You’re The Boss: West Coast

Written by Motts on July 24 2015

Imagine we gave you the president’s job at your footy club tomorrow. What would you do with it? Matteo slides behind the president’s desk at The Eagles to tell us what he’d do with them. Given the way they’re travelling, hopefully not too much!

Who would of thought that the WCE would be siting second on the ladder half way through the comp, potentially 1st after this round, definitely not me. Perhaps our premiership window is opening a little quicker than I thought. Perhaps now is the time to throw our weight around the trade table rather than pick up more youth. For argument sake I’m predicting WCE finish 4th giving us pick 15 & 33.

Trade Outs
Scott Selwood: Geelongs rumour to be interested, I’d let him go. With the improvement of Sheed, Gaff, Duggan & Yeo, Selwood is no longer an automatic selection in my eyes. Letting him go frees up a midfield spot for one of our young guns. I’d hope for a first rounder but a second to third compo pick is more likley.

Brant Colledge: this kid can actually play, Coach Simpson has stated in the past that he can’t play Priddis/Sheed/Colledge all in the same team, and he obviously prefers Pridda and Sheed. I don’t think we will get anything for him, but I’d like to see him get a game at another club, much like Koby Stevens did with the dogs, as he is too good for the WAFL.

Matt Rosa: Personally I like Rosa, over 150 games worth of experience and in a youngish side like ours that’s important. Also adds good depth to our Midfield and Backline as he can play both. BUT! I’ve been hearing a few rumours about a couple Melbourne based clubs chasing him. I don’t think it’ll happen and don’t think he’ll leave, but at the right price I’d let him go.

Fraser McInnes: Was really unlucky to be dropped for Darling. He’s come along really well this year. Is really liked around the club but with Kennedy, Darling, LeCras, possibly McGovern when Mackenzie comes back and a resting Ruckman there’s just no room for him. If Dixon moves from GCS to Freo then McInnes could fill a void left by him up forward.

Mitch Brown: is a free agent at the end of next year. If he doesn’t crack the team by mid season next year, I think he’ll leave. One to monitor.

Trade Targets
All the talk this year about our trade targets have been around Coniglio and Yarren. With Coniglio just signing he’s off the table and as for Yarren i just don’t rate him, too inconsistent. I’d be a little more bold around the trade table, I’d target Jobe Watson. Now hear me out! He’s rumoured to be very disappointed in his club at the moment and is thinking of giving the game away. Yes he’s 30 and but with his skills he could play on for another two years. A player of his talent in our current team could take us one step further and would mean we could push for a flag. The fact that he gets out of Melbourne and away from media attention could be a reason for him to come. Never gonna happen but we can dream.

More realistically Daniel Rich is a free agent next year and should be targeted this year by the Eagles. His strength and speed of our half back line could be damaging! With Butler nearly 30 he would take his spot.

Tunbridge, McGinnity, Main, Karpany and Lucas(r) just aren’t up to AFL level. Lucas is especially disappointing. If he didn’t break in this year with all of our injuries then he’s never going to.

Beau Waters is already confirmed. X Ellis has barely been sighted this year, wouldn’t be surprised to see him go.

It’s way too early for me to even comment on this year’s draft other than the fact that we have a father/son in Jordan Matera, who won’t go early.

2016 Team
B Hurn Mackenzie Wellingham
HB Sheppard Schofield Yeo
C Rich Priddis Gaff
HF Darling McGovern Masten
F LeCras Kennedy Cripps
FOL Naitanui Shuey Watson
I/C From: Sinclar Duggan Sheed
Sub: Hill


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9 thoughts on “You’re The Boss: West Coast”

  1. Great write-up Matteo! No mention of Lewis Jetta though, saw this week he’s considering a move home to the west?


  2. West Coast has made the mistake of recruiting a Watson before, don’t make the same mistake again with his son!!


  3. good writeup matteo.

    as a fellow WC fan, i like most of what you’ve written above. couple of points to think about though:

    – reckon scooter offers something different to our other mids with his hardness and i hope we do everything we can to keep him. it’s fantastic for our team he’s having to work hard for his spot back, but for mine he’s easily in our top 22.
    – pretty sure we already re-signed ellis for next year, and i think we look a better side with his cool head at h/b.
    – i know we signed him up for a 4 year deal, but with sinclair making the backup ruck spot his own i’d be entertaining a trade for lycett. as opposed to most of our other guys in the wafl, he’d actually have some trade currency.

    massive game this week!


  4. Great wrap-up Matteo. It’s a pretty strong list, more-so than I gave them credit for pre-season.
    Another mid would be great if Selwood can’t stay on the park but they don’t need much. Having the backline back will be nice!


  5. I think when we see barrass play this week, we will realise that we have a clone of McGovern into the team, I’ve bean watching this guy play in the wall and he is a freak. Looking forward to seeing him in the future. As for some of your suggestions, I don’t think going for older players such as Jobe is a good idea, we are a young, exciting team, and we should be giving opportunity to as many youngsters as we can so we can build great depth. An out of form older player is just wasted space. As for Ellis, he is very important, for the leadership aspect of the team, he bought into Simpsons plan from the beginning, and being from hawthorn, he knows exactly where the team is heading. Finally, I agree about Scott Selwood, his use by foot isn’t really up to scratch and the age of the tagged, in my opinion, is seeing its last days, would like to see a early pick for him though, maybe geelongs first pick?
    Lewis Jetta needs to be looked at also, he has hinted that he wants to come home to WA and he would be damaging on a wing, or running off the halfback line.


  6. Bennell a chance? Do we have any magic beans to trade for the tarnished star?

    Mcginnis(If Dixon Leaves) and a pick for Bennell? and be content taking Matera(fater/son) with our first pick(in the second round)?



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