Watson v A Swallow

Written by Motts on February 19 2011

OK we all know both these guys are going to be out at critical times of the SC Finals (AS in week 1, JW in week 4) but assuming there was no bye, which one would you go with? Ryan wants to know.

What to do with AMT (ESS)?

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13 thoughts on “Watson v A Swallow”

  1. ive got jobe in my team at the moment. should again be consistent with bombers new possesion style play. and will hold on to him until i can upgrade if it becomes viable


  2. 679949… Please join ONLY if you are taking SC seriously.. pretenders are banned ! Also, this is a league for those going for the Car.


  3. yes i think the platter,s sang a song about that bloke pretending to be intrested in super coach , and the song was called yes “i am the great pretender ” hehehe …just taking a piss avi


  4. Hey could i have some feedback and help for my team

    Backs: Goddard, Delidio, Gibbs, Grimes, Broughton, Otten, Heppel
    Bench: Coad, Hibberd, puopolo

    Mids: Ablett, Boyd, Pendlebury, J Kennedy (Syd) Swallow (GC), Krakouer
    Bench: Harris, Mzungu, Davis

    Rucks: Sandi and Z Smith
    Bailey, Dericx

    Forward: Chapman, Franklin, Nicky Riewolt, Rioli, Dangerfield, Gamble, I.Smith
    Bench: Richardson, Matera, Darling

    I am hoping one of derricks or bailey plays 1st game otherwise i have donut. my aim is to uprade 2nd ruck later in the season.
    Please everybody HELP ME
    i have 44 k left



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