Trade Talk – The GF

Written by Motts on August 21 2016

I’m meeting MJ in the GF of our cash league for the 2nd year running. Will history repeat itself and see him off with his tail between his legs again?

But onto more important things….ย Does anyone (other than me) even have any trades left?

Who you looking at this week? And who’ll be getting Derek Kicketted for the big game?


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15 thoughts on “Trade Talk – The GF”

  1. 2 trades left.

    I want to trade out Trengove just so he doesn’t finish the year in my team. I have hated looking at his name since byes.

    Full prem team. No trades needed, unless rest/injury.

    T/U Buddy/Dahlhaus > Josh Kennedy
    T/D Bartel > Docherty


    1. Maybe be a little careful with trading in JJK.

      He has Talia as a tough opponent, and West Coast might find it hard at Adelaide Oval this week without Nic Nat.

      I am going to back in Dahlhaus to come back from his ordinary game today.

      Obviously if Buddy is out, then pull the trigger on him to another FWD.


      1. Cheers for the heads up in regards to Talia as a matchup.
        JJK the only fwd I don’t have that worries me. He can drop a 170 at anytime.
        Fingers crossed Buddy’s named so then a can go Docherty.
        Good luck everyone playing in the finals


  2. Had three trades left going into final game and was confident of the win so down graded suckling to long to boost bank account. Now got two trades and 296000 to upgrade but not sure who and who too
    B Simpson shaw rance laird Bartel McVeigh (whitecross lee)
    M danger hanners Parker pendle rocky priddis Sloane crouch (Trengove Phillips macpherson)
    R Gawn goldy (cox)
    F Martin Zorko Merrett Monty wells Greene ( silvagni Long)
    I’m thinking its out if Bartel crouch and green


      1. Was looking at that combo. Would have 122000 left over
        Pretty keen to get docherty just not sure who in mids. Cripps is on fire but also considering Neale Bont


  3. 2 trades left. I don’t think there’s any injury concerns but I haven’t really looked at footy news aside from results and SC. No doubt Thurs teams will dictate my decisions so I’m going to try not stress on it too much until then. Try…


  4. Barring any injuries the difference between my team and grand final opponent is
    Backline: my team zac williams vs daniel rich
    Mids: my team robbie gray, wines, sloane vs neale, priddis, jack steven
    Fwd: my team buddy (hall) vs merrett

    Other guy has 2 trades so i feel he’ll upgrade rich or swap steven.

    Ive got 1 trade and 17k left so my options are limited. Thinking of:
    T/U swapping hams to a non playing rookie who plays on sunday which allows me to loophole buddy with hall.
    Or T/D I can swap one of hall / buddy to a eagles/crows forward and use hams to loophole their score


      1. Yeah saw that, means I have to pick out of hall and buddy. Cant even move hall into mids to loophole with ward (as both play same time).

        Im tossing up between matching opponent with neale or going another POD. Cant afford Bont, Cripps or Rocky so have narrowed it down to Selwood, JPK, Gibbs or Treloar.


  5. 2 Trades

    Still have Petracca on the field and Lycett as my ruck swing, but otherwise all good pending selections. Will obviously look at strategies around that combo rather than stuffing around swapping premos which is always fraught with danger.

    Have a loop on each line which may play an important role by the end of the round.



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