Trade Talk – R14

Written by Motts on June 29 2015

Well thank God that’s over. 

9 games again this week and your entire squad playing (except for those injured, those who’ve been dropped and Hugh Goddard). 

Rory Sloane owners have a decision to make after he fractured a cheekbone. 

Who’s in and out?


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62 thoughts on “Trade Talk – R14”

  1. Bargain in aisle 3 – jpk for $479k, this week only

    But I said the same thing about rocky and Sloane,,,,,,,


  2. Ox – to b.smith make 100k
    Sloane – Goddard

    Thoughts? Leave me with 10 trades and a full premo team if b,smith included in that. Currently sitting 3k


  3. Oxley to Shaw
    Leaves me with 7 trades but Rocky & Sloane on the pine, and one more forward premo spot to fill.


  4. Was looking at a smooth Ox to Docherty trade $436k, but now Yarran’s form under Barker has put him in the frame as potentially better value for $372k.

    Docherty Tup
    Yarran Tdn

    Comment for any insights



  5. Goodbye Sloaney.

    Who should I get for under 508K?? Jobe, Boak, Sidebottom, any others???

    I already have JPK and Selwood


  6. Hugh Goddard not named in Sandy’s bests, will be in my defence sitting waiting wishing for yet another week.

    Ive got 299k in the bank to upgrade Clark or should I look at downgrading? Really dont like fwd options but have Krak on field. (along with Gray Martin Dal Bont, Swan, Dale) what to do?


  7. I’m in 2 minds at the moment.
    The first is to trade Sloane to Colquhoun, use CEY at M8, loop-holed with Krak, Steele, ANB etc and use the cash to upgrade CEY to Ablett in a few weeks (2 trades), or

    Trade Sloane to Barlow/Watson etc and trade CEY and B. Smith (move Newnes back) to Ablett in a few weeks if they make enough cash (3 trades).

    At least I have a few days to think about it.


  8. Backline looks like this:
    Shaw Hodge Simpson Higgins Newnes Oxley
    T/U- Trade Ox (if so, Enright or Bob Murphy?)
    T/D- Keep Ox


  9. Second time Sloane in my team and out again with an LTI… Luckily team’s pretty much done and I have 10 trades still to boot, so thinking of these moves:

    Tarrant – Steele
    Sloane – Beams/Parker

    T/U – Beams
    T/D – Parker

    Comment if you think there are better replacement options, these two guys I personally believe will be top 5-10 average midfielders come the end of the season.


  10. Ok hear me out fellas this one is a mission,
    I have Sloane Buddy and Grundy, I’m praying Buddy gets max 3 weeks (I’ll keep him Ive kinda got the cover)
    I’m going to downgrade Sloane to McKernan to cover for Grundy these remaining weeks. Soon as Grundy is back in I can send McKernan to cover for Buddys extra weeks out. When buddy gets back in I can send McKernan to 28/29/30. His job security seems pretty high and it also leaves me about 300k in the bank.

    T/U You’re a genius
    T/D You’ve lost the plot

    EDIT: Probably should have mentioned I only have 8 trades left…


  11. Can any Collingwood fans shed some light on Broomhead’s role in the side? Is he a lock for 22 or more of a fringe/sub candidate?

    His good games look very good, I’d be prepared to risk the downside as long as his JS was set for the year.


  12. After waiting a week on Steele, it’s time to bring in the calf and milk a more aged cow (Thanks Touk). This trade gives me funds to upgrade my F6, i’m planning on bringing in S.Motlop (3 round avg over 100) for Nelson via Lambert. These trades leave me with 200k to upgrade Oxley and eventually Boston when the time comes to make my team go ‘full premo’ and hopefully not full retard.

    T/U Good Trades
    T/D Bad Trades, you went full retard


  13. Hi Guys,

    1st Trade
    OUT: T Lamb
    IN: S McKernan as R3/F7 for the rest of the season, looks like he has got a good JS now for sure…with Tom Bellchambers and also J Carlisle out for extended period…

    I am thinking of following two options with Sloane,
    2nd Trade:
    OUT: R Sloane
    IN: B Harvey (by swinging Lambert to MID)
    This option will create Mid/Fwd swing set…..

    IN: JPK



  14. Am I allowed to trade numerous hours wasted on Supercoach for my life back?

    Freeman not copping a game due to injury, traded out Round 2.
    Ablett traded out Round 3 and Lambert due to both their shoulders.
    Goodes in for Hunt who had consecutive tons playing in the midfield, and subsequently scoring me a total of 100 for the next 3 weeks.
    Lamb with a knee injury and Anderson dropped.
    van Berlo suposedly being a “cash cow” this year.
    Sloane out with his cheekbone.
    Heeney out with his knee and traded in Lewis who has tonned up once since.
    Rockliff in for 2 weeks before doing his ribs again.
    Bellchambers is a gimp.
    Mumford in for a week before doing his ankle.
    Martin in for 2 weeks and now suspended for 2 weeks.
    Brought Sloane back in.



  15. Is Max Gawn still an option as F7 and R3. I don’t have Gray though and still have 14 trades with one forward three mids now if Griffen and Cripps don’t count and one defender short so 5 upgrades to go. Sloane CEY Tarrant Clark need to go.

    D Shaw Simpson Houli Newness Gibson Saad Hamling Mckenzie
    M Fyfe Pendles Lewis Griffen Parker Ward Cripps CEY Sloane Krakouer Boston
    R Goldy Nic Nat Reed
    F Martin Goddard Mitchell Swan Dalihaus Clark Tarrant McLean

    Thinking Gray has a big BE so
    Kennedy I’m for CEY and Tarrant down to Steele or anot her forward rookie. LAMBERT terrible last week has put me off.

    Thumbs up Steele a week early
    Thumbs down Lambert
    Comment please for another option.



  16. For me I reckon only trade this week will be Oxley to Houli via sending Saad into the midfield to cover a bench spot (Currently occupied by Sloane). I’m just going to accept Steele or Lambert’s cover for Buddy this week, no point on wasting trades to get someone else in for a week.


  17. Hey guys, would like some advice. Currently ranked at about 1000, I was planning on trading Sloane & Lonie for Hannabery or Priddis & Gawn. Gawn can sit at F7 and provide a link. However with buddy only out for one week should I just do the one trade this week and bring in Hodge once he’s bottomed out. Here is my current team:
    Demons Of DARCH

    Hibberd, Newes, Simpson,
    Yeo, Smith, McGovern
    Hamling, Lever

    Pendles, Fyfe, D Beams, Parker,
    Dangerfield, Selwood, Kennedy, Sloane
    Heeney, Mackenzie, Boston

    Nic Nat, Goldstien

    Gray, Martin, Swan,
    Dalhouse, Bontempelli, Buddy
    Lonie, Steele

    9 Trades & $226,909K

    So TUp Hanaberry/Priddis & Gawn
    TDown Hanaberry/Priddis & wait for Hodge.

    I should mention that if Mackenzie/Lever or any others rookies start making some more money I can bring Hodge in later. Cheers.


  18. So what do I do with Stefan Martin? I’m looking at two weeks worth of donuts and have 9 trades remaining.

    T/U Eat the donuts
    T/D Straight swap for another ruck


  19. wanted to grab Pendles this week but I’m hearing ankle issue potentially

    T/U Ward Instead who has one of ther highest 5 week averages of late but a 140 BE

    T/D stick with Dependlebury ankle maybe ?


  20. Got 12 trades & 50K in the bank. Looking to move on Sloan & TBC. Andy’s Saints 2015 sitting nice in the leagues & should make top 4 in important ones. 50th o/a so bit far away for the cash, but a couple of left field options may help.

    Thumbs UP:- Bont & Gawn (would be M9 & F7 loopholes + add to strong DPP stocks)
    Thumbs DOWN: J.Selwood (have JPK etc) & McKernan (F7 / R3 cover).


  21. Thoughts at the moment are:
    Lonie > McKernan (back up FWD and RUC)
    Sloane > Dangerfield/Hannebery

    Next week:
    McKenzie > Steele

    then wait till the timing is right for Wallis > Ablett

    5 trades left for LTI, but have cover on each line.

    TU: Do it!
    TD: Think again



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