Trades Left

Written by Motts on June 15 2012

When the ball gets bounced tonight, how many trades will you have left?

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14 thoughts on “Trades Left”

  1. 6. should be more than fine for a few weeks, team is looking fairly strong but i still want to pick up carrazzo after R14, if his price decreases a bit more. I have 110k in the bank or so and moving one of my gws guys for him would change a lot. (thinking bugg, cameron or treloar). but if he doesnt go down enough especially after last nights game i might do two trades and grab ablett at a similar time (if im still at 6)


  2. 8 trades left but in the top 3% of all coaches!
    plus in top 4 of all my leagues
    pretty happy with that


  3. 4 trades left – but my team is almost exactly where I want it, I expect to use 2 more trades in the next 3 weeks and keep two for injury, I’m not worried though, I am winning my leages and average sits at 2050.
    Worth a read
    My view is that as long as they are not wasted trades go for it, Its the best part of the game, I love coming here to help my research but it also has shown me that if I follow too closely I finish up building a team that is exactly like everyone elses.
    Last year was my first year, much better this year of course and the learning curve is increasing.
    Hopefully in the future my average will increase and my ranking will be within the top 1000.


  4. I’ve got 18 trades left after these two weeks ill still have 12!
    Trade out D.Smith – T.Cloke
    Trade out N.Malceski- J.Adcock
    Trade out S.Morris – S.Shaw
    Trade out H.McIntosh – S.Mumford
    Trade ot D.Zaharakis – K.Tippet
    Trade out R.Hargrave – A.Carazzo

    most of my trades so fare have been from injury



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