Trade Talk – R16

Written by Motts on July 13 2015

MASSIVE round for scores last week as premiums galore stepped up and went BANG!

Is Gary Ablett on the menu for you this week?


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90 thoughts on “Trade Talk – R16”

  1. It pains me to say that I think I’m going to have to let Gary go ‘through to the keeper’. I just simply can’t afford 2 DG’s to bring him in at this stage. I’d rather strengthen my lines elsewhere. It may cost me come finals time, but the decision has been made. You may TD me if you will.


  2. With 13 trades left, $40k banked in prime position to upgrade Rich -> Ablett next week.

    This week Hamling & Lonie -> Maynard & Daniel pending selection dramas

    DEF: Shaw, Higgins, Newnes, Hibberd, Hodge, Houli (Lever, Hamling)
    MID: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Beams, Griffen, Dangerfield, Rich, JPK, Rockliff (McKenzie, Dumont, Steele)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Naitanui (Read)
    FWD: Martin, Gray, Swan, Goddard, Bontempelli, Mitchell (Lonie, Lambert)


  3. I’ve ended up with Guns and Duds. Happy with my starting 21, happy with Steele, and the rest not playing or in the 40s. Worse, I cannot start Steel since he is at F7 and I have no DP mid/forwards not in the forward line already.

    I have $91,000 in the bank and 8 trades left. Will need to go down before I can go up again.

    Boston, Dumont, Amon, McKenzie all in the mids. I am thinking I should bring in a forward rookie, like Daniel, so I can play Steele as M8.

    Love to hear any thoughts!


  4. This week…
    Oxley > Hodge
    Cripps > Rocky
    Leaves me with 35k, full premo team and 7 trades.
    Will try and upgrade someone like Selwood or an injured player to Ablett before the finals, I can’t see his price increasing too much before then if at all…


  5. Was planning on getting GAJ & Daniel (for Wallis & Read), but thinking that GAJ & Rocky (for Wallis & Rich) could be the go.

    Thumbs UP: – GAJ & Daniel in Wallis & Read. Daniel would be F7 & final cash cow.

    Thumbs DOWN: GAJ & Rich in for Wallis & Rich. Steele would be M9 until i get B.Goddard in.


  6. CEY to GAZ

    It was a very tight call after Gaz pumped out 150 and CEY started as the sub, but I can just afford to make the trade.


  7. Simply cannot afford to trade with my single digit trade tally. All trades are now stowed away for players with a LTI.


  8. Need a downgrade to turn Cripps into Gaz.

    T/U – Boston-Maynard
    T/D – Lonie-Daniel

    Is Boston done for the year? Who has the better JS between Maynard and Daniel? Is it worth keeping Lonie given he looks pretty solid in Saints lineup?

    These are the questions I’m grabling with.


  9. As Rex Hunt made famous through the airwaves in the 90’s….



  10. Should’ve been in last week in hindsight. Going Cripps to GAJ this week after Cripps dropped $18K & GAJ dropped only $19K. Missed out on 65pts for the sake of $1K!


  11. Ablett will be in next week as I simply cant afford him this week. Have plenty of trades up my sleeve as leading my league (lot of luck) so haven’t needed to pull the trigger.
    Ellis-Yolmen to C Daniels this week
    M Clark & Lumumba to Ablett & whoever next week


  12. 20k short of ablett this week. Will have to double downgrade and grab him next week if i go down that path.

    Boston > daniel and probably dumont > maynard at this stage. Leaves me with 6 trades and some dpp flexibility if I pull the trigger.

    Or do I bring in a hannebery or a beams instead? I have a full promo side bar saad playing as d6 and griffen as m8 (once I bring in ablett)



  13. Shiel to God for me. Am $10k short so may have to get rid of boston to Daniel via dpp

    Glad Gary is still so expensive. Will make him a nice pod for some teams


  14. Damn i really want Gaz but i really need Hodge! My defense is suspect and need to beef it up.mill probley do Lonie & McGovern for Daniels & Hodge.


  15. Cant decide. Please help community.

    TU : To upgrade brodie smith and devon smith to players averaging in the 100s.

    TD : Bring in the bold one.

    My delema is, Ablett will only increase my output by 30 odd and also leaving a player like lewis on my bench. Yet if i upgrade the other 2 i have the potential to get over 60 points.


  16. Krak still has cash to be made so not downgrading him got Savage playing at D6

    Thinking Mckenzie – Daniel Via Steele
    Savage – Docherty/Gibson

    Team complete with 7 trades left


  17. Got $375 500 and 10 trades left
    This is my team and i’m only going for league only

    DEF: Shaw, Mcdonald, Houli, Hibberd, Gibson, Oxley (Goddard, Hamling)
    MID: Fyfe, Pendlebury, JPK, Parker, Wines, Rockliff, Wallis, Selwood (Boston, Dumont, Steele)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Maric (Read)
    FWD: Martin, Gray, Swan, Goddard, Bontempelli, Franklin (Lonie, Daniel)

    Any ideas how to improve this team????


  18. This will probably get lots of thumbs down but I really want to get ablett as no one in my main league will have him(but one) but I only have 5 trades left and need to upgrade a fwd aswell
    Should I bring ablett in and have to use 3 trades to full team or get Sidebottom and wait for someone to be cheap in Fwds only using 2 trades
    Got to replace sloane


  19. really not sure what to. have 7 trades and 220k

    was thinking cripps to gaz, would leave 19k and steele on field.

    then thought rocky @ 510k could be awesome value and would allow me to turn Ox in a Wines type

    team is currently

    Tmac, Gibbo, Newnes, Hodge, Yeo, Ox (smith, pearce)

    Fyfe, pendles, mundy, heppell, JPK, cripps, sidey, steele (boston, McKenzie, jed)

    goldy, nic nat

    dusty, gray, swan, buddy, bont, betts (mckernan, lamb)

    TU: Cripps > Gaz & a rookie downgrade

    TD: Cripps > Rocky & Ox > Wines (or similar)

    any other suggestions would be awesome


  20. Is Garry Ablett on the menu? He is the entrรฉe, main meal, and dessert all wrapped up in one bald package. He’s probably a midnight snack as well.

    Yep, he’s definitely on the menu!


  21. It’s happened of course it has. All three of the final pieces of my team are ripe to pick this week
    Gaz Sidey and Gray. So if I can only take one each week is it Sidey be 60 Gray 73 Gaz 119. Who will go up the most ?

    So should I do
    This week Sidey and Daniel in for CEY and M Clark
    Next Ablett and a Def rookie in for Griffin and Saad
    Then Gray in for Clark. Gray will probably go up about 40000 depending on his scores by then.
    Not sure how to even get Ablett in this week as Daniel is also a priority and there arent really any defensive rookies I can think of.

    Team Trades 11 Bank 148600

    D Shaw Hodge Simpson Newness Gibson Houli Saad Hamling
    M Fyfe Pendles Ward Lewis Kennedy Parker Griffen Steele EOY Krak Boston
    R Goldy Nic Nat
    F Martin Goddard Dalihaus Swan Mitchell Tarrant Clark McClean

    Thumbs up Sidey Gaz then Gray
    Thumbs down Gaz Sidey then Fray
    Comments please on how to get Gaz in this week or different order to the trades. Please help!


  22. Wish I sideways traded Joelwood for Rocky last week, now I can’t afford Rocky and Ablett… with only 9 trades left and 1 spot in my Mids, do I use:

    1 trade for Rocky – T/U

    2 trades for GAJ – T/D


  23. Go hard or go home.
    J.Hogan to C.Daniel
    P.Cripps to
    T/U G.Ablett
    T/D D.Beams
    Leaves me with 2 trades left, which to me, allows me to focus more on my life than spend hours tossing between the pros and cons of trades ๐Ÿ˜€


  24. Hi all, struggling to think of ideas for this week’s moves. Here is my team:

    DEF: Shaw, Higgins, Newnes, Hodge, Smith, Lever (Hamling, H.Goddard)
    MID: Fyfe, Pendles, Priddis, Danger, JPK, Cripps, Deledio, Rockliff (Krak, Steele, O’Brien)
    RUC: Goldy, Nic Nat (O’Brien)
    FWD: Martin, Gray, Swan, Goddard, Titch, Buddy (Dale, Lambert)

    9 trades, 310k in the bank.

    Cripps to Ablett would finish my MIDS, but is it worth doing it now or should I wait on it? I still have my backs to patch up, with Lever and Hamling in line for an upgrade/downgrade over the coming weeks.

    Also, does anyone have any opinions on Malceski is a trade in – risky but great POD with his form seemingly coming back…I guess?

    T/U: Cripps + Lever to Ablett + Malceski
    T/D: Hold off on Ablett trade and go Lever/Hamling to a 500k def a la Murphy/Simpson/Rance/Houli etc – probably would not be able to afford Ablett afterwards because of his BE of 119…



  25. B.smith to any defender have hodge, shaw, macdonald, newness, Yeo. Think get Picken anyone better rance??
    Tu – Picken
    Td- rance
    Comment someone else better


  26. DEF: Shaw, Hodge, Higgins, Newnes, Murphy, Simpson (Andrews Edwards)
    MID: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Beams, JPK, Priddis, Rockliff, Selwood, Cripps (Steele Boston Kav)
    RUCK:Goldstein, NicNat (Cox)
    FWD: Gray, Martin, Dahl, Swan, Titch, Bont (Dale Fantasia)

    Want Ablett to finish the team but 4 TRADES ISN’T NICE
    T/U- Boston to Maynard (on the bubble) & Cripps to Gaz with 70k + 2 trades left
    T/D- Hold my horses and pray that Ablett gets under 600k so I can snag him


  27. Wallis > Ablett & also have to do Hamling > Maynard assuming Hamling doesn’t get up, then I would do Boston > Daniel.

    Will be down to 3 trades for the long ride home, but I will have 80k with plenty of cover;
    DEF: Edwards, Maynard
    MID: Boston, Steele, Glenn
    RUCK/FWD: McKernan
    FWD: Lambert


  28. Maynard has looked good, and has a ready made AFL body, but surely he has a lot of opposition for his HBF spot.

    Blokes like Seedsman and Scharenberg (and maybe Reid although he plays taller) may come in soon. And wasn’t Goldsack out of the side on the weekend with some sort of relatively minor injury?

    Even though Adams and Broomhead are more MID / FWD, them being out will help his cause though.


  29. D7!spot up for grabs……looking at a fallen premium that has looked good in his return over the last 2 weeks, went at 88% de last week!

    T/U Malceski $332k what a bargain
    T/D Beep beep beep…..reverse Catta, you’ve lost your mind

    Cheers SCT


  30. It looks like Chonks and I are in the same boat with trades and the same mindset of GAJ must be in our teams so I’m doing
    CEY > GAJ
    Pearce > Daniels
    Leaves me just 2 trades and $120 K,
    gee I’m going to miss trading like a madman every week…..


  31. It’s going to be a good week of upgrades no matter what I do but I’m going for maximizing my overall this week. No more piddly low 2000s time to join the full premo squad. N brown out tmac in as 1st trade.

    T/U- out: cripps, in: gaz
    T/D- out: b smith in: hodge

    Spend the cash and go the great man or finally bulk up the back line?


  32. T/U shiel – dayne beams
    T/D shiel – tom rockliff and $150k in the bank

    Still have 9 trades and steele as the only non premo on the ground


  33. This is the best way for me to get Ablett so need to know whether its worth it..10 trades remaining.

    Krak & Boston out. (Lose DPP and negative/small breakevens)
    Ablett & Maynard in.

    T/U: Get it done this week..great man needs to come in now.
    T/D: If Krak plays… wait a week


  34. So I ran through my options of how to get the Holy one into my side, and I feel like this is the best way to go about it so far:

    Hamling/Lever – C.Daniel via DPPs or S.Edwards (Bombers one)
    Cripps – GAJ

    What do you guys think? I’m running through my originally trade plans since Selwood will only be out of my side for 1 week which I can easily cover via Steele through DPPs this week. 7 trades I have going into these moves and will be left with 5 after they are made.

    T/U – Go for it, good trades
    T/D – Have a rethink


  35. Looking to get in Gray or Rockliff for Cripps. Both similarly priced. But which one??

    Rockliff will be a popular trade but still a bit of a POD compared to Gray, particularly with Ablett-fever this week. I have a feeling Rocky may slightly outscore Gray in the home-stretch if his ribs hold up…but Gray will give me at least 100+ guaranteed.

    T/U – Rocky
    T/D – Gray

    Then maybe spud Lewis to Ablett if Lewis ever gets over $500K+ again


  36. Getting GAJ. Was also looking at getting in Rocky, but Hodge a decent alternative.

    Thumbs UP:- Get Rocky

    Thumbs DOWN: Get Hodge (initially into mids)


  37. Is it worth trading out another premo to get in GAJ? I’ve got 8 trades and $288k left. Just going for a league win, winning this round will lock me into #3, possible #2.

    Defs: Shaw, McDonald, Houli, Gibson, Hibberd, Lever, McKenzie, Colquhoun

    Mids: Fyfe, Hannebery, Pendles, Mundy, Treloar, Parker, Wines, Rockliff, Steele, Kavanagh, Freeman

    Ruc: Goldy, Maric, Read

    Fwd: Martin, Gray, Swan, Daulhaus, Higgins, Bonts, Lonie, Fantasia

    Was considering Parker for GAJ, feel like his price might be overvalued a bit currently. But I also don’t have much bench cover, so I want to conserve my trades for the finals, and I will need the money to make my final upgrade to D6.

    T/U: Parker => GAJ
    T/D: Don’t do it



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