Updated Rookie Review – GWS/Syd/Car/Gee

Written by Badger on March 26 2015

NAB3 games added for GWS V Sydney and Carlton V Geelong

The Masterlist, Badger’s EPIC Rookie Review has been updated with these changes as well.

Just one more game to add being West Coast V Fremantle which will be up tomorrow morning.



  • Cameron McCarthy FWD $210.7K – NAB1 SC Score 47 (21% game time) – unbelievable game from McCarthy with seven disposals at 85% efficiency (four contested), three marks and three goals all in the last quarter. Patton unfortunately out with a knee, Boyd at the kennel and McCarthy putting on performances like this make him a potential forward bench option. Top 15 draft pick from 2013 and 20 years at 195cm and 83kg – there seemed to be a lot of Interstate clubs at GWS second game against Essendon paying close attention to McCarthy. NAB2 SC Score 118 (73% game time) – another brilliant performance from young Cameron McCarthy. I’m tipping GWS will be pumping as many games into the kid as his inexperienced body can handle. From 73% game time McCarthy had nine kicks, two handballs (five contested possessions) at 72% disposal efficiency, six marks (two contested), three tackles, a free for and three goals. Manned up with Josh Freezer for most of the game who had his hands full due to GWS’ midfield dominance and quality delivery. I can’t wait for NAB3 to see how he goes against Sydney’s big men. Yes, McCarthy is on the higher end of rookie pricing and may not make our starting forward six, but he’s just the type to have an occasional blinder and jump up in value. Job done. NAB3 SC Score 39 with eight disposals at 75% efficiency, six marks, two tackles and a goal in 68% game time. A quieter game against quality opposition but I think McCarthy has done enough to be selected early in the season.
  • Jack Steele FWD/MID $117.3K – NAB1 SC Score 19 (just 29% game time) – he’s a good egg so let’s see what he does with more game time in NAB2. NAB2 SC Score 87 after being given a bigger go at it against the Dons. Impressive game with three kicks, eight handballs (four contested possessions), two clearances, one mark, six tackles and two goals. He’s a strong lad at 188cm and 86kg and his junior numbers are something to behold. A great user of the ball and definitely a bargain pick at 24. I wonder how high he would have gone in the draft if he wasn’t zoned to GWS via Canberra. NAB3 did not play. GWS are no longer the team that plays all the kids – and internally they won’t view 2015 as another year of solely development…they’ll be gunning for 7th to 11th and may view anything less as a disappointment. With new star recruit Ryan Griffen at Mumford’s feet, the ultra-consistent Patful down back coupled with the natural improvement from their young guns (plenty of first round draft picks) as well as captain Phil Davis and superstar forward Jeremy Cameron completing excellent preseasons, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just snuck into the eight (although I’m tipping them to finish 11th > 13th).
  • Andrew Phillips RUCK $210.7K – NAB1 SC Score 63. Out of the rucks on GWS list, Phillips seems the most likely to get games supporting Mumford. With just one ruck bench spot it would be wise to fill it with someone who should get games. He had nine disposals, two marks, a tackle, 18 hitouts and a free for in 77% game time. At 23, 201cm and weighing 96kg, Phillips is very athletic and has a history of effective taps. Worth considering.NAB2 SC Score 43 with just three disposals across 78% game time. Probably not convincing enough to pay over $200K at the start of the season and it would be difficult to wait until his third game with just one ruck rookie spot and trades at a premium. Perhaps a RUCK/FWD non-playing cheapie with RUCK cover in the forward line such as Bellchambers. Rucks are definitely proving a difficult decision this year and whoever nails it from Day 1 will have a massive advantage. NAB3 did not play.

Other Rookie-Priced Players: James Stewart – played NAB2 – probably competing with Cameron McCarthy who’s had a cracker preseason. Stewart is a chance at coming into the team if McCarthy gets tired or loses form but little to no chance Round 1. Aidan Corr played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Jake Barrett played NAB2 – the perfect project player who has a rugby background and a knack for the contest, endurance, a great work ethic and impressive numbers in the NEAFL. Tracking nicely and might get a few games in the latter part of the season. Tim Golds played NAB2. Tom Downie played NAB1 and NAB2.



  • Isaac Heeney MID $137.3K – NAB1 SC Score 63. Heeney, a likely top 5 draft pick and absolute steal at pick 18 through the Swans academy, is priced extremely low compared to his scoring ability. How he’ll break into the Swans team and then avoid the vest will be a difficult task. He played well against the Lions with 14 disposals, three marks, two tackles, a free for and two clearances in 78% game time. He definitely has the build to play straight away (186cm/84kgs) and may be useful in Supercoach as a trade down target after being named for his third game assuming he misses early season selection. NAB2 SC Score 59 with 13 disposals (six contested) at a poor efficiency of 38%, two clearances, two marks, two tackles, a free for and a goal in 74% game time. NAB3 SC Score 91 with 12 disposals at 83% efficiency, five marks, five tackles, three frees for (one against) and two goals in 81% game time. A strong conclusion to a great preseason for Heeney and every chance at being selected in the starting 21 (although will probably get a few green vests along the way). I don’t have Heeney…yet…with other low priced mids ahead of him in terms of job security. I’d wait until 30 mins before Sydney’s opener against Essendon to see if he starts.
  • Dean Towers FWD $210.5K – NAB1 SC Score 70. Towers had 11 disposals at 72% efficiency (four contested), five marks, one tackle, a free for, a goal and three clearances. It was a good game from a rookie-priced forward, but again, I’d hesitate to pick any Sydney rookie-priced players unless they string together a couple exceptional in-season games. In his favour, Towers is 24, a good size (189cm/83kg) and is exceptionally athletic. He’s also a former winner of the VFL’s Fothergill-Round Medal for most promising young talent. Other recent winners include Kane Lambert, Ahmed Saad, Michael Hibberd and Sir Michael Barlow. NAB2 SC Score 90 with 15 disposals (seven contested) at 66% efficiency, a clearance, one mark and three tackles in 79% game time. NAB3 SC Score 71 with four kicks, 10 handballs (8 contested possessions) at 71% disposal efficiency, a mark, three tackles and a goal in 86% game time. Towers has put strung together three good games in a row and could be rewarded. Keep in mind that Tippett is a likely return Round 1 and Sydney have a lot of mids who rotate into the forward line. His position may also depend on the form and health of Adam Goodes.
  • Sam Naismith RUCK $150K – NAB1 SC Score 17 with just two contested disposals, two clearances, 11 hitouts, two frees for and two against and 84% game time. Not a convincing game to consider him. NAB2 SC Score 34 with five disposals, a clearance, two tackles and seven hitouts in 71% game time. NAB3 SC Score 50 with two kicks, nine handballs (72% disposal efficiency), three marks, five tackles and 17 hitouts in 76% game time. None of his preseason matches have stood out but the fact that he played NAB3 and Nankervis didn’t means Naismith might be used as second ruck to Mike Pyke. Looks like Derickx has lost his place in the team.
  • Daniel Robinson MID $123.9K – NAB1 SC Score 52 with 11 disposals (six contested) at a low 36% efficiency, two marks and a tackle in 76% game time. Coming into his third preseason and at 20 years of age and 183cm/84kg, he’s a big enough body to handle the rigours of senior AFL footy. His 2014 NEAFL numbers were exceptional playing as a mid. NAB2 SC Score 80 with three kicks, 11 handballs (11 contested possessions) with a disposal efficiency of 64%, four clearances, one mark, four tackles and a free for all in just 57% game time. A much better game than NAB1 and highlighted his hunger for the contest. NAB3 SC Score 29 with seven disposals at a poor 42% efficiency, a clearance, four marks, three tackles, three frees against (one for) and a goal in 69% game time. A poor game but Robinson was unlikely to debut early season with the Swans midfield one of the best in the league. A very good player though and a potential trade down target during the year.

Other Rookie-Priced Players: Toby Nankervis quiet game NAB1 and barely any game time in NAB2. Might get a chance to support Myke Pyke but so could Naismith. Brandon Jack played NAB1 and NAB2 but nothing eye-catching yet. Xavier Richards played NAB1 and NAB2. Jack Hiscox played NAB1. Rookie Lewis Melican played NAB1.



  • Patrick Cripps MID, $211.4K – NAB1 SC Score 78 with four kicks, 10 handballs (10 contested possessions) at 85% disposal efficiency, four clearances, one mark and six tackles in 61% game time. A lot of positive talk about young Cripps coming out of Carlton. They could certainly use another consistent inside mid and Cripps fits the bill big time. A contested possession rate of 68% shows a willingness to do the dirty work. He’s also monster sized for a MID (193cm and 91kg) and with Brock McLean retired and Juddy likely to spend more time resting forward, Cripps will likely play 20+ games and should score well. For me, I’d prefer to pay north of $200K for a big-bodied or experienced “rookie” with a high ceiling and lots of game time – Cripps fits the bill. He’s in. NAB2 SC Score 106 with five kicks, 14 handballs (10 contested possessions) at 63% disposal efficiency, two clearances, two marks and seven tackles in 77% game time. Another great performance which pretty much cements him in both Carlton’s and our midfields I would have thought. NAB3 SC Score 119 with 12 kicks, 20 handballs (14 contested Possessions) at 62% disposal efficiency, five clearances, six marks, four tackles and two hitouts  in 83% game time. L.O.C.K. Brilliant preseason and just what Carlton and us Supercoaches need. Will not be a POD.
  • Blaine Boekhorst MID, $132.3K – NAB1 SC Score 29. A mature aged rookie taken with a high pick screams “put me in your SC team” more often than not. Admittedly, he had an average first up hit out against the Eagles, but his dashing run past two opposition players and kick into the Blues forward 50 showed a glimpse of what Boekhorst is capable of. His disposal efficiency has been a highlight throughout 2014 and I remain convinced he’ll play plenty of games. I’ve still got him pencilled in. NAB2 SC Score 76 with 10 disposals, four marks (70% disposal efficiency), four tackles, a free for and a goal in 67% game time. A much better game from Boekhorst with more opportunity to show off his pace. NAB3 SC Score 27 with seven disposals at 85% efficiency, a clearance, a mark and a tackle in 80% game time. Too many higher scoring rookie options ahead of Boekhurst in Supercoach.
  • Matthew Dick DEF/MID, $123.9K – NAB1 SC Score 35. Just nine disposals against the Eagles and a poor 44% disposal efficiency. As a dual position rookie available in the backline he’s definitely worth considering. He comes from a great system (Swans) and has the pace that the Blues need. I wonder if the Swans might have regretted delisting Matthew Dick prior to finding out Malceski was off to the Suns. Either way, I think he’ll get games and he’s a big body (187cm/86kg) fully fit for his third preseason. A big improvement in NAB 2 would have him back on the radar. NAB2 did not play. If he’s not selected or doesn’t play well in NAB3 then look elsewhere. NAB3 SC Score 51 with 10 disposals at 70% efficiency, a clearance, a mark and three tackles in 86% game time. Hasn’t done enough yet to select in your backline even if he does play Round 1.

Other Rookie-Priced Players: Clem Smith played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Scores were all under 30 SC Points. Rookie Ciaran Byrne played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Dylan Viojo-Rainbow played NAB1. Unlikely to play Round 1 but may provide a trade down target during the season. Tom Fields played NAB1.

Notes: Kristian Jaksch – *A somewhat risky pick at just over $260K and his ceiling won’t be Everest-like, but Carlton did target him and he should play plenty of games. He averaged nine disposals last year along with 5+ spoils and is performing well in his third preseason. **Another good game by Jaksch against the Pies with 99 SC Points. ***A quieter game for Jaksch with 52 SC Points from nine kicks at 100% efficiency, two marks, a tackle and two frees against in 98% game time. Not the final NAB hitout Supercoaches were hoping for.



  • Mitch Clark FWD, $155.2K – NAB1 SC Score 66. Played 89 minutes and kicked a couple goals along with nine disposals (six contested), two marks and two tackles. The upside with Clark is just too damn high to ignore. He was magnificent for Melbourne in 2012 marking nearly everything kicked in his vicinity, and considering the irregular and poor forward delivery he did well to average 84 SC points. If he can stay fit and improve as the season goes on Clark may prove a brilliant pickup for Geelong playing next to the Tomahawk. Given the Cats injury-curse with Rucks he could even play some minutes in the ruck. I still remember round three of 2009 when Clark took over Ruck duties for the Lions after Leuenberger’s injury – from then until round 22 he averaged 24 hitouts and 17 disposals and was sensational, especially for a 21 year old. I know I know, I’m living in the past and relying on former glory but he’s an exceptional talent Mitch and at 27 in a great environment like Geelong he could surprise the sceptics. I sincerely wish him all the best, as I also hope Lumumba proves a great pickup for Melbourne. NAB2 SC Score 160. Mitch was absolutely epic against the Crows and if he’s not in 100% of teams if named Round 1 then something’s amiss. With 12 kicks, five handballs (10 contested possessions) at 100% disposal efficiency, six marks (four contested), a tackle, five hitouts, two frees for (one against), SIX GOALS and a clearance, we were all reminded of what he is capable of as a forward…and now as a forward in a great team like the Cats. Good luck Key Defenders minding Hawkins and Clark. NAB3 SC Score 95 with 11 disposals (seven contested) at 72% efficiency, three marks, four tackles, nine hitouts, two frees for, three frees against and three goals in 86% game time. Good to see him getting some ruck minutes as well. This selection could be a masterstroke by Geelong. If their midfield can start humming along with a decent increase in clearances then look out.
  • Nakia Cockatoo MID, $177.3K – NAB1 SC Score 55. In 57 minutes Cockatoo had 10 disposals at 80% efficiency (six contested) as well as two marks and six tackles. A nice debut and like Darcy Lang he has plenty of speed. Will certainly provide us with some highlights when he gets games, and he’s a big enough body to cope with senior footy at 186cm and 86kg. Has the attributes to become a star just like fellow #10 draft pick Dangerfield in ’07 (how Danger got to pick 10 I’ll never know). NAB2 SC Score 77 with 15 disposals (six contested) at 80% efficiency, two clearances, seven marks, two tackles, a hitout and a beautiful supergoal. Showed off his pace and may have locked himself into Geelong’s 22 with the outside speed they require. NAB3 SC Score 42 with seven disposals at 100% efficiency, two marks, four tackles, a free for and two against in 77% game time. He’s going to be an exciting player to watch but the scores aren’t high enough yet to select as a mid in Supercoach.
  • Darcy Lang MID, $159.1K – NAB1 SC Score 83. It took just 66 minutes for Lang to gather 14 possessions at 57% efficiency, two marks, five tackles and a couple goals. He’s had a thorough preseason increasing his fitness and possesses the outside pace that Geelong could use more of. Pick 16 in the 2013 draft and completing his second preseason. 183cm and 75kg so not the heavyset rookie mid I usually recruit in Supercoach but there could be a place for Lang in Geelong’s line-up. NAB2 SC Score 42 with six disposals at 100% efficiency, a clearance, one mark and three tackles in 66% game time. Not spectacular against Adelaide but he did his job and remains a chance at senior selection. NAB3 SC Score 54 with seven disposals (five contested) at 100% efficiency, a clearance, a mark, three tackles and three frees for in 75% game time. Impressive to consider his last 13 disposals (across two games) have been 100% effective.

Other Rookie-Priced Players: Sam Blease – played NAB1 and NAB2. Cory Gregson played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Jake Kolodjashnij played NAB1. Shane Kersten played NAB1 and NAB2. Michael Luxford played NAB1. Jed Bews played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Dean Gore played NAB1. Padraig Lucey played NAB1.


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