You’re Out of My League

Written by MJ on March 20 2015

Got a league that you’d like some fellow SCT coaches to jump in?

Alternatively, are you searching for a few competitive leagues to pit yourself against like-minded coaches?

As per the post a fortnight ago, let’s run with this format:

  • Name of League:
  • How Many Spots Available:
  • Cash League (Y/N):
  • Why You Should Join:

Don’t forget to join the SCT Group while you’re at it:


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30 thoughts on “You’re Out of My League”

  1. Name of League: Craggy Island (958154)
    How Many Spots Available: 4
    Cash League (Y/N): N, the Money was resting in Ted’s account and now I can’t find it anymore
    Why You Should Join: Because you have never finished in the top 5000 and want a league with people who aren’t completely out of your league! Please only sign up if you have never finished in the top 5k.


  2. Looking to set up a league for coaches who either live in Thailand or spend all their free time there. (love thailand too much). Starting with a ten team league but flexible to move to 18.

    Name of League: Dick Saad

    Spots available: 6 in a ten team league

    Cash league: No

    League Code: 820860

    Why join: This type of league can easily be a platform for networking/socialising for thai-based expats


  3. Name of League: Ego Tripping
    League Code: 298289
    Spots available: 6 (10 team league)
    Cash League: No
    Why join: Because one defeat is not enough


  4. Name of League: ArborCoach 2015 (586166)
    How Many Spots Available: 15
    Cash League (Y/N): N. Saving the cash for tipping this year, next year will try talk the guys in to super coach cash.
    Why You Should Join: A team full of Arborists! (Tree Surgeons). After playing Super coach for a number of years ive talked a bunch of the guys at work in to joining. So far theyre committed and have just discovered SC talk as a resource. There are a few of us in the league that regularly finish in the top 20k, So it won’t totally be a whitewash. I’m looking to fill the league with some competent coaches rather than auto filled at season start.

    I’ll join any leagues in return to fill numbers!


  5. SCT Abroad
    Code 207633
    Cash? No
    Spots available: 6
    For Supercoach enthusiasts who live outside of Australia


  6. Name of League: SCT Alpha
    How Many Spots Available: 17
    Cash League (Y/N): N
    Why You Should Join: We all have 10 league spots this year… got one you want to fill? Hopefully get some good competitors and get a tough league going!

    LEAGUE CODE: 798262


  7. Name of League: $50 cash league
    How Many Spots Available: 6
    Cash League (Y/N): Y, $50
    Why You Should Join: competitive league with cash on the line, I have no real interest in playing strangers for ‘bragging rights’ rather than cash, those leagues should be for friends/family/colleagues I reckon


  8. Name of League: ECHUCANS
    How Many Spots Available: 17
    Cash League (Y/N): N, just get into it for a bit of fun
    Why You Should Join: Good bit of fun, lip off at the boys, should be a competitive league


  9. Hi All

    if your looking at doing a supercoach draft league this year join the below:

    Draft Date: 01/04/15
    Draft Time: 7:00pm


  10. Hey,

    -So I’ve got a league ‘The Turkey Bowl’ (code 917950) which finished in the top 500 last year which included a team that averaged less than 1800 a round.
    -10 Spots available currently. Weaker teams were not invited back this year.
    -Not a cash league
    -Looking from some strong, experienced Supercoach players to join a competitive league to rival some of the strongest leagues in the comp.


  11. Cool league
    Code : 411955
    Money: no
    Spots 11 left
    Why join: not a serious league just people wanting to have fun


  12. SCT Alpha filled up within a couple days, if there are any others looking for a league, here’s another.

    SCT Delta
    17 spots available
    No cash
    Fancy yourself an above average SC’er? Jump in.

    Try to post below if you’ve joined so we know who we’re up against!



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