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Written by Motts on March 29 2016

Juddlow’s here with his first H&A Rookie Review ever for SCT. It is truly a momentous occasion *wipes tear away*.


With great excitement I present the Round 1 Rookie Review of 2016. With a number of solid performances this week, I have chosen to write about the top 12 rookie priced(<250K) players(based on their Round 1 scores) and provided a table of all rookie scores for each position.


E Mackenzie (WCE, 243K) After a spectacular season in 2014, the 196cm big man went down with an ACL early last season. On the back of a strong summer, the 27 year old has slotted back into the Eagles defensive line up very nicely. On the weekend he finished with 24 disposals 7 marks and 6 rebound 50s for 95 pts. Although I am not sure this 100kg defender is SuperCoach relevant, he could be one to watch this weekend.

C Marchbank (GWS, 215K) To say this man flew under the radar in the preseason would be an understatement. The pick number 6 from the 2014 draft played just his 7th AFL game on the weekend and scored a very impressive 93. Marchbank had 15 disposals, 4 marks and 4 tackles. Definitely keep an eye on him next week.

J Bennell (WCE, 228K) This 25 year old former Demon looks to be hitting his straps after a couple of setbacks.  Benell was a solid contributor in the Eagles win over the Lions finishing with 17 disposals which included 3 Inside-50s and 2 goals. If he can replicate this next week, it could be tempting to trade in the 179cm utility if you didn’t start the season with him.

J Weitering (CAR, 220K) The number one draft pick of 2015 looked at home in his first game in the navy blue. He accumulated 12 kicks, 5 handballs and 7 marks in the narrow loss to the Tigers. Most importantly, he looked very composed with the ball in hand and rarely wasted a disposal. Weitering also highlighted his strength by out marking Cotchin in a one-on-one contest. Looks a very impressive young player.

M Adams (WBD, FWD, 117K) After an impressive 2015 season for West Perth in the WAFL, Marcus Adams showed his worth in his first outing in the red, white and blue. The 193cm big man looked very experienced in the Bulldogs defence, keeping Matthew Pavlich to just one goal and six disposals. Adams gathered 15 disposals himself and also took 8 marks, finishing with 82 points. I like the 22 year olds job security and ability.

Thinking back-

DEFENDERS Club Price Score
E MacKenzie WCE 243K 95
C Marchbank GWS 215K 93
J Bennell WCE 228K 89
J Weitering CAR 220K 87
M Adams (FWD) WBD 117K 82
A Litherland HAW 231K 67
M Dea ESS 183K 61
Z Dawson FRE 221K 61
A McDonald-Tipungwuti (FWD) ESS 102K 50
C Cameron GCS 170K 49
J Nelson WCE 210K 43
M Brown (FWD) ESS 117K 42
D Gardiner BRI 233K 33
O McDonald MEL 155K 32
S Lemmens GCS 237K 24



G Hewett (SYD, 123K) After being taken at pick 32 in the 2013 draft, Hewett was given his first opportunity at the highest level on Saturday night and boy (!), did he make the most of it! The 20 year old gathered 15 disposals, clunked 7 marks, 7 tackles and kicked 1 goal. If he can hold his place in a quality Swans line up, the South Australian looks to be an asset to any SuperCoach side.

C Oliver (MEL, 207K) This youngster gathered 22 disposals in his first game at AFL level. Of his touches, 17 were handballs and 7 were clangers; this no doubt deflated his SuperCoach score slightly. However for any player to have 22 disposals in their first game is very impressive regardless (and from only 58% Time On Ground!). He should be given regular games this season.

Men in the middle-

MIDFIELDERS Club Price Score
G Hewett SYD 123K 96
C Oliver MEL 207K 75
C Mills SYD 211K 71
D Parish ESS 202K 69
J Dunkley WBD 117K 61
R Crowley ESS 58K 58
R Davis GCS 102K 57
J O’Rouke HAW 230K 54
J Gresham STK 144K 44
L Weller FRE 206K 43
B Macaffer COL 174K 38



B Kennedy (MEL, MID, 187K) In his first game in the red and blue, Kennedy top scored for Melbourne, finishing with 115 points. Kennedy amassed 21 disposals and a goal, the small premium in his price tag is beginning to look like money well spent. The 22 year old has played 27 games and was originally drafted at pick 19 in the 2012 AFL draft.

T Papley (SYD, 109K) The small forward from the Gippsland Power slotted 3 goals in his first match in the red and white. Papley looked at home in the forward line applying plenty of pressure and also looking very dangerous around goal. The 19 year old was taken at pick number 14 in this season’s rookie draft and elevated from the rookie list just hours before the Round One teams were named. At his price, it’s great for Supercoaches.  The question will remain about his job security with a handful of Swans to come back into the side in coming weeks (McVeigh & McGlynn).

D Wells (NTH, MID, 243K) Much to the pleasure of all North Melbourne supporters and the majority of fantasy Coaches, this man appears to be back. Wells was influential in getting the Kangaroos over the line on Saturday night. He finished the game with 18 disposals, half of which were contested and 7 tackles. His efficiency was above 80% and he accumulated 8 Inside-50s. If he can stay fit, the 31 year old could be instrumental in pushing North Melbourne up the ranks this season.

S Kerridge (CAR, MID, 137K) The former Crow looked very dangerous in his first match under Brendan Bolton. After a stunning pre-season, Kerridge finished the match with 24 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles. He did make a couple of costly errors meaning he only finished with 85 points.  However you would expect a player of his calibre to not make them a regular occurrence. If he can keep up his solid midfield work, he could finish up being the last rookie you upgrade this season.

C Menadue (RIC, MID, 155K) One of the more popular choices in the pre-season did not leave us waiting long to see what he could produce, slotting the first goal of the 2016 season. In spite of his slight frame, Menadue showed a high work rate and looked very dangerous. The 19 year old finished with 13 disposals, 2 goals and 4 tackles. No doubt the Tigers will be looking to develop this man.

Forward thinking-

FORWARDS Club Price Score
B Kennedy (MID) MEL 187K 115
T Papley SYD 109K 104
D Wells (MID) NTH 243K 99
S Kerridge CAR 137K 86
C Menadue (MID) RIC 155K 80
T Garner NTH 243K 77
D Kent MEL 232K 73
J Simpkin (MID) ESS 223K 72
D Robinson (MID) SYD 240K 62
C Ellis (MID) RIC 193K 59
J Schache BRI 216K 59
C Ah Chee GCS 189K 58
L Duggan (MID) WCE 229K 56
J Lamb CAR 189K 46
J Sicily HAW 222K 44
L McCarthy GEE 139K 43
M McGovern ADE 123K 41
K Langford ESS 188K 41
E Templeton STK 196K 41
W Milera ADE 175K 40
D Rioli RIC 157K 39
J Freeman BRI 218K 27
M Taberner FRE 242K 26
C Gault COL 215K 16
J Anderson NTH 223K 15



The big men around campus-

RUCKS Club Price Score
M Pitonet HAW 123K 16
S Frost (FWD) MEL 217K 17




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29 thoughts on “Rookie Review – R1”

  1. Eric Mackenzie might be a very valid choice for a depth player in technical. Defence is very thin and MacKenzie should be a reliable best 18 for the eagles.

    Just a warning, cannot reverse my experimental trades from my technical team yet, so we might need to wait on trades until teams are named.


  2. Really love the format!

    Such an indepth analysis.

    Some players I’d love to have in my team there but certainly not going this early for rookies.

    Will keep my eyes on them though.


  3. I agree with everyone else who has already said the format is great, Juddlow. Well done mate!

    We all need to take note that R1 scores have the lowest impact in a rookie’s price hike, because it only remains in their rolling 3 week average for 1 week (R3). All scores from R3 onwards will affect their price for three straight weeks, so while Ben Kennedy and Tom Papley’s tons are great, if they happen to churn out 50s in the next fortnight, their gains will be minimised substantially. Wait another week to bring in a rookie if possible 🙂


  4. Brilliant stuff, Juddlow!

    I see plenty of the peeps that have used this site from the early days all saying how good this write-up is and it’s true! It’s getting easier and easier to be lazier with my SC research and my wife and kids thank-you 😀


  5. Agree with all of the Coaches above……great wrap-up Juddlow! Hope this continues all season, makes for great reading!



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