Trade Talk R23

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 20 2017

Congratulations! You made the Grand Final! Anyone got any trades left to use?


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34 thoughts on “Trade Talk R23”

  1. Trades exhausted with only 1K remaining in the bank. Through to two GF’s so hoping for kindess at the selection table.


  2. Got 2 trades this week and 72,900 in the bank and am in 3 GF (2 of which are cash leagues) and 2 minor league finals.
    def: docherty, adams, laird, howe, shaw, lloyd (ryan, nyhuis)
    mid: dangerfield, mitchell, martin, bontempelli, fyfe, treloar, beams, kennedy (partington, brown, hibberd)
    ruck: martin, gawn (strndica)
    fwd: macrae, yeo, ryder, franklin, dahlhaus, heeney (deluca-cardillo, eddy)

    I was thinking bontempelli to kelly as bont has been disappointing lately and kelly is in form, but then the other trade is were it becomes tricky as the first leaves me with approx. 1,400. The alternative could be to trade shaw to hibberd/hurley (if named). Or another under performing ‘premium’ to a performing premium. What are some of the communities thoughts?


    1. Adams for Hibberd if he misses would be priority by the looks of your def. I’d even consider Lloyd to another def before trading out Bont. Didn’t he have to go forward after Stringer’s hammy? Maybe a Dogs fan can comment on his prospects for Rd 23 and whether he should go over Lloyd?


  3. Still in it – survived both prelims with a 2486, despite Bont + stuffing Danger VC/putting the C on Zerrett – not sure how that happened but 9 other scores over 120 helped.

    No trades & minimal loophole options as most of my benches are playing, including Dahl now floating betw. mid/def benches. All depends how Thursday pans out…


  4. One trade, $32,300. For a change no injuries, at least so far.

    The only real upgrade I see is Bont to Ryder via DPP. Lots of places I need upgrading, but free cash limits me a lot.


  5. Last trade – 151k in bank

    Ryan > Tuohy
    Nank > Ryder (Leaves Witherden as D6)

    Comment > another defender (Have Doch, Adams, Hibberd, Shaw, Laird, Witherden) Was going Hurley but alas a no show.


  6. B: Docherty, Adams, Hibberd, Laird, Tuohy, Shaw.
    Bench: Ryan, Hibberd

    M: Dangerfield, Martin, Mitchell, Fyfe, Oliver, Zorko, Bontempelli, Treloar.
    Bench: Pickett, Brown, Bayok

    R: Ryder, Gawn.
    Bench: Nankervis

    F: McCrae, Heeney, Yeo, Kennedy, Dahlhaus, Greenwood.
    Bench: Strnadica, Eddy

    Got 1 trade left and 193k in the kitty. Any suggestions for that trade will be appreciated. Was thinking Buddy in for Greenwood or Crouch in for Treloar but I’m not really sold on either of those trades.

    Thanks to SC Talk and everyone on the site for their help during the season. Thanks to SC Talk for retweeting my retired team too!


    1. Shark Crab.

      Its a bit left field, but you could look at getting inโ€ฆ..

      C Dixon. $412K 116 last week and a top score of 167 this year.

      He is playing the Suns ( his old side) this week and I would back him to have a huge one.

      Worth a look any way.



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