Trade Talk R14

Written by Motts on June 25 2012

Time to get back into the swing of things. Who’s marching orders have you already drawn up? And who’s guernsey presentation do you already have planned?


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133 thoughts on “Trade Talk R14”

  1. I think Marty Clarke and Porplyzia have served their time well, and Junior McDonald and the Horse are nice juicy cash cows as it stands. Probably will pick up Sammy Gibson this week, and upgrade a Clarke.


  2. Morning All
    Starting to get concerned about Pendles with his time out stretching out to round 15 its bad enough. But what if that happens to stretch out a couple more.So i am thinking do i keep him or maybe trade him to Jobe or Swanny. Thumbs up
    keep . Thumbs down trade.
    Maybe a Poll might be handy Motts?


  3. 6 trades left and 2 positions to fill. 1 premo mid and back as I am happy to keep Zorko as F7. Will look to get Carrots and Pendles to finish off the squad and then pray to the SC gods for NO MORE LTI’s!!!!!!!!


  4. trades this week Horsley-> Ablett and Shiel-> Zorko givving me leverage in the mid/fwd. leaves me with 7 trades left a complete midfield and forwardline leaving Zorko as F7 looking to upgrade ellis to carrots in a week or so setting me up for finals.

    thumbs up good trades
    thumbs down bad trades


  5. It’s time to go for Giles, Goodes to come in after a couple of weeks, will be cheap. Anyy value ruckmen out there?


  6. Waiting for the BS Rookie list to decide who to trade down to…thinking of getting Nathan Grima as a medium lock…good move?


  7. I need some back line help. There are some cheap backs out there which one to choose? I think it is time for Hargrave to go but I am low on cash and only have 7 trades left.

    Thumbs up – Hargrave to Suckling this week (leaves 6 trades)
    Thumbs down – Hargrave to Carrots next week plus a downgrade for the cash

    If you have another thought I would appreciate it. I notice that Heppell looks cheap as does Fisher. Any advice out there?


  8. Sitting 8309 overall after a weird bye structure (or lack of structure) saw me go 1229, 2286 & 1384. Still, i jumped up 2000 spots over the byes so i can’t complain.

    Still have 9 trades and $296,800 in the kitty. Still a premium off happiness in every line and two off in the fwds. Probably won’t quite get to a full premium team with injuries etc…

    At a quick glance i have my eyes on a few fallen premiums. Just waiting for them to bottom out and show that they deserve selection in my side.

    Goodes at $502,900 and a BE of 168
    Was stoked when he got subbed out. Shoud spiral downwards over the next couple of weeks and be well priced at around $400K in a few weeks time.

    Carrazzo at $465,300 and a BE of 147
    Also a week or two from bottoming out around $420Kish.

    Mumford $458,900 and a BE of 102
    At his best this is a bottomed out price but i’m going to play this one cautiously and see what happens this week and next. Didn’t like the look of the scene where he was laying on the ground late in the game after a ruck contest holding his back.


  9. Any help would be appreciated. I have 5 trades left , winning all of my leagues and sitting at 228 overall. This will probably be the last upgrade trade. Ill save the rest for LTI’s. Do I…..

    T/U Trade Bugg out for Carazzo
    T/D Trade Hawkins out for Beams

    Or comment if you think I should hang on to my trades. I have full bench cover, but I wouldn’t want to rely on them long term.



  10. JMc >> S.Thompson (Adel).

    Thank you very much! Then we wait a few weeks to pick up dirt cheap Carrots! Hopefully he has a stinker against my Hawks! :mrgreen:


  11. Thankfully the byes are over, as it turned out I didn’t have a week that was a total wipe out but I didn’t have a stand out week either. I suffered 3-4 donuts each week which in the end was costly.

    Looking to the future now, need some work on the defence Carrazzo looks appealing, as does a very cheap Sam Fisher in a week or two time. Dyson Heppell comes into consideration also.

    The combo of Krooz and Giles in the rucks also needs some addressing, I think I need to pull the trigger and upgrade one for a gun. Looking at either big Rough or Paddy Ryder who has impressed all season.

    Mids are okay when Pendles gets back although I’d like to move Masten on but trades, cash and more pressing issues in the back line mean that he might have to stay.


  12. Hey guys can i just get some advice on my trade strategy this week. Team currently looks like this:

    B: Lids, Goddard, Waters, Enright, H.Shaw, Dempsey, Hargrave E:Ellis, Shaw
    M: J.Selwood, Pendles, Mitchell, Priddis, Hayes, McDonald, E: Adams, Yeo
    R: Cox, Giles E: Redden, Derickx
    F: Danger, Buddy, Chappy, Harvey, Cloke, Stevie J, Martin, E: Sexton, D. Smith.

    So here is my dilemma. I have 7 trades and 372k up my sleeve and want to bring in a premo mid this week and follow up in the coming weeks by bringing in a premo back (prob carazzo once he bottoms out). I was thinking of trading McDonald out this week so i can keep Smith as a fwd/mid link. So here goes:

    T/U mcdonald to ablett and 47k in the bank making my def trade very difficult
    T/D mcdonald to Thompson leaving me with 160k in the pocket.

    Feel free to make any other suggestions


  13. Glad all that carnage is over!
    my overall ranking dropped over 20,000, was in top 6000, now at 26000 after scoring, 1439, 1798 and 1100 over the last 3 rounds.
    This week will be looking at bringing in Gibson and Clarke for Carrots


  14. Thumps Up – Scott Thompson ($529k, $117k, 96 b/e)
    Thumbs Down – Brent Stantton ($517k, 120 ave, 145 b/e)


  15. Getting Rid of Giles this week.
    Need to decide between the following Rucks

    Already have Nic Nat. Leaning towards Mummy/Ryder.
    Woried about Mummys back & concered about the fact that Hill is now back that he will effect Ryders scores.
    Alos I don’t like the price of Ivan but I can’t argue with his form.

    Any suggestions?


  16. Pretty big decision this week. To complete my premium midfield I need to get rid of M. Barlow. Barlow’s been pretty consistent, but he never really gets over 95.

    T/U: Trade to Josh Kennedy
    T/D: Trade to Scott Thompson
    or comment if you think there are any better fallen premiums.


  17. need to unload either longer or redden to bring in another ruck – which should go ?

    thumbs up = Longer
    thumbs down = redden


  18. Not really trade talk related, was on the AFL site using the Bailey’s ladder/finals predictor thing, based on current form and players to re-enter sides I got this….
    1. Pies
    2. Eagles
    3. Crows
    4. Bombers
    5. Hawks
    6. Swans
    7. Cats
    8. Blues
    Then Richmond, Saints and Freo all narrowly missing out
    What does everyone think? On the GF i think it will be Pies v West Coast


  19. Need a explanation on how Andreas everitt scored 86 for his 6 disposals ?? Does kickin the winning goal earn more points ?? He was subbed on at the 7 min mark in the last quater


  20. Hi guys I would like some feedback on how my team is going
    Overall Ranking 3400 3 trades left $160000 left
    Deldeio,Goddard,Adcock,Newman,H Shaw,Lake,Bugg
    (Ellis,S Shaw)
    Franklin,Sidebottom,Dangerfield,Chapman,N Roo,Martin,Zorko
    Thumbs Up Good side will make top 1000
    Thumbs Down needs work not enough trades left


  21. what do we think of Campbell for Bulldogs for stephensons.

    thumbs up yes
    thumbs down no

    also where do we think Gibson is now after being the sub last week?


  22. Bringing in Thommo this week to complete my midfield – Gaz, Pendles, Joelwood, Thompson, NDS and Priddis with Shiel and Treloar on the pine. Nice to have it set. Now for the backs.


  23. Considering Giles to Roughie (already got Hale & Hamling as Ruck / For DPP’s)

    Thumbs UP: Giles to Roughie – Good trade

    ThumbsDOWN: Save the trade, Giles should still be ok as R2


  24. Motts can we get a SCTTL update? Or can people in the other leagues just post the top scores from each one.

    SCTTL2 is led by Shaw Bet with 26,778


  25. Looking at two trades this week:

    Clarke –> Swan (via Goaddard)
    Stephenson –> Campbell

    Will leave me with 6 trades and $156k in the bank, and a side of:

    DEF: Deledio, Goddard, Broughton, Birchall, Shaw, Lake, Ellis (Darley, Spurr)
    MID: Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, J Selwood, Swan, Priddis (Magner, Gibson)
    RUC: Naitanui, Giles (Redden, Campbell)
    FWD: Franklin, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Chapman, Goodes, Martin, Zorko (Pfeiffer, Smedts)

    Over the next few weeks will be looking to upgrade Ellis –> Carrazzo/Scotland and Giles –> Mumford/McEvoy etc

    Thumbs Up – Good trades, side is looking quite good.
    Thumbs Down – Better hit that reverse button ASAP


  26. One last premium to round out the midfield…

    Thumbs up – Scotty Thompson
    Thumbs down – Tommy Rockliff

    Comment – someone else <$550K


  27. 2 trades done and will do another when Pendles is playing and has dropped a bit in price.
    This week
    Clarke->Carrazo and Bugg-> Couch/Crozier via Delidio.
    Side now looks like this
    Goddard, Delidio, Shaw, Scotland, Carrazzo, Hurn, Dempsey–Darley, Ellis.
    Ablett, Watson, Swan, Joelwood, Dal Santo, Zorko–Shiel, Gibson
    Ryder, Giles–Redden, Pattison
    Franklin, Sidebottom, Pavlich, Lewis, Cloke, Martin, Porps–Adams, Couch/Crozier

    225k in the bank but only 4 trades left.


  28. Zorko’s brilliant scoring has given me a headache as to what to do with him. My Forwards are set but he is out performing half of them so it’s going to be an ongoing issue working out who to play on the ground. Anybody else facing the same dilema?
    My forwards are
    Buddy, Chappy, NRoo, Cloke, Boomer, Dusty, and Goodes with Zorko and Porps on the pine.


  29. Anyone out there thinking Juddy will come back? I’m thinking if he comes out with a good game & a price drop he might be worth 450k?


  30. Heelo.
    Over the next few weeks i am going to make a few trades.
    192.800 in my salary cap.
    Trade out Malceski/Bugg or Clarke – Carrazzo
    Trade out Zaharakis – Goodes.
    that will leave me with 13 trades left.
    also, will zorko keep his hot streak up or, trade out milera – J.Lewis and put zorko on the bench?!?!

    DEF: goddard, waters, birchall, adcock, carrazzo, malceski, clarke, shaw, ellis
    MID: ablett, watson, selwood, boyd, priddis, mcdonald, coniglio, gibson
    RUCK: ryder, giles, big O, redden
    FWD: franklin, sidebottom,dangerfield, cloke, martin goodes, lewis, zorko, hall


  31. Must. Not. Trade. For. The. Next. Few. Weeks.

    Oh, hello reverse trade button! wonder what my nearly complete team would look like??! (that said, probs no trades for me this week).


  32. Not sure if I should go Bugg>Carrazzo this week or next because they both have a high BE.

    Bugg has a BE of 71 and Carrazzo has a BE of 147 so which one do you guys think will drop the most value?

    Thumbs Up- Carrazzo
    Thumbs Down – Bugg


  33. Don’t really want to trade this week but here is my team:
    Def: B. Deledio, B. Goddard, M. Johnson, H. Scotland, G. Birchall, M. Clarke & S. Morris (L. Spurr & N. Blee)
    Mid: G. Ablett, S. Thompson, J. Selwood, S. Mitchell, J. McDonald & S. Gibson (S. Pendlebury & T. Ledger)
    Ruck: Nic Nat, J. Giles (J. Redden & O. Stephenson)
    Fwd: Buddy, Roughy, S. Sidebottom, Dusty, J. Riewoldt, D. Smith & H. Crozier (A. Hall & B. Smedts)
    I have 5 trades left with $252,600.
    Any ideas on what I can do??


  34. My Team
    Defs: H Shaw, Lids, Goddard, Scotland, Johnson, Birchall, Ellis
    (S Shaw, Spurr)

    Mids: Ablett, Joelwood, Thompson, Priddis, NDS, Horsley
    (Old Mac, Kerridge)

    Rucks: Nic Nat, Giles (Redden, Big O)

    Fwds: Franklin, Sidebum, Pav, Cloke, Martin, Porps, Zorko

    Trades: 9 Cash: $49,000
    Thoughts? What should i do now?


  35. Sitting tight with trades this week.

    B – Deledio, Goddard, Waters, H.Shaw, Broughton, Heppell, Hargrave
    (S.Shaw(EMER), Darley)

    C – GAJ (C), J.Selwood, Boyd, Dal Santo, S.Thompson (VC), Ward
    (S.Gibson(EMER), T.Mitchell)

    R – Goldstein, Giles
    (Stephenson, Redden)

    F – Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Franklin, O’Keefe, Cloke, Stanley, Zorko
    (Martin (EMER), Couch)


  36. Team:

    Goddard, Deledio, Scotland, Broughton, Golby, M Johnson, Clarke, (S Shaw, Ellis.)

    Ablett, Swan, Pendlebury, Dal Santo, Priddis, Shuey (Sheil, Crozier)

    Cox, Giles, Jenkins, Redden

    Franklin, Martin, Hale, Martin, Dangerfield, Zorko, Adam, Tomlinson, Smedts.

    With 8 trades left I’ll need to strike well, and strike at the right time. Minimal cash – less than 5k in the bank.

    Clearly Campbell is the best rookie for now, but I’m not confident enough to bring him in after one game.

    Redden—–>Campbell (154k).
    Shiel(Worried he’ll have a disastrous game. Hope he can hang on enough to bring Goodes in for a near straight swap.

    Clarke—–Carrots. Clarke is in terrible form, Carrots, though he has a high B/E, is projected for a 3 round average of 79/Clarke 60. I’m thinking that Carrots will average around 95-100 at least though. Should I take the gamble on Campbell this week, bring Carrots in before Clarke falls faster than Carrots.

    Then I want to go Shiel – Goodes, Giles – Ruckman or Forward via Hale, and Ellis – Defender or Forward rookie via Smedts/Tomlinson.

    Hopefully I can pick up some good deals in the process.

    Can anyone pick out any flaws in my planning? Leaves Golby as 7th def, Zorko as 7th fwd, and about 3 trades for LTI’s.


  37. Def: delids, godds, Birchall, H Shaw, Adcock, lake, bugg, (Ellis, s shaw.)

    Mids: Ablett, Swan, J Selwood, Mitchell, Sloane, Masten, (D.nicholson, m.williams)

    Rk: nic nat, giles, (redden, Stephenson)

    Fwd: Danger, Buddy, Cloke, Hale, Tex, Zorko, Porps, (a.Hall, smedts)

    Trades: 7. Cash $263,300
    Thoughts and suggestions much appreciated

    Thinking : Masten -> Thompson (-$99,800 / Bank $163,500)
    and Bugg -> carrots n/w
    Lots of other options too so let me know what ya think
    T/U: do it cause Tommo won’t get no cheaper
    T/D: we got along way to go still and 7 trades don’t go very far and you’re not going to win any $$ so worry about leagues & finals (pretty likely to make all of em)


  38. What are everyones thoughts on Roughy as a second ruckman to Naitanui. Has been really solid this year and hasn’t scored below 88. He is also pretty good value at 493k.

    TU – Good Option

    TD – Bad Option


  39. Clarke > Suckling
    Oldmacdonald > Thompson

    next week Bugg > Carrots

    leaves me with 3 trades and my team will be

    Def: deliedio, Goddard, Scotland, H Shaw, Carrarots, Suckling, Dempsey, (Ellis, s shaw.)

    Mids: Ablett, Boyd, S Selwood, Thompson, Del Santo, Priddis, (Gibson, D smith)

    Rk: Kruezer, giles, (redden, Stephenson)

    Fwd: Danger, Buddy,Sidebum, Chapman, Martin Cloke, Porps, (a.Hall, A. kennedy)

    Trades: 3 with 50k or so

    TU nice team
    Td bad team


  40. For trades this week Iโ€™ll be doingโ€ฆ
    M.Clarke for S.Thompson via Delids going into backline
    A.Kennedy/or someone else depending on selection for S.Gibson
    Then carrots next week


  41. Who are some cheap forwards that i can replace milera for to get some $ ?
    Also, e.g :
    If you have deledio in your mid, does it count as a trade to move him into the back?



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