currently have Sidey, Martin, Franklin, Pav, danger, and Zorko, tossing up between beams and chapman (or even goodes as a possibility, though a little risky)
    T/U – beams
    T/D – Chappy



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