Weekend Review – Eagles v Power

Written by Motts on March 2 2010

West Coast

B Ebert – Had a 112 here but only a 44 in the game against Essendon. Too inconsistent for my liking.

L Shuey – Well helloooooooo Mr Shuey. Scored 35 in 2 quarters against the Dons before jacking that up to 108 against the Power. 24 disposals, of which admittedly 12 were handballs, but also kicked a supergoal.

C Masten – 28 disposals and 70 points. I really like this guy as a mid priced option for your midfield – think he’s only going to get better this year.

N Naitanui – Still hasn’t come up against any genuine ruck competition (C Cloke and M Lobbe definitely do not qualify as genuine rucks) but his 68 outdid Massive Cox’s 44 so I think that still makes him a viable second ruck option.

D Cox – 44 in his first run for the year. I know he had an ‘09 average of 111 but he only played 13 games. Way too expensive at $590k to risk. Especially if he continues to turn in this kind of performance.

B Dalziell – Followed up last week’s 51 with a 43. Off the radar until I see something special from him.

B Sheppard – 12 touches for 45 points. Will probably leave my decision on him til the R1 teams are announced.

Port Adelaide

D Pearce – Impressive stats: 24 touches, 3 marks, 5 tackles and a supergoal for 122. Only had a 50 last week though. Averaged almost 75 last year and has a lot of potential. May be worth a crack at just under $400k.

D Cassisi – Worth $504k but with scores like this 97 you’ll get what you pay for. As captain he’s less likely to get dropped too. Played 21 games last year.

M Banner – Locked him in yet? 96.

C Cornes – Looked really rusty but still managed 22 possessions. Over the hill for mine. 77.

N Krakouer – 57 points after last week’s 120 may have a few reconsidering him.

J Trengove – May want to reconsider him for your Backs bench – looking increasingly unlikely to get game time over Chaplin with games like this 47 point effort. Adelaide’s Phil Davis costs the same amount if you’re looking for an option.

K Cornes – 13/20 disposals were handballs. 40 points does not cut it for a $480k player.

M Lobbe – Beaten up on by NicNat and Massive but his 30 points still have him in my 4th ruck spot.

A Moore – Only scored 18 but had very little game time to do it in.


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8 thoughts on “Weekend Review – Eagles v Power”

  1. Masten burnt me last year and I’m risking double burn if I don’t pick him up – oh, the pain.
    Sheppard, Krak, Trengove, Lobbe and Moore have spent time on my team list but have lost their place during my preseason swap-fest. Oh yeah, Hitchcock too and Cox.
    What’s your take on Paul Stewart? He may be a smokie and unique selection…….with the associated risk, of course.


  2. Also interested on your take on Boak. A bit of a Kerr: promises to improve every preseason only to ultimately disappoint.


  3. And Westhoff’s game was a big surprise. Could he do a Paddy Ryder? If he was in my team, I don’t think I could watch him, though.



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