Trading This Week

Written by Motts on April 14 2015

Most Trades

Traded In For Traded Out Trades (%)
1. Fyfe, N Ablett, G 5,196 (4%)
2. Bontempelli, M Ablett, G 3,696 (3%)
3. Sloane, R Ablett, G 3,177 (3%)
4. van Berlo, N Cripps, P 2,598 (2%)
5. Oxley, A Goodes, B 2,570 (2%)
6. Shiel, D Ablett, G 2,532 (2%)
7. Lewis, J Ablett, G 1,394 (1%)
8. Kennedy, J Ablett, G 1,394 (1%)
9. Goldstein, T Leuenberger, M 1,021 (1%)
10. Bontempelli, M Cripps, P 956 (1%)


Most Traded Out

Player Trades (%)
1. Ablett, G

22421 (19.34%)
2. Cripps, P

7498 (6.47%)
3. Goodes, B

6628 (5.72%)
4. Malceski, N

3231 (2.79%)
5. Wells, D

2756 (2.38%)
6. Leuenberger, M

2702 (2.33%)
7. Cockatoo, N

2155 (1.86%)
8. Beams, D

2146 (1.85%)
9. Lambert, K

1748 (1.51%)
10. Miller, T

1107 (0.95%)


Most Traded In

Player Trades (%)
1. Bontempelli, M

15131 (13.05%)
2. Oxley, A

7928 (6.84%)
3. Fyfe, N

7490 (6.46%)
4. van Berlo, N

7307 (6.30%)
5. Shiel, D

5561 (4.80%)
6. Sloane, R

4412 (3.81%)
7. Rich, D

3876 (3.34%)
8. McIntosh, K

3591 (3.10%)
9. Rance, A

3442 (2.97%)
10. McDonald, T

3350 (2.89%)

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60 thoughts on “Trading This Week”

  1. Im not liking what D Beams is producing early on :/ i hate the sideways trade but im gonna stay strong unless you guys talk me out of it?!?!? haha Ablett got the ass for Fyfe today so the trade buttons luke warm…


  2. Have Dale Thomas, held of the trade to see how everyone would go one more week (seeing i could bring hogan on, which worked out well)

    NOW WHO Should I trade in

    TU: Robbie Gray
    TD: BONT

    Obviously Gray will average more but I am just think the Bont will be near Top 5-10 Forward for the year and I should get him cheap while i can and use the extra money elsewhere….Thoughts?


  3. Options I’m thinking about for trading out Gaz

    Gaz to treloar then lambert to hogan

    Gaz to shiel then cripps to bont

    ( I have Fyfe, JPK, Beams and Sloane)


  4. traded ablett to JPK

    Which last trade should I make???

    1. Brett goodes to Taylor Hunt or Oxley

    2. Cripps to Van Berlo or Vandenberg

    3. Hold on to cripps and sideways trade Touk Miller to vandenberg

    4. No last trade and hold onto goodes and cripps


  5. Catta’s cashing in on big -BE’s

    Cripps > VanBerlo
    Lambert > Hogan

    Will cost around $30 for the 2 correctional trades & should get back around $150-$170k increase from my inclusions. Kah-ching $$$

    Also this will give me a 10/11/9 split for the byes


  6. Hay guys hoping to get some advise.
    Thinking about trading ablet to shiel then using my cash to get bontempelli in my fwd line by upgrading salem.
    I know salem will go up next week but its the only way of getting the bont in. Thoughts??


  7. I have a couple issues with three players underperforming or being subbed in Goodes, Wells and Miller. I want NVB he will definately come in, do people think Oxley is a must as well? And is the Bont a must?

    Option A: Goodes > Oxley and then Wells > NVB gives me ~270K
    Option B: Goodes > Oxley and then Miller > NVB giving me no money
    Option C: Wells > NVB and then Bellchambers > Bont

    Which option should I go with, probably the hardest descision I’ve needed to make in SC for three years. If I take option A I can still go Bell > Bont the week later. I suppose selection Thursday will be the greatest help but would love advice.


  8. Ablett to Sloane is my first trade.

    Thoughts on the below for trade two:
    1. Bellchambers to Bont
    2. Goodes to McDonald
    3. Beams to Rich
    4 Beams to Van Berlo



  9. Gone something a bit different:
    Gaz to Ebert
    Clark to The Bont

    Reasoning? Ebert is a great POD and aften flies under the radar plus his price allowed me enough cash to get the Bont on my forward line. Clark does not look like he will pump out regular good scores so out he goes. 1st trades for the season so I don’t think I am wasting them..


  10. Corrective… Cash Generating… Team Improving… Future Planning… etc…

    Pending selections I’ve gone with:

    Ablett –> Bontempelli
    Goodes –> Oxley

    $609k in the warchest…

    Last week’s trade of Jaksch –> Lambert went well… but on the bright side I have alternating loophole options on the defence and midfield lines in the coming weeks now!

    Will stick fat with Cripps and will hold Clancee Pearce until the first premium upgrade is apparent down back.

    Got a lot less than desired from the ruck experiment this week but BE’s are still very much attainable for all of Nic Nat, TBC and Leuenberger.

    On early evidence I feel Bontempelli will easily average 100 for the rest of the season and that’s heaps for an F4 (will move him down there later behind Bartel, Swan and Martin). Big test against the prickly Hawks who generally don’t tag but chances of copping a Jordan Lewis cheapshot are a bit higher this week moreso than others.

    Getting a good run with the rookies firing this year aren’t we? And boy does my backline need them to!


  11. Hey guys thought about trading gaz to bont to free up some cash for later on, but I’m not sure about having him in the mids instead of up forward. Nevertheless, for my second trade should I go?

    1. Cripps to van berlo
    2. Or N brown to oxley/McIntosh

    Also please let me know what you think about the gaz trade (already got fyfe BTW).


  12. Hi guys, need some advice.

    Current midfield: ablett fyfe dangerfield selwood pendles van berlo vandenberg cripps (miller cey krakouer)

    Current forward: gray martin swan hogan salem clark (lamb lambert)

    22k in the bank.

    Id love to trade ablett and someone else for another premium and bont or swan but dont quite have the cash.

    Thinking at the moment

    Ablett to heeney
    lambert to bont

    Then next week trade a rookie for rich.

    Thoughts? Is it better to go a sloane or kennedy for guaranteed points?

    Tough week this one!


  13. After some opinions here,need to trade the little Bald man out (sorry Gaz) thinking of trading in Jordan Lewis and then upgrading Cripps to Rich which will leave me without a lot of cash but score more points in the short term. Alternative is to do the Gaz trade anyway to Jordan Lewis and stick with Cripps for one more week and trade in Goodes from my Backs for Oxley. (Leaves me over $270,000)
    I was wondering what Coaches thoughts were about this: Is it better to have cash
    now for future upgrades or better to have more point scoring potential? Ta in advance.


  14. I’m actually going to HOLD Gazza for another week on the bench as I have other spuds to kick out/get some more cash cows in!
    M.Hallahan OUT N Van Berlo IN
    T.Miller OUT A.Vandenberg IN

    My thought is, I’m able to make more cash in the long-run, sacrifice whoever I would have traded Gazza for, for another week (while getting a better look at his successor with a third rd score), Gazza’s not playing this weekend which means his price won’t drop a cent and because he’ll still be the most expensive player next week, I can pretty much buy anyone I want with him and still end with a fair amount of cash in the bank.
    End result, sacrifice a few points this weekend for long-term gain and better cash generation.


  15. The Berger been playing that bad? A par score first week then pretty poor serving the next. BE of 86. I think he can bounce back. As Bon Jovi would say “keep the faith”


  16. Hey guys, please help me with these 3 options……
    Im going for overall (like most) and have all of the cashcow rooks except VDB and NVB….. I also have the Ablett conundrum.

    1. I could be short-sighted and trade Ablett out for 2 premos this week (thinking Sloane/JPK/Shiel & Goldstein)
    2. Or I could look ahead and trade Gaz and a dead rookie out for VDB and NVB, and have excess cash for next week and cash the cashcows in for premos in a few weeks.
    3. Have the best of both worlds; Trade in what I call a “Premium Cashcow” (ie Shiel…. due for a 50k rise) for Gaz and get either of NVB or VDB.

    Cheers for your help


  17. Was going to go Lambert (in my mids) to Sinclair this week as I have all the other usual suspects in midfield (aside from NVB who I can’t afford) but having seen the number of rookies named this week, and given the fact that I have ample mid cover, am considering waiting to see if any of the newly named really fire. I have potential swing men in both def and fwds. Trade or hold?


  18. SCTTL question, I’m thinking about going McEvoy to Grundy this week to do Beams to Fyfe next week. The numbers work. Other trade this week was Cockatoo to Vandy, a must do. Thoughts?



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