Trade Talk R23 – Part TWO

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 24 2016

Grand Final time………’ve made it this far, no more mucking around.ย  Who’s IN for that one weekend in August?ย  Who’s been given their marching orders?


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17 thoughts on “Trade Talk R23 – Part TWO”

  1. Backs: Shaw, Docherty, Sinpson, Boyd, Laird, Rance (Collins, Tucker)
    Mids: Danger, Pendles, Hanneberry, Selwood, Priddis, Treloar, Ward, Shiel (Phillips, Trengove, Macpherson)
    Ruck: Gawn, Martin (Loersch)
    Fwd: Martin, Zorko, Merrett, Montagna, Dahlhaus, Franklin ( Naismith, Markov)

    Got 1 trade left
    I’m thinking Shiel to rocky for the granny


  2. Definitely going Cripps for Sloane with my only trade. Was thinking about trading out Ward, as his output has been very ordinary but Sloaney took the option away.


    1. Thinking either
      Hall –> JJK
      Sloane –> Rocky
      Would leave Dahl as F6 if JJK plays poorly as my E
      Then I can have Dahl as my M9 to cover for a poor performance by Ward who I will have the E on in Mids
      Ward–> Selwood
      Sloane –> Rocky
      Leaving Hall as F7/M9 depending on who I decide to utilise for the E most likely keep him at F7
      Sorry for the long post
      TIA for your thoughts


  3. one trade left need to move on sloane
    T/U Selwood against dees at Simonds
    T/D JPK against tiges at SCG

    Comment Gibbs vs Dons at G

    (Not going neale as opponent has him and I want a POD)


  4. Have two trades left and have to replace Sloane.
    Undecided on other trade between Gibson and Gunston.

    T/U Sloane to Wines, Gibson to Shaw
    T/D Sloane to Pendlebury, Gunston to Harvey.


  5. Was initially going to be straight forward. Crouch to Cripps Bartel to docherty but am no thinking of exploiting some loopholes
    B Simpson shaw rance laird Bartel McVeigh (whitecross lee)
    M danger pendle rocky priddis Sloane hanners Parker bcrouch (Phillips Trengove macpherson)
    Goldy Gawn (cox)
    F Maryin Merrett Zorko Monty wells Greene (silvagni long)
    Trade 1 Sloane to Cripps/Bont/Neale leaves me with 264-307000
    Here is where loopholing gets complicated.
    First loophole
    Put e on crouch if he scores well then I’ll leave macpherson on field and take his score. Crouch scores poorly I can then either upgrade Phillips or play him
    2nd loophole
    E on Bartel with lee on field if Bartel scores well leave it if not I can play or upgrade whitecross. If upgrading whitecross I will be limited to those playing sat night or later
    This is going to make it hard ( but not impossible to do a vc loophole)
    Great planing TU
    over though things and likely to backfire TD


    1. I don’t think the 2nd loophole will work, if you have 2 emergencies you get the lowest score.
      I might be wrong but it could stitch you up.


      1. Cheers andy but I thought the emergency would only replace somone in the same position. ie crouch replace macpherson and Bartel replace lee if they play well



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