Trade Talk – R13

Written by Motts on June 22 2015

2 out of 3 bye weeks down and rumours of one G Ablett Jnr returning for The Suns this week. 

What are your moves going to be?


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138 thoughts on “Trade Talk – R13”

  1. CEY to Sloan this week.

    That leaves 3 upgrades for me which will be;
    Tarrant to Gray (2 weeks)
    Saad to Shaw
    Cripps to Ablett (once his price has bottomed out!)


  2. Looking at Deledio in for Tarrant this week, will need to bring in a new rookie to cover the cash though.
    Shaw after his bye next week
    Still have a shocking run though


  3. Joel Selwood is the scourge of my team. He’s an infectious virus. Lack of trades prevent my from finding a cure for this curse…


  4. Thoughts on Dumont to Boston? Bought young Trent in prior to the byes when 123K, only made the 100K, but perennial sub not good even though has a load of potential.
    What is the JS & scoring potential of Boston? Decent cash cow potential to make 150K whilst providing emergency cover for next few weeks?


  5. Rich to Bont an option this week. A little bit sideways, however would return DPP into mid’s & Bont would be decent F7 / M9 loophole man along with Zorko for end of the season.
    Rich either goes this week or stays as mid cover.
    Other option is to go Rich to Boston if he is named.


  6. best fwd under 480k$ to complete my team (kinda)?
    im thinking riewoldt, 459k
    if you do not count his injury affected game, he has been averaging 102.5 & been consistent


  7. Tarrant to Steele
    McIntosh to Sloane via dpp

    No other decent fwd rookies has made me go towards Steele. I have 20 players this week so can cop the 0. How will his JS be going forward??


  8. Big risk i know but with Maric set to lose cash big time BE 170 odd would it be worth trading to Blicavs this week before the gap between there prices gets to much!!!!


  9. If Edwards and Boston are named I’ll be punting Kamdyn Mac and CEY to fill the wallet. Looking forward to upgrading Mitch Clark to Robbie Gray in a few rounds.

    Does anybody think Brayshaw has the potential to be a M8/9 this season? If I can save a trade and keep him in it’d be handy.


  10. Looking at

    Kmac > Houli/Simpson
    Tarrant > Franklin
    Selwood > Fyfe

    Yes, I picked Selwood instead of Fyfe at the start of the year (worried about Fyfes hammy) and it has burnt me every week and cost me 180K.

    Time to fix this and with 15 trades left atm I feel I can afford to

    i’ll then hold Cripps for a few more weeks as M8 and look to Ablett


  11. My current thoughts are
    McIntosh -> Steele to give me DPP with my fwd line
    CEY -> Sloane
    19 trades remaining, $1,100 in the bank

    Leaving me with upgrades to 1x defence and 2x Midfield

    DEF: Shaw, Higgins, Newnes, Hibberd, Oxley, McIntosh (Lever, Hamling)
    MID: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Beams, Griffen, Rich, Cripps, Hodge, Rockliff (McKenzie, Dumont, Ellis-Yolmen)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Naitanui (Read)
    FWD: Martin, Gray, Swan, Goddard, Bontempelli, Mitchell (Lonie, Clark)

    T/U -> Trade McIntosh
    T/D -> Trade Dumont
    Comment -> Trade Both


  12. 0 trades for me this week as i have 12 but will do

    Tarrant – Steele
    Savage – Premo next

    along with Hogan – Gray when he bottoms out


  13. As much as Selwood/Griffen combo are annoying the hell out of me, I dont think this is the week to be trading either of them. Especially with the likes of Hogan, Clark, Tarrant, CEY, McIntosh that require culling…

    For me, its time to move on Tarrant, Hogan and McIntosh. Who comes in, I have not much idea!! Defense, i’m not too worried about as I’ve got 7 defenders playing….FWD line is the carnage for me this week.

    Thus considering one of B. Goddard / L. Dahlhaus as the upgrade target, T. Mclean as the downgrade.

    Maybe something like
    McIntosh -> McLean (Higgins DPP)
    Tarrant -> Dahlhaus/Goddard
    Hogan -> ?? (have around 440k left)

    T/U: Zorko
    T/D: The Bont


  14. Sloane and Montagna in for Hogan and McIntosh this week leaves me with 9 trades and 20k in the bank.

    A bit aneamic down in the defence but strong elsewhere.

    McDonald, Simpson, Higgins, Yeo, C Pearce, Oxley (Hamling, A Pearce)

    Fyfe, Pendlebury, Beams, Wines, Rockliff, Montagna, Sloane, Griffen (Cripps, Boston, McKenzie)

    Martin, Naitanui (Cox)

    Gray, Martin, Mitchell, Edwards, Bontempelli, Swan (Steele, Lambert)

    #roadto10000 #climbing


  15. Upgrading Grundy this week to someone not having a bye this weekend.

    Thumbs up for Sandilands, thumbs down for Jacobs?


  16. McIntosh to Smith this week – sitting at D7 til he finds some form, so I’m happy to ride a couple of average scores.

    What do we think of Max Gawn?

    If Boston and Lever both play and make $40k between them I could downgrade one and upgrade the other to Gawn for F7 (via DPP) after his bye.

    Would leave me with a bench of:

    D: Saad/Byrne
    M: McKenzie/Steele/Rookie
    R: Read
    F: Gawn/Lambert

    McGovern at F6 can swing with Byrne, so I’d have coverage on every line.

    I’m not completely sold on him, but he’s certainly pumping out some solid scores, and if he continues to perform it’s tough to see him getting dropped.


  17. Hi Guys,

    I am thinking of trading out J LEWIS…..he has got some serious issues with the way he is playing…..and I am not sure the reason behind this, what I am thinking is may be one or all of the below reasons….

    1. Change of Role
    2. Playing Injured
    3. Lost it because he isn’t eligible for Brownlow medal….

    Anyways my early trade plan this week is looking like this,

    K MaC
    R Tarrant

    IN: by Swinging A Saad to MID….
    R Murphy
    S Edwards ( Def Rookie)
    L Dahlhaus

    After the above trades:
    Will have 1 premo short in DEF which means i will have to play J Hamling / S Edwards / J Lever on field for time being….

    H Shaw, R Murphy, S Higgins, K Simpson, J Newnes, S Edwards (J Hamling, J Lever)

    N Fyfe, P Dangerfield, D Beams, L Parker, R Sloane, J Selwood, R Griffen, M Wallis, (A Saad, A Boston, E Kavanagh)

    I Maric, Nic Nat, (T Read)

    R Gray, D Martin, L Franklin, T Mitchell, L Dahlhaus, D Swan, (S Motlop, T Lamb)

    Thinking of getting J Steele in the midfield when he is on bubble which is 2 weeks away to create a swingset with S Motlop.

    Will have 9 trades left with one upgrade to do in the DEF, I will definately be looking to bring in L Hodge very soon…will be left with 7 trades and will do couple of luxury trades to get Gazza and Pendles by trading out Wallis / J Selwood / R Griffen when the time is right…..

    will be left with 5 trades for any LTI’s etc going into the finals….

    Thats my plan…

    TU: Good Plan
    TD: Bad Plan



  18. planning on trading
    mcintosh > smith
    CEY > hannebery
    tarrant > steele
    yes steele has the bye but I’ve got 19 playing and can’t see many better options. leaves me with wallis as M9, though selwood or lewis might end up having that role the way they’re going……


  19. Hey guys,
    Like many, I need to start focussing on my backline. I’ll look to pick up TMac after the byes for Oxley, but still have another spot to fill. What’s everyone’s thoughts on Luke Hodge? Is he an absolute MUST in the backline? My only issue is his price..
    T/U: Get him in asap, whatever the cost!
    T/D: Look for cheaper options


  20. Amon — > Steele (gives me a DPP link)
    Joelwood –> Sloane or McRae……

    TUp safety with Sloane
    TDown with extreme POD McRae with an easy draw



  21. Would really appreciate some advice for this week.

    Here’s my team at the moment:
    Laird, Gibson, Ibbotson, Newnes, Simpson, Saad / Smith, Hamling

    Fyfe, Pendlebury, JPK, Parker, Selwood, Cripps, Sloan, Lewis / Kavagnagh, Dumont, Krakour

    Gray, Martin, Swan, Buddy, Dahlhaus, Edwards / Steele, Tarrant

    TU: Upgrade Saad to Picken (or any def priced under $540,000)
    TD: Upgrade Tarrant to Bontempelli – gives me a swinging M9/F7 and an extra body on the field for Round 13.

    If I go with Bontempelli, I’ll look to upgrade Saad next week and then hold onto my (few) remaining trades to cover LTIs. I’m happy to hold Cripps as M8 for a while longer.


  22. Round 13 trade plan v1 with $253k to spend. Upgrade week!
    Lumumba > Hodge
    Tarrant > B Goddard
    McIntosh > ? cheap mid rookie (via Newnes back to def)

    With all that spending I need a rookie under $125k. Neal-Bullen perhaps? Although he’s got the bye. Will wait on Badger’s amazing work.


  23. Considering the triple.

    Clark > Steele for cash purposes.
    K Mac > B Smith
    McKenzie > Hodge

    Will virtually have an all premo team after this with cash and trades left over.


  24. I was actually thinking the same thing – particularly with Stevie J having the bye. Other option for a sub $500K premo is Sloane…but I struggle with recruiting players who have burnt me previously.

    Understand the saga surrounding the club not going away, but would be interested to hear other comments, presuming Watson is over his injury niggle.


  25. Looking for a premo upgrade for Mids and not overly worried about bye round

    Mids: Fyfe, Pendles, Parker, Joelwood, Sloane, Wines, Cripps, CEY (Lumumba, Boston, Lambert)

    Who to bring in with $350,000 in the kitty?


  26. Joelwood is a dilemma. I attempted to plan for the bye rounds (limited success) and had intended to trade Cripps into a premium forward or back this round or next. I already have a full premium midfield (Fyfe, Pendles, Parker, Danger, Jobe, Sloane, Wines, Cripps and Joelwood). My forwards and backs are 3 short of being premium (in my opinion) with Hodge and Buddy/Dahlhaus the main targets . Given that Cripps is flying and Joelwood is plummeting I am torn. Do I trade Cripps or Joelwood, or hold? If I hold it will take me 2 extra weeks to go full premium. However, if I hold I can play funny buggers with loopholes and trade to Gaz or Rocky (or both) whenever. Currently have 13 trades. Rank 2200ish.

    TU – Trade Joelwood
    TD – Trade Cripps
    Comment – Hold


  27. Just thinking as a POD what about Murphy(Carlton) with Selwood struggling
    would he be worthwhile bringing in?
    TU Do it

    TD Keep looking


  28. I think the timing of full premium and how many trades left depends on your goal. If it’s overall sure as fast as possible but if it’s league then I don’t want to be complete premium until as close to league finals as possible. If I bring in my last premium after the byes and he’s out before finals and misses the qualifying final then I’m either without him or have to burn a trade. I also want key PODS and want to see my rivals PODS before I pick all of mine. Everyone will have Fyfe Pendles Goldstein Gray Shaw Simpson Hodge Sloane Dusty etc but it’s the Stevens Wards etc that win you league.

    So my team is a bit off full premo but I’m a couple of games clear in the top 4 and want to pick off key PODS in the next few weeks.

    D Shaw Simpson Newness Gibson Saad McIntosh Hamling Mckenzie
    M Fyfe Pendles Sloane Ward Lewis Griffen Parker CEY Cripps Krakouer Boston
    R Goldy Nic Nat Reed
    F Martin Goddard Mitchell Swan Dalihaus Hogan Clark Tarrant

    So I’m thinking moving out in this order. McIntosh Tarrant Hogan Clark Saad Griffen and getting in Sidebottom Ablett Hodge Houli Gray

    Any comments ?


  29. Thanks Mark good points. Saad can b D6 at least til finals. Clark to Gray once he has leaked a bit more cash. Them I need a forward rookie for Clark this week


  30. Wanna start getting more premos in
    Tarrant > J.Steele (won’t need him on the field)
    CEY > D.Hannebery or K.Jack

    And possibly looking to downgrade mcintosh or degoey


  31. Is it worth downgrading Harry Taylor to Brodie smith and pocketing the 150k I’m guessing they will average about the same from here til the end


  32. Is a 73k profit enough to cut and run on Dumont? Obviously under what I was hoping but I’m concerned we’ve seen the best of him this season given how North are using him. Good player but maybe not SC ready.

    Hold or Dump?


  33. One quick question. Is mundy available as a defender?
    On footywire hes listed as the highest scoring defender in supercoach, and when im just browsing, hes listed as a defender.
    Try and recruit him in however, he dissapears?


  34. First trade will be McIntosh – Beasley
    Now for second trade will be a fwd upgrade as I won’t have enough cash for a mid upgrade so out goes Tarrant in comes
    T/U Nick Riewoldt averaging 102 if you take out the 22
    T/D Boomer Harvey averaging 93 and only dropped below 85 4 times


  35. Could use a little help deciding my final forward premium spot. Tarrant is out.

    T/U Bont
    T/D Goddard

    I really liked Brett’s analysis on Bont, and MJ’s pointed out he’s as cheap as he’s been all year. He can be vulnerable to the tag, so there’s a downside. However, the Dogs have an amazing run coming up with the Saints, Blues, Suns, Cats. Goddard is a star but has dropped off the last couple of weeks. The Bombers look super unreliable and I’d be bringing him in just in time to play the Hawks. :\ Bont is also much cheaper, giving me more cash to afford Hodge in the back. Do I go with youth and value, or experience at a price?


  36. What do you guys think of Mitch Wallis?

    T/U – Will earn premium status by season’s end > Keeper
    T/D – Stay away

    Thanks guys


  37. Trades this week

    OUT: McIntosh, VBerg and Tarrant
    IN: Edwards, Sloane and Dahlhaus/Bont

    T/U Dalh
    T/D Bont


  38. Josh Kelly -> Sloane
    Hogan -> McLean
    KMac -> B Smith

    a bit lost this week, wanna bring in sloane but need to down-grade Hogan, any solid rookie forward downgrades (i have Steele already)



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