Updated Rookie Review – Port/Ade/WB/Coll

Written by Badger on March 25 2015

NAB3 games added for Port Adelaide V Adelade, and Western Bulldogs V Collingwood

The Masterlist, Badger’s EPIC Rookie Review has been updated with these changes as well.

More to come.


  • John Butcher FWD, $209.3KK – NAB1 SC Score 46 with seven disposals (five contested) at 42% efficiency, three marks and a goal in 86% game time against WCE. NAB2 SC Score 21 with just four kicks, a clearance and three marks in 76% game time against Richmond. The ball didn’t get to the Power’s forward line all that much with a very inexperienced line-up – won’t happen during the home and away rounds with Port’s big men receiving some of the best forward 50 entries in the comp. NAB3 SC Score 69 with seven kicks at 71% efficiency, six marks, a tackle and five goals in 86% game time. Butcher put his hand up as a viable option for Hinkley and may get early season games as a result. With Ryder’s likely return either by Round 1 or early season it may prove difficult for him to hold his place in the team though.
  • Tom Clurey DEF, $150K – NAB1 SC Score 45. Clurey will become a best 22 Defender at some stage in the future but perhaps not 2015. He is one of Port Adelaide’s best runners and has excellent disposal efficiency. At $150K he represents good value for a key defender that is capable of multiple effective spoils and good use of the ball – but you’d only select Clurey if selected for his third game after good performances in the two prior matches. Possibly a trade down target during the season but be mindful of Jackson Trengove’s return from injury at some stage and even Paul Stewart’s impressive preseason performances in defence. NAB2 SC Score 71 with 10 possessions at 90% efficiency, three marks, a tackle and a goal. Quite a few effective spoils too. NAB3 SC Score 13 with five disposals and three marks in 40% game time. Not the final preseason hitout we were looking for with few rookie-priced defenders and Clurey a reasonably low priced option. Unlikely especially with Jackson Trengove’s imminent return.
  • Nathan Krakouer FWD/MID $106.9K – NAB1 SC Score 42 in just 38% game time. Krakouer had five kicks, two handballs (100% disposal efficiency) and a mark in a nice return to AFL football. As a dual position player he will be useful in Supercoach for structural purposes and is a very nice price. We all know that he is capable of high scores as demonstrated in 2009 and a return to his beloved SA and to be back in a familiar environment at the Power can only be good news. Obviously, with Port one of the few flag favourites it will be a difficult 22 to crack into but he may prove a handy in-season trade if selected. NAB2 SC Score 78 with nine kicks, one handball (80% disposal efficiency) and two marks in just 54% game time. Even with low game time, Krakauer has shown the ability to slot straight back in senior AFL action if selected. NAB3 did not play.

Other Rookie-Priced Players:Karl Amon has played NAB1 and NAB2. Brendan Ah Chee has played NAB1 and NAB2. Even if opportunity arises through injury within Port’s midfield I think Aaron Young would be given the nod ahead of Ah Chee. Sam Gray has played NAB1 and NAB2. Darcy Byrne-Jones played NAB2. Johann Wagner played NAB2. Douglas Howard played NAB2. Jesse Palmer played NAB2. Sam Russell played NAB2. Mitch Harvey played NAB2.

Notes: Aaron Young played in almost all of Port’s games in the second half of 2014 but did not gain a finals berth. When he escaped the vests he posted reasonable SC scores for a low-priced option. He is a dual position FWD/MID and is worth keeping an eye on. Paul Stewart – at just over $260K Stewart (FWD in Supercoach) has put in two very impressive performances playing defence in both NAB Challenge games. His SANFL disposal efficiency in season 2014 was excellent and he demonstrated this in NAB1 (104SC) against the Eagles with 100% effectiveness from 11 kicks and five handballs as well as two marks, three tackles, a free for, a clearance and a team-high amount of effective spoils all in 73% game time. NAB2 saw Stewart start back again – he finished with 20 disposals at 75% efficiency, seven marks and a tackle. Looking forward to NAB3 to see if he’s selected. Quiet NAB3 as SUB in just 26% game time. Unlikely.



  • Cameron Ellis-Yolmen MID, $123.9K – NAB1 SC Score 73. Ellis-Yolmen had 17 disposals, three marks, three tackles and five clearances during 72% time on ground. He was a late pick in the 2011 draft and has played just the one senior game since. He keeps improving his numbers in the SANFL and Adelaide offered Ellis-Yolmen a two year contract extension in 2013. A make or break season but with the introduction of a new coach he may get his opportunity this year, particularly if the Crows are readying themselves for the possible departure of one or two stars. Keep in mind if selected as he’s a big body and ready to go. NAB2 SC Score 107 with six kicks, 17 handballs (14 contested possessions) at 73% disposal efficiency, three marks, two tackles and six clearances in 69% game time. His preseason to date has been exceptional. NAB3 SC Score 117 with nine kicks, 17 handballs (a massive 21 contested) with a disposal efficiency of 53%, a clearance, a mark and five tackles and 83% game time. He’s got to be a lock for both Walsh and us you’d think. A starting MID for mine.
  • Nathan Van Berlo MID, $215.6K – NAB1 SC Score 59. I’m still leaning towards selecting Van Berlo if he’s named round one. There was talk of him being released from tagging duties so maybe he’ll can get back to the 75+ scores of 2010-2012. NAB2 SC Score 58 with 13 kicks, 1 handball, six marks, a tackle and a clearance. Another okay game. NAB3 SC Score 49 with 16 disposals at 56% efficiency, two clearances, three marks and three tackles in 77% game time. Hasn’t shown quite enough in terms of Supercoach at over $215K.

Other Rookie-Priced Players: Jake Kelly – played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Reilly O’Brien – played both NAB1 and NAB2. Keenan Ramsey – played NAB1 and NAB3. Sam Siggins – played NAB1. Harrison Wigg – Very impressive junior numbers so worth keeping an eye on – outside chance of a trade-down target during the season. Played NAB1.



  • Jack Redpath FWD, $204.3K – NAB1 SC Score 82 with eight kicks, two handballs (70% disposal efficiency), two clearances, seven marks, a tackle and two goals in 85% game time. Impressive game. NAB2 SC Score just 37 with six disposals at 100% efficiency, two marks and a tackle in 75% game time. NAB3 SC Score 72 with 11 kicks, two handballs (eight contested possessions) with a disposal efficiency of 61%, a clearance, seven marks, two tackles and two goals in 91% game time. May have cemented his place alongside Boyd and a viable FWD in Supercoach. At 24 years, 194cm, 99kg and having completed his third preseason, he should be able to handle the rigours of AFL as a key forward.
  • Caleb Daniel FWD, $117.3K – did not play NAB1. NAB2 SC Score 62 with four kicks, 12 handballs (seven contested possessions), a disposal efficiency of 75%, three clearances, two marks and two tackles. Daniel was a freakishly good player as a junior with the only concerns around his height (167cm) and perhaps pace (ie. needs to be super quick like Boomer at that height). He’s a natural footballer and could easily get games in the Doggies forward line. Hope he gets a crack against the Pies in NAB3. NAB3 SC Score 23 with three kicks, eight handballs (63% disposal efficiency), three marks and two tackles in 42% game time. Was used as starting SUB which might be a preview of his in-season games.
  • Joel Hamling DEF, $123.9K – NAB1 SC Score 57 (Vs Richmond) with nine disposals at 55% efficiency, five marks and a tackle in 55% game time. Hamling has come from an exceptional system down at Geelong where he averaged six spoils per game in the VFL (third in the whole comp) along with 11 disposals. Definitely a chance at cementing his spot as a key defender with the departures of Tom Williams, Tom Young and Mark Austin. At 21 years, 194cm and 82kg and having now completed four preseasons, Hamling could be a slow-burn cash cow and offer at least a 40-60 point emergency. His current competition for a spot in the team is Jordan Kelly (Rookie List), Zaine Cordy who is a first year key so unlikely, Fletcher Roberts and Michael Talia (with Roughead and Morris locks when fit). I suspect he’ll be battling with Talia for selection or might otherwise find his way into the team if 32 year old Morris needs a rest. NAB2 SC Score 53 (Vs Melbourne) with seven disposals at 85% efficiency, four marks and two tackles in 89% game time. NAB3 SC Score 51 (Vs Collingwood) with 11 disposals at 91% efficiency, four marks and two tackles in 69% game time after starting as sub. Hamling’s biggest threat in Michael Talia had a cracker game with 20 disposals at 85% efficiency, five marks, a tackle and a hitout in 90% game time. I wouldn’t pencil him in until named Round 1 and even then there may emerge some better defender rookies.

Other Rookie-Priced Players: Lukas Webb played NAB2. Josh Prudden played NAB1 and NAB2. Rookie Jordan Kelly played NAB2. Daniel Pearce played NAB2. Toby McLean played NAB2. Just 36% game time with three disposals and three tackles. A great junior footballer and definitely good enough to be selected in the seniors. Would like to see him play more minutes in NAB3. Declan Hamilton played NAB2. Bailey Dale played NAB2. Rookie Rourke Smith played NAB2.

Notes:  Brett Goodes – very impressive in NAB2 and NAB3. I had my doubts of Goodes getting games but I think I now stand corrected. Has a high ceiling and will appear in a high percentage of SC teams. NAB3 Goodes scored 121 SC Points with 12 kicks, seven handballs (11 contested) with a disposal efficiency of 78%, four marks, six tackles, a free for and two goals in 78% game time. Lin Jong – started off exceptionally well against Richmond and ended up scoring 89 SC points with 19 disposals (11 contested), six marks and one tackle in 74% game time. He’s a big midfielder standing 190cm and 87kg with great speed and power. Considering he only started playing footy at 15, his rapid improvement is very impressive and I think he’ll continue to get better. With Libba unfortunately done for the year and Griffen having moved North of Albury, I think Jong could improve his SC output significantly. NAB a reasonable game and very impressive in NAB3 with 100 SC points from four kicks, 16 handballs (nine contested possessions) at 85% disposal efficiency, a mark, eight tackles and two goals in 82% game time. Jong is exceptional value at $273.2K.



  • Nathan Brown BACK, $146.9K – NAB1 SC Score 62. He’s hardly a rookie but he’s definitely priced appropriately. Given the likely lack of playing rookie-priced defenders he remains an option…a very risky option with an unfortunate injury history and a low ceiling. Look, if he played Collingwood’s first two games and scored 60+ in each then you could consider him depending on who you might be moving on and whether the cash allows a more useful trade. Low on my radar at this stage but he was a great defender when on the park early days. I sincerely hope Brown gets on top of his injuries. NAB2 SC Score 97 with 13 disposals at 84% efficiency, two marks and five tackles. Starting to whet the appetite a bit – he’s priced appropriately and the occasional 75+ SC Score will see his price rise a reasonable amount. He did play 18 and 22 games in 2012 and ’13, and if he’s selected Round 1 with an injury-free preseason under his belt then my earlier comments from NAB1 might best be ignored. NAB3 SC Score 60 with 10 disposals at 90% efficiency, three marks and three tackles in 90% game time. Proven himself in the preseason as a viable rookie-priced defender.
  • Adam Oxley DEF, $123.9K – NAB1 SC Score 34. Oxley was subbed into the game at half time so his 34 points were respectable at his price. Oxley was taken as the 34th selection in the 2013 rookie draft and is still relatively light in frame. 2014 was a write-off due to injury but in 2013 he played 16 VFL games where he averaged over 21 disposals and was impressive enough to be elevated onto the senior list. Worth considering. NAB2 SC Score 90 with nine kicks, three handballs (91% disposal efficiency), four marks, two tackles and a free kick in 82% game time. Giving himself every chance at selection for Round 1. NAB3 SC Score 58 with 21 disposals at just 47% efficiency, two clearances, three marks, two tackles and two frees for (one against) in 84% game time. Will be interesting to see if he can hold his place in the team for Round 1.
  • Nathan Freeman MID, $123.9K – NAB1 SC Score 56 with eight kicks, five handballs (84% disposal efficiency), a clearance, two marks and a tackle in 53% game time. We’ve all been hearing rave reviews of Freeman’s preseason and at his price he remains high on my list of potential rookies. He’s a strong kid (184cm/85kg) and has been in the leading pack during Collingwood’s time trials. Not only does Freeman have good endurance, he’s also fast and was a great clearance player as a junior. I hope he remains injury free as he has similar attributes to Patrick Dangerfield who I enjoy watching at full flight more than any other player. NAB2 did not play. NAB3 did not play. Similar to De Goey, I’m interested to see if Freeman gets more opportunity at the start of the season with Greenwood out. Has great endurance so might get the nod ahead of De Goey.
  • Jordan De Goey MID, $202.3K – NAB1 SC Score 66 with four kicks, eight handballs (eight contested possessions), two clearances, two marks, two tackles and a goal in 57% game time. De Goey’s debut for the Pies was impressive. As a new draftee, I like that he has the body shape to cope with plenty of games – as a rule of thumb heavier rookies get the nod in Badger’s team, with the occasional exception of course. Good to note that he scored quite a bit higher in SC compared to DT as well – his disposal efficiency is generally high and he likes the contest. I’m somewhat concerned about him getting the green and red vests and will wait to see how the rest of his NAB challenge pans out. If you’re paying north of $200K then you don’t want the vest to appear regularly. NAB2 SC Score 44 with seven kicks, one handball (a lower disposal efficiency off 62% this week), three marks, a tackle and a goal in 74% game time. NAB3 did not play. With Greenwood out for the first part of the season perhaps De Goey will get more game time.
  • Patrick Karnezis FWD, $133.5K – NAB1 SC Score 95 with 11 kicks, four handballs (80% disposal efficiency), a clearance, five marks, five tackles and three goals. Fool me once and all that…but I’m okay with being fooled twice by Karnezis as I think his upside is very high. He has an AFL ready body and Collingwood need all the help they can get with midfield rotations and goal scoring. He’s an accurate kick and booted over 30 goals in an injury-interrupted 2014 in the VFL. That, and he looked awesome against the Hawks in NAB1. I’m calling it early but I think he’ll be a lock in most teams by round 1. Can’t hurt putting him in while we play with our teams anyway, especially as a forward rookie under $150K. NAB2 SC Score 44 with seven disposals, a clearance, two marks and two tackles in 69% game time. Not the momentum I was cheering for but he should play plenty of games and with a high ceiling he only needs one big score in the rolling three-round average for a nice price rise. He’s hanging on in my forward line for now. NAB3 did not play. It’s a fickle game is Supercoach. Out! For now…maybe a trade down target mid-season.

Other Rookie-Priced Players: Jackson Ramsay played NAB1, NAB2 and NAB3. Mason Cox played NAB2.

Notes: Corey Gault has put in two great performances now in NAB1 and NAB2. Quiet game as sub NAB3. Ben Kennedy – not quite the preseason that I’d hoped for.


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  1. Good stuff Badger. I’m a big fan of Lin Jong, but that price is the definition of awkward. Think he’ll have a big season though.



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