WC Eagles Review 2018

Written by Schwarzwalder on August 28 2018

2018 How good was 2018? What ever happens comes finals, everyone at the club deserves a pat on the back. Sensational effort considering we had so many experienced players retire and 8 debutants for the season so far. A sneaky premiership chance as well. Onto my review:


Defence: Yeo: With an average of 107 Yeo was by far West Coast best Defender. With only 3 sub 90 scores (1 being an injury effected game) he has become a must have. Ran a few numbers and interesting to note he averaged 113, an increase of 6 points per game AFTER Nic Nats injury. In that time 4 of his 6 games went 120+. Will you start with him in 2019 if he is a MID only? Fortune favours the bold.

Hurn: A solid late season buy that finished with a 96 average. Has had a sensational season but would be wary of starting with in 2019.


Midfield: Gaff: Up until the derby Gaff was having a sensational season. One of the must haves of 2018. Very interesting to not Gaff has only missed 1 game due to injury since 2012. In fact up until his suspension that was the only game he has missed. His last 4 seasons he’s gone 103, 90, 93 & 108 averages. I massively rate Gaff and think he could have a Dangerfield type break out year in 2019. However it will depend on which club he goes to. Highly unlikely to stay at West Coast, Essendon/Melbourne the front runners atm. Will miss early on. But could be a great opportunity to pull at *Motts Maneuver.

Redden: Improved as the season went on to average 95 for the year. Has average over 100 at Brisbane in the past. One to keep an eye on.


Ruck: Nic Nat: Finishing with a season average of 96 was a solid effort. Finishing with another knee injury wasnt. As good as he has been, can’t be considered for a Supercoach position again.

Lycett: At the start of 2018 I talked Lycett up. If he started with DPP I think he would have been in most teams. Thank god he didn’t. Finishing with an average of 85 wasn’t to bad do his price. But considering what a premium in Gawn/Grundy was score, he would cost you. Wants #1 ruck spot, which is why I believe he will leave, averaged 81 with out Nic, including 55 and 35 in the Prelim and Grand Final. Ouch. Could be considered if around the 400k mark next year as a R/FWD Only. But I don’t think he will make it into premium category.


Forwards: Jack Darling burnt a few with his injuries this year. But I had to name a forward, so here we are. Averaged 86. I’d steer clear. Will always be up and down.

Rookies: Have given my 1-5 rating of our top 5 rookies this season.

#5 Venables: averaged 47, played 12, would have been better barring injury. One to watch in the future as he has class written all over him

#4 Waterman: solid debut season for the father son pick. Averaged 56, played 16 and made you a tidy profit of $113k By seasons end.

#3 Ryan: Finished with a $147k profit from start of the year, played 10 games for a 62 average. Injury and club suspensions held him back. Solid first year. A real natural footballer.

#2 Rioli: Would love him at #1. My personal favourite. Lil Willie brings excitement into the team. He chases, pressures and hunts to ball. Love watching the cheeky forward play. Made a tidy $148k at the end of season, played 21, averaged 58. Got better as the year went on.

#1 Cole: The one rookie I missed. I didn’t think he would make it. He proved me wrong. How I wish I had him to save my backline come finals. Picked him at 1 as I believe it’s hard to keep a spot in our backline than forward line. Tidy profit of $141k at season end, averaged 61 and played 18 games.

2019 Rookie Watch: Partington: Played a few in 2017 but surprisingly couldn’t make the cut in 2018. Priced at $219k and listed as a forward the young midfielder may seek a trade for opportunities. Mark my words, the kid can play. Most recently kicking 3 goals 2 behinds from the midfield vs Peel (Freos WAFL Alignment Team.) Keep an eye on.

O Allen: Was extremely happy Allen slid to us come draft day. $117k but played the 2 games. Rated very highly at the club, and I can see why. The kid has talent. I believe we will try turn him into a midfielder in the mold of Fyfe. Has played Forward, Back and Midfield this year at WAFL level. Watch closely.


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9 thoughts on “WC Eagles Review 2018”

  1. Well done Matteo.

    Yeo is going to very interesting. I think he will lose DPP but upward trajectory and was the 10th highest overall score for 2018. Could he really be a permanent fixture in our midfield the coming years? I’m not brave enough to start but I’m not writing him off.


  2. I’d place Francis Watson on the rookie watch list. Was named emergency many times this year but never made the team. He will be 23 next year so he is a mature rookie and does average about 17-18 disposals a game with a few marks and tackles a game. He was 123k this year so that will be reduced more.


      1. That was my issue this year, but if he can get that chance i feel he will settle in as a mature player. They are known to do well, so an injury could open the door. Was many in the fwd line this year, maybe more in the backline next year. Just have to wait and see


  3. Essendon and Melbourne the front runners for Gaff?? Only really heard/read his name associated with North or West Coast for 2019.


  4. What impressed with me with Hurn was that he was top 5 defender for total points scored. Really surprised me when i came across that fact.



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