Weekend Review – Swans v Saints

Written by Motts on March 3 2010


M Mattner – Proved his viability for your backline by smashing his way to 112.
N Malceski – 93 last week, 82 this week, priced at $273,500. If you going to do a knee again, Nick, please do it prior to Round 1.
M Seaby – Running out of money and looking for a sub-$300k option for your second ruck position? Look no further. 83.
R O’Keefe – Locked down by Gilbert so had an inauspicious 46 to kick off his year. Now Sydney’s been bundled into the Challenge its going to be hard to keep track of him. I’ll probably wait for his price to drop like it did last year.
L Jetta – Came back to earth with a 46. Will probably lose his spot in my team on account of the play of other rookies. Just comes down to who gets named in R1 I guess.
G Rohan – Just a 42 on the back of 1.2 this week. Will probably get played so worth a punt.
B McGlynn – Played a tagging role (on Montagna) this week and his stats suffered (25). Fitting in very well with the Sydney style of play though.
D Currie – Certainly didn’t disgrace himself with 46, I just wonder how he’ll go getting a game behind Seaby, Mumford, and at a pinch Goodes and White.
T Kennelly – 29 in a half. Already on him.
J White – Came on in Q3 and scored 56! After kicking 4 goals against my boys towards the end of last season I like White a lot. If only he was listed as a DPP rather than just a $290k ruck.
A Goodes – Only 31, Goodesy? What happened? Waiting for the real stuff to start?

St Kilda

N Riewoldt – Only had a 63 last week but came to the party with a 106 against the Swans. Admit it: that’s all it took for you to plonk him up front.
S Gilbert – Again played a tagging role (this week on O’Keefe) but managed to eke out a 105 for himself after last week’s abysmal 43.
C Jones – Again played a tagging role (this week on McVeigh) but managed to eke out a 105 for himself after last week’s abysmal 29.
S Milne – Kicked 4 goals and scored 92. Am I going to ever pick him regardless of what he does? No. Let’s move on.
L Hayes – In his first game for the year managed 20 touches and 5 tackles for 91. Won’t disappoint if you slot him into your midfield. Pricey though.
L Montagna – And on the subject of pricey… Had some reasonable stats: 25 possessions, 5 marks, 4 tackles but was wasteful with it because he only scored 64. This comes after a 73 last week. Probably worth waiting for his price to drop.
J Gram – Good to see the guy who would have won the Norm Smith if the Saints had got up in the GF out on the field. His 79 included a supergoal. I like that kind of output.
S Fisher – Scored 26 in a half. Would have liked to see more of him given his 99 last week.
B Goddard – Did enough with 74 (including a 9 pointer) for me to get on him. Aw who am I kidding. He was the first guy I picked this year.


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1 thought on “Weekend Review – Swans v Saints”

  1. Had Goodesy in my original draft but have since moved on. Cant help but think with Big Bad gone that he will have to play upfront rather than chasing a kick like he used to and therefore will produce the inconsistent scores most key position players do.

    Still not convinced on kennelly but likely to get a run.

    Gram I have had the last 3 years running and he can provide some big scores but goes missing at crucial times. Really frustrating.

    Montagna and Goddard are too expensive I believe and their price will drop.

    Unlike you Motts…Rooey was my first bloke picked. Work rate is phenominal and he just grabs everything that comes his way. Even when the radar is off he racks up big scores. For mine he is the MVP of the team. 100+ every week.



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