The Fallen Premiums, R19

Written by MJ on August 13 2015

I’m keeping things short, sharp and straight to the point this week. To all those facing a semi-final this week, look no further than the following blokes if you’re struggling to make ends meet on the financial front.


Kade Simpson $467,300 (-$45,500; AVE 93.63, BE 73, PTA 93.4) Five of his last six matches have been in the realm of 90+, with his most recent score of 112 playing him into some solid form ahead of Brisbane and Melbourne.

Bachar Houli $438,800 (-$8,600; AVE 96.28, BE 65, PTA 87.6) 90, 96 and 103 in his last three provide an impressive outlook for his price tag and standings as the third highest scoring backman this season. Can you believe Higgins has replaced him at #2!?

Brodie Smith $347,700 (-$155,100; AVE 74.00, BE 45, PTA 69.4) Would you dare consider him after his 101 over the weekend? Current owners would tell you to steer clear after being on the receiving end of his poor 2015, but you may think otherwise!

Wait for:
Luke Hodge $589k; BE 161
Elliot Yeo $443k; BE 137


Tom Rockliff $496,300 (-$213,200; AVE 88.83, BE 50, PTA 99.2) The 50 in R17 stands out like a sore thumb (or rib!). His other four games since the bye have yielded 126, 101, 135, 115.

David Armitage $493,700 (-$8,300; AVE 109.67, BE 97, PTA 98.6) He may be tapering off after a monstrous start to the year that saw five games of 129+ in the first nine weeks. This is the cheapest you’ve seen him in 2015.

Lachie Neale $477,100 (+$8,200; AVE 105.83, BE 55, PTA 95.4) 110 and 123 in Fyfe’s absence has been a welcome return to form for his coaches. I was fortunate enough to jump on board last week and will look for plenty of value at well under $500k.

Rory Sloane $463,500 (-$153,400; AVE 100.00, BE 76, PTA 92.6) If you took the risk last week, you were laughing all the way to the bank to cash in the 128-pt cheque. With that fresh in the memory, he’s going to provide great bang for your buck.

Wait for:
Callan Ward $494k; BE 149
Steele Sidebottom $510k; BE 146


Ben McEvoy $472,700 (-$9,700; AVE 81.36, BE 98, PTA 94.4) With four tons in five weeks, Big Boy is a nice option for your Nic Nat trade if you need a buffer in the bank balance.

Matthew Kreuzer $434,800 (+$63,900; AVE 86.78, BE 49, PTA 86.8)
His BE is 49 after back-to-back centuries; something the Australian cricketers could only dream about. He’s a very shrewd pick at such a low price.


I’ve been harping on about the following three blokes for the last month and I’ll keep singing their praises until they tick over the $500k mark. They’ve all struck up four tons in their last five outings and are tried and tested options that have stood the test of time. Don’t hesitate snapping up one of these champions!

Jimmy Bartel $495,800 (-$53,200; AVE 88.57, BE 103, PTA 99.0)

Brendon Goddard $489,600 (-$59,200; AVE 97.89, BE 94, PTA 97.8)

Brent Harvey $482,900 (-$90,000; AVE 92.50, BE 81, PTA 96.4)

Wait for:
Jarryd Roughead $476k; BE 157
Jack Riewoldt $435k; BE 154

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19 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums, R19”

  1. May have to replace Treloar because he may be out, Ablett, Wines, Fyfe, Franklin… I held Fyfe hope he plays, will possibly jump on Hannebery/Scotty Thompson for Treloar


  2. Bit of a dilemma. Got both Nic Nat and Franklin definitely out this week but only want to use one trade.

    Been thinking I’ll trade Franklin as he’s actually injured whereas Nic Nat could be back next week with no physical ailments affecting his performance. Also think Nic Nat will outscore Franklin when back.

    Alas, trading Nic Nat means I can bring in Deledio using Gawn. Trading Franklin only means a Rockliff or Sloane using Gray. So which is the better trade?

    T/U – Nic Nat – Deledio
    T/D – Franklin – Rockliff/Sloane


  3. Great article again! I can’t decide between Houli or Simpson to replace K.Kolo. Thoughts would be appreciated;

    Tup – Houli
    Tdn – Simpson
    Comment – Someone else below $480k?



  4. double down grade in the midfield this weekend as I’m not playing.

    boston to cory adamson

    2nd one I cant decide.

    tu steele (gws) to someone

    td knight (adel) to someone

    any comments would be greatly appreciated.



  5. Bringing in fallen premiums Goddard (fwd) and Mcevoy for Nicnat and Steele.

    Thumbs up or can I do better with a 962k budget? (do already have Goldy)


  6. So, with news that Franklin looks like not coming back this week, I have adequate cover for him for another week, as this week I have 2 leagues to play finals matches in, and the other 3 my team gets the week off. There is also the other dilemma with Lever being my D6 the last few weeks as my last spot to upgrade.

    Only 1 trade left, where should it be put to greater use guys? I have only $89,800 in the bank so can’t really upgrade Lever to a proven Defender, the main options that are coming to mind for Lever seem to be Birchall, B Smith, Kelly and T McDonald as the best options I reckon at the moment. With Franklin, best options I’m looking at are Bartel and Harvey (got Goddard already earlier in the season).

    T/U: Franklin – Bartel/Harvey
    T/D: Lever – Birchall/B Smith/Kelly/McDonald

    I might still ultimately hold my last trade this week unless there’s another LTI out of nowhere for my side.


  7. Got a luxury trade this week (if I don’t use it, I lose it). Think Griffen is my weakest link , time to bring Rockliff back in me thinks

    Tu – yep best mid option
    Td – there are better options


  8. who should we be trading in for Nic Nat? thinking Jacobs or even Ben McEvoy as a POD. Also 2 weeks ago i had the trades so i did a shark move and traded out Fyfe. Been pretty happy with the trade so far, should i think about trading him back in?
    thoughts appreciated?



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