Updated Rookie Review GC/Bris/NM/Rich

Written by Badger on March 24 2015

NAB3 games added for Gold Coast, Brisbane, North Melbourne and Richmond.

The Masterlist, Badger’s EPIC Rookie Review has been updated with these changes.

**Kane Lambert just promoted off rookie list**

More to come.


  • Touk Miller MID, $117.3K – NAB1 SC Score 71. Played well on the weekend and had 11 disposals (81% efficiency), two marks, three tackles and a goal in 72% game time. He likes the contest and is 178cm and 83kg meaning he’s heavy enough for Badger to select. Amazing junior performances and a natural leader, Miller should get quite a few games and has the endurance to be given plenty of game time. NAB2 SC Score 71. Another impressive performance from Miller with 13 disposals (eight contested), four tackles, a goal and three clearances in just 68% game time. Pencil him in. NAB3 SC Score 77 with 13 disposals (six  contested) at 69% efficiency, two marks, six tackles, a free for and a goal in 69% game time. Miller has proven himself a viable rookie-priced option with three very solid hitouts. At under $120K there’s loads of value.
  • Adam Saad DEF/MID, $102.4K – NAB1 SC Score 67 with 13 disposals at 69% efficiency and two tackles in 67% game time. He was impressive against the Cats. A mature age recruit who has been playing against men in the VFL since 2012, Saad is athletically gifted and posted a 2.81 time in the 20 metre sprint as a junior. With a good mix of inside and outside ability he’s definitely a chance at senior action this year – if so he could post some nice scores along the way. Seems a bargain pick at 25 in the Rookie Draft. NAB2 SC Score 69. Saad had 16 disposals at 75% efficiency, four marks and a tackle in 72% game time. Two good performances in a row. NAB3 SC Score 61 with 15 disposals (seven contested) at 67% efficiency, a clearance, a mark, three tackles in 61% game time. I think we’re all hoping he’s elevated from the rookie list. With dual position status, a mature body and three solid preseason games he’s the right price to consider.
  • Jarrod Garlett MID, $152.3K – NAB1 SC Score 80. In 67 minutes Garlett impressed with two goals, seven disposals (four contested), three marks, five tackles and two frees for. Not bad considering he played a bit of time against Corey Enright. I still have a preference for the bigger bodies or experienced rookie priced players (Garlett is a first year player at just 69kg) but he has some tricks and was a high draft pick. NAB2 SC Score 24 with just five disposals at 40% efficiency and a tackle in 76% game time. NAB3 SC Score 35 with nine disposals at 66% efficiency, a mark and two tackles in 72% game time. Not enough to consider as a rookie MID.

Other Rookie-Priced Players: Alex Sexton played NAB1 and NAB3. Great first up game but a disappointing last two weeks having missed NAB2 and a poor showing in NAB3. Rookie Keegan Brooksby played NAB1 and NAB2. Josh Hall played NAB1 and NAB2. Henry Schade played NAB1 and NAB2. Jack Leslie played NAB1 and NAB2. Rookie Louie Herbert played NAB1. Rookie Josh Glenn played NAB2. Rookie Jarred Ellis played NAB2.



  • Liam Dawson MID $117.3K – (did not play NAB1). NAB2 SC Score 57 (from 68% game time) – Played a nice game with seven kicks, a handball (75% disposal efficiency), five marks and a goal. And yep, he’s a big boy at 189cm and 83kg so he ticks a couple of boxes for my usual rookie-selections. Impressive numbers as a junior and Brisbane are in a rebuilding phase. I reckon he’ll get quite a few games – just not sure at what stage of the season.
  • Michael Close FWD $211.9K – NAB1 SC Score 50 with five disposals (four contested) at 80% efficiency, three marks and a goal in 58% game time. Played 14 games last year with an average of just 39 SC points in 94 minutes playing time. Not impressive numbers but at just 20 he’s coming into his third preseason. A Key Position player who will improve along with the forward line delivery from the likes of Dayne Beams and Rich back in the side. Brisbane are screaming for one of their current young big forwards to step up and will be hoping Close and McStay eventually form a potent duo. At this stage the only effective and experienced key forward is an uninjured Staker. NAB2 SC Score 59 with seven disposals at 71% efficiency (5 contested), two marks, three tackles and a free for in 81% game time. NAB3 SC Score 37 with nine disposals at 77% efficiency, two marks and three tackles in 71% game time. Not the formline we’re after for a rookie-priced player at over $200K.

Other Rookie-Priced Players:Jaden McRath played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Michael Close played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Archie Smith played NAB1. Harris Andrews played NAB1.

Notes: Brent Staker – Played both NAB1 and NAB2 games and was subbed out in both. At under $250K he’s definitely worth considering if he goes into Round 1 fit. Brisbane is low on competitive tall forwards and Staker should fill a role. He’s also capable of high scores and will consistently deliver 70+ when injury-free. A risk I agree, but depending on his preseason and fitness going into round one, perhaps a risk worth taking. It worked for us in 2010 where he managed 22 games and a respectable average of 87.6. Did not play NAB3 but got a mention from Johnathon Brown as a player that has had a good preseason. I think Staker will play as permanent key forward and will be their main target. Offers great value if he can remain on the park.



Other Rookie-Priced Players:There was no genuine rookie-priced player for North that caught our attention. Trent Dumont played NAB1 – surprised he didn’t get further opportunity in NAB2 and NAB3. May provide a trade-down target during the season as he’s a very good player and at 187cm and 85kg has the body to compete. Max Warren played NAB1. Daniel Nielsen played NAB1.

Notes: Jamie Macmillan – just six games last year due to injury. He played 22 games in 2013 and averaged 73 which would have him priced at $391K compared to his 2015 start price of $279.9K – I think he’s still best 22. Scored 71 and 93 in NAB1 and NAB2. Subbed out in NAB3 at 44 in 61% game time.  Ben Jacobs – looked good against the Crows and had brilliant VFL form 2014. Has now played all three preseason games with SC Scores of 80, 60 and 54. Joel Tippett is just outside rookie-pricing and scored 60, 26 and 59.



  • Ben Lennon FWD, $180.4K – NAB1 SC Score 73. Lennon had 16 disposals at 75% efficiency (13 kicks which is nice to see), two marks and two tackles during 77% game time. Lennon is a great user of the ball and he’d be hoping to escape the green vest and play more games this year. If he achieves both outcomes he’d be a great addition to your team. NAB2 SC Score 77 with 14 disposals at a poor 50% efficiency (unusual for Lennon who’s a good user of the ball), five marks, two goals with one of those a nine-pointer.If he has another good game in NAB3 then he’s got to be a good chance at Round 1 selection. NAB3 SC Score 48 with 12 disposals (six contested) at 58% efficiency, five marks, a free for and a goal in 83% game time. I’ve got him pencilled into my forward line.
  • Kamdyn McIntosh DEF, $123.9K – NAB1 did not play. NAB2 SC Score 71 with nine kicks, six handballs (60% disposal efficiency), a clearance, three marks, four tackles and a free for in 84% game time. Started in defence then switched to play as a defensive forward. NAB3 SC Score 77 with 10 kicks, seven handballs (70% disposal efficiency), three frees against, six marks and a goal in 88% time one ground. McIntosh was pick 31 in 2012 and stands 192cm and 87kg. His two NAB games have been impressive playing as a defensive forward and he now provides us a rookie-priced option in our Supercoach defence. Keep in mind that he had a relatively inconsistent year in the VFL and Newman will likely return to the side in the early rounds. Possibility of Hardwick playing McIntosh ahead of one of the RUCK/FWD types with Maric able to handle a heavy work load.
  • Kane Lambert MID/FWD, $102.4K – NAB1 SC Score 85. At that price and with dual position status you certainly have to consider Lambert. He also happens to be mature age and a bit of a ball magnet. Against the Doggies he had 15 disposals at 80% efficiency (eight contested), four marks and five tackles – all that in 65% game time. I still can’t figure out if there’s a place in Richmond’s midfield for him though. NAB2 SC Score 50 with 12 disposals, two marks and a goal in 60% game time. Not as noticeable against Port with some of Richmond’s usual suspects dominating the possession count. NAB3 SC Score 41 with 10 disposals at 50% efficiency, a clearance, three marks, a free for and a goal in 71% game time. Could be a great selection in your forward line and has just been promoted off the rookie list (I just think there’s too many high scoring MID only rookies to select him there).
  • Nathan Drummond MID, $117.3K – NAB1 SC Score 45. Average game in NAB 1. Drummond is a mature age recruit and stands 182cm and 84kg. He has very good endurance and is a nice kick of the ball. He had a brilliant final year in the TAC Cup and won the best and fairest for the Murray Bushrangers. At 20 years of age and with some excellent football ability he may get some games with the Tigers this year. NAB2 did not play. NAB3 did not play.
  • Reece McKenzie FWD, $117.3K – NAB1 SC Score 42. Already a monster-sized 197cm and 107kg. In just 37 minutes game time McKenzie had five possessions at 80% efficiency (three contested), a mark, a tackle, a free for and a shot at goal for a point. Nice start I reckon and his 2014 junior numbers were unbelievable, especially for a guy who took the previous year off to pursue basketball. He’s fast, has an excellent vertical leap and a background in basketball (we all know recruiters love kids with basketball backgrounds…spatial awareness and all that). Apart from his endurance, which can be worked on, I have no idea what the other knocks on his game are to slide to pick 77. I hope he gets some game time this year – he has the size, speed and confidence to mix it with the big boys. NAB2 did not play. NAB3 did not play.

Other Rookie-Priced Players:  Liam McBean played NAB1 and NAB2. Nathan Gordon played NAB1 and NAB2. Todd Elton played NAB1 and NAB2. Jason Castagna played NAB1. Jayden Short played NAB1. Dan Butler played NAB1.



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  1. The knock on McKenzie was not related to his game at all – it was a personal issue he had the year beforehand (NOT drugs), and from which he seems to have fully recovered. From all I’ve heard he is a great kid, and is a bargain pick for Richmond at 77. Pleased to have him in our team!


  2. Would you select Touk Miller knowing that he was going to start the game for GC and get about 65/70 points or wait till Monday and select Jed Anderson not knowing whether he may be a potential vest candidate. Thoughts?

    Good read btw, cheers!



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