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Written by Motts on July 31 2019

Let’s get an idea about how you’re travelling with the number of trades you have relative to the rest of the SCT community.

How many trades left?

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Feel free to Comment below with more specific info like whether you’re running full premo yet, how many premos you have on your bench, how much cash you’ve got left, where you finished in your primary league, and/or your overall ranking.


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47 thoughts on “Trades Left”

    1. Oops, forgot to add that as an option. Any likes to Rikki’s comment will be treated as a vote for “0”.


  1. Went down to 2 very quickly. I’ve used 6 trades in the last three rounds, two of them due to Coniglio and Jelly going down.

    I don’t see an urgency to use my remaining trades, I’ve got a full premo team and have decent coverage on my bench (D7: B Smith, M9/10: Clarke/Bewley, F7: Setterfield) so I’ll be keeping them in case of an emergency.


  2. Big Fat 0.

    I’ve got cover for each position and only playing for league where I’m versing top rank this week. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜›


    1. I’m trading him to Whitfield this week (until everything turns to sh1t on Thursday night at the selection table)


    2. I’m holding. His form slump isn’t ideal, but it seems to have coincided with that of his team โ€“ย if you think Collingwood will bounce back, there’s no reason to think he shouldn’t. Plus, he’s super-durable, which is always nice at this time of year.


        1. Disagree TR. Most times zerrett gets the ball it goes forward a long way..crouch is backwards, sidewards, give and take, dinky kick. Its why he can get 35 poss and struggle to get much over 100pts


  3. None…….but Iโ€™ve still got 162.400 itb!! LOL

    D7 Logue/ Ryan
    M9/10/11 Setterfield D Clarke Answerth
    R3 Z Clarke
    F7/8 Larkey Chol


  4. Got two due to injury now i can’t trade out Dylan Clarke and Setter off my mid field keeping my 2 trades for injuries. Hoping i can win the elimination


  5. Got 4 left but will prob use 2 this week…waiting on Thursday teams.
    Crisp D6, Logue D7
    Heeney M8, Clarke M9
    Grundy and Oโ€™Brien, Bines
    Billingโ€™s F6, Hill F7

    Have Lycett and Heeney as cover for Ruck and Fwd line but really want to use last 4 to bring back Gawn or get a premium Mid to put Heeney as M9/F7…..

    TU: Premium mid in this week
    TD: Bring back Gawn for Oโ€™Brien


    1. Got the same problem but need grundy not gawn. Torn between using two of my 4 trades to do that, or 1 trade r gray to bont.


      1. Why do people lie about their trades and rank? Itโ€™s reslly annoying. The community is just trying to get a read on things. Iโ€™m ranked 119 with 4 trades left and 200k in the bank. Thatโ€™s about what to expect up here I think…


        1. Kovanator is in the top 8 of the SCT Cup. He’s doing pretty well. As for trades, I’ve got no reason to think he’d be lying.


            1. Not so
              I have 7 trades and full premo. Sitting 2nd in my league. Not so good overall though ๐Ÿ™‚
              Weakest Links
              B: B Smith
              M: M Crouch
              F: J Billings

              This week Billings to Marshall (2 Trades)
              Next Week Crouch to Dunkley



                1. So much inconsistency in defence this year. Smith is ranked 3 in 3 round ave and 10 in 5 round ave. It all about the points at the right time of the year. That said, other options are Houli, Rich, Stewart, Laird. May go to one of them after the next wee if Smith does not show up. Cheers


        2. TrooRoo,

          Happy to prove it any way you like. Send me your e-mail and iโ€™ll send you a screen shot of my team and iโ€™ll also happily accept your apology.

          Iโ€™m ranked 1,730 at the moment and I did not use any trades in the first 5 weeks as my starting line up was pretty good.


  6. 2 trades left, 103,500 remaining salary and ranked 8163.

    Trades will likely be used for Hately and Hind to fwd/mid rookie and Menegola.


  7. Same here Sal!!

    Have 3 left with $120k in bank.

    D6/7: Sicily, Logue
    M8/9: MCrouch, Clarke
    R: Grundy, Gawn, ZClarke
    F6/7: Greene, Setterfield

    Rank: 1975ish

    Finals: 10/10. Finished top in 3, Top4 in 7 and have 3 Elimination Finals. No trades this week.

    Depending on results and selections (eg Jelly back
    next week), will be very aggressive from next week. Think Iโ€™m going to need the trades to sideways injuries or rested (eg Fyfe) players over the last few weeks.

    Aims: finish top 1000 and win Contributors League.

    Projโ€™d score this week: 2606.


  8. 2 trades left.
    Hunter Clark at D6/ Jack Silvangi at D7
    Robbie Gray at M8 /Hind on the bench
    No forward cover on my bench.

    I’ll swing Gray forward if a forward/mid gets hurt in the forward line
    or trade in a 102k Def/For and switch Jack Silvangi forward if one of my pure forwards goes down.
    Saving the other trade for ruck cover.

    Going to loophole Clark and Silvangi at D6.

    Ranked about 18,000
    Goal for the year was to finish in the top 20k. Hanging in there.


  9. 3 left using 2 this week. Ranked 270th with 111k bank

    Ryan โ€”> Houli
    M Crouch โ€”> Yeo or Bont

    D6/7 Stewart & Birchall
    M8/9/10 Merrett, Clarke & Bewley
    F6/7 Heeney & Hanrahan


  10. Unfortunately a big 0 for me. Had a lot of premo injuries and needed to trade aggressively to hold rank.

    Then Hurn was injured last week and needed to secure finals in a few leagues so to avoid a donut, traded in Ryan with my last trade………

    Let’s see how I go through finals with a permanent donut!


  11. 4 trades left and Ziebell’s scoring has plummeted in the past 3 weeks after being fairly solid and consistent – Fwd’s are : Dunks,Danger,Marshall,Boak,Heeney, Ziebell with Chol/Hill cover.

    T/U : Daniel
    T/D : Kelly
    Comment for someone else like Cameron, Robinson etc


  12. 2 for me. Ranked 241. $62k itb.

    Weakest links are Sicily, MCrouch, JCameron.

    No trades planned unless all hell breaks loose at the selection table.


  13. One left for me , rank 11k
    Brought in Ryan last week as last def upgrade, still working on replacement.
    D7-Duursma (dpp with watson(donut) in mids) D8-Quaynor!
    M8/9/10- Hunter, Heeney , Bobby Hill.
    R-Grundy , Gawn , Z.Clarke
    F7/8- Donuts, however 5 fwds have mid dpp so can swing Heeney and/or Hill.


  14. 1 trade left, ranked 99.
    Aims for the year (only 2nd year played) was to reach finals (missed them last year) in league I joined with mates. Have been surprised by ranking –

    Have been battling injuries over past number of weeks (who hasnโ€™t!) that has prevented me having team in the shape I wanted. In recent weeks – Daniels, JKelly and now Ryan have been painful.
    Full premo in fwd with Jcameron at F6 but no cover
    Was full premo in mid, but playing Duursma at M8, but plenty of cover.
    Was full premo at Def but now playing Answerth at D6 with no cover.
    Ruck is Grundy/Gawn with Clarke on bench.

    Despite this – projected to get 2545 in round 20. But some of the player projections look optimistic.

    Decision now to perhaps swap Duursma back fwd, kick out Ryan, bring in Uber premo in midfield I donโ€™t have and pray no injuries in fwd.



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