Who Would You Prefer?

Written by Motts on March 26 2015

Leo Messi has asked for a WWYP? post and what Leo wants, Leo gets. 

Whack your two choices in Comments and let people tell you via the thumbs buttons who they’d take. 

First option gets a green thumb, second gets red. 


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108 thoughts on “Who Would You Prefer?”

  1. Iโ€™m pretty surprised that everyone has jumped off the GAZ train so easily. I get the reasoning behind it with his dodgy shoulder and all that, Iโ€™m not gonna say Ablett will or wonโ€™t have a good start to the year cos I have no idea, and nobody does, probably not even the Great man himself. So the way Iโ€™ve been looking at it is risk vs reward and in this case I think the risk of starting without him far outweighs the reward. For example:

    If Iโ€™m gonna start without GAZ, Iโ€™ll need a pretty damn good plan to get him in, something like running with an early bolter mid such as Wines, Judd etc. then upgrading to Ablett when the time is right. But for this to happen I will need two things to go right, my bolter to have a good start and for Ablett to have a bad one. If either one fails then so does the plan. If Ablett has a typical Ablett start to the year then I canโ€™t see any way of getting him until Rnd 7 or 8 at the earliest and this will cost an extra trade then planned, Iโ€™ve lost all those juicy captain scores and I can now officially kiss the 50k goodbye (assuming I had any chance at it in the first place).

    On the other side of the coin, letโ€™s say Ablett has the kind of start the majority are expecting and averages about 110 over the first 5 rounds, drops 100k in price, my bolter rises similarly to make it a straight swap with the spare 50k or so I had in the bank. Well done me, I can now put my feet up and pat myself on the backโ€ฆ but what have I actually gained? Well anyone who had Ablett from the start got 110 from a player priced to ave 135, so thatโ€™s 25 x 5 = 125 points gained on them over 5 rounds and 100k saved for the cost of 1 trade. Seems like a nice edge to have over the rest I guess but certainly not game changing. The only way I see this option as a game changer is if Ablett misses games early or does a Dane Swan and completely spuds it, but to even think of such a thing is blasphemy.

    For me if heโ€™s named Rnd 1 heโ€™s in.


  2. TU – Mummy

    TD – Leuy

    This is to be paired with Goldstein. Mummy will obviously score more points but he has the same bye.


  3. Thanks Mottsy.. Thought a few would find this useful around now.

    My dilemma is

    Boak – thumbs up

    Griffen – thumbs down


  4. Will Swan be back to his best playing in the midfield this year scoring 120+ or will he be same as last year playing up forward and mid scoring 80+?

    T/U – Swan back to best AVE=120+
    T/D – Swan is too old AVE=80+


  5. Hey SCT coaches,

    Just wondering if you can help me with this one?

    Thinking of downgrading my D4 Ibbotson to B Goodes for the extra $$$$, with that extra $$$$ I can then upgrade Bontempelli to A Swallow as M5!

    T/U……Yes do it
    T/D……Not worth it Catta

    Cheers coaches


  6. Want to get Lennon in on my side
    T/U I get rid of hogan
    T/D I get rid of lamb
    Comment for I get rid of one of Heeney/Freeman or miller and swing lambert into mids



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