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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 1 2016

Once again, Champion Data has explained another aspect of its Supercoach points system.  Makes for an interesting read.  (Originally appeared in the Herald Sun 31.3.16).


It’s not always about kicks and handballs.  The humble mark is often overlooked but can have a major impact on SuperCoach scoring.  Every week of the 2016 season Champion Data will lift the veil of the SuperCoach scoring system to unpack a stat that contributes to player scores.  Now, over to the experts …

The mark is often a statistic that goes unnoticed in SuperCoach.  The manner in which a mark is recorded however has a major bearing on scoring and these are made up of multiple stats, with each mark awarded a different SuperCoach value.

Todd Goldstein took four contested marks in Round 1.  The most profitable mark is one that is recorded in a contested manner directly from an opposition kick, earning a player eight points. A contested mark, or a pack mark is next best from a value point of view which earns you six points.

A lead mark is also rewarded favourably (five points), with the likes of Nick Riewoldt and Josh J. Kennedy both ranking high in this statistic in recent seasons.

An uncontested mark from the opposition is worth four points, while an uncontested mark from a team mate isn’t as valuable and is worth just two points.

On the negative scale, if a player drops a mark directly from an opposition kick then he loses four points. Furthermore, a dropped mark from a team mate kick also results in a negative four point return.


Contested Mark from Opposition 8
Contested Mark 6
Pack Mark 6
Lead Mark 5
Uncontested Mark from Opposition 4
Uncontested Mark 4
Dropped Mark -4


With all of this in mind, if we look at the opening round of the season it was Josh J. Kennedy that stole the show, recording a round-high 16 marks, which included recording four contested marks and three on the lead.  Overall, his score of 180 points was a round-high and 18 more than any other player in the AFL.

Teammate Nic Naitanui led the competition for contested marks with six, which was a career-high return.  He was the highest scoring ruckman in the league for the round courtesy of his 153 points, with last year’s top ranked player Todd Goldstein next best with 126. Goldstein ranked equal-second for the round with four contested marks.

SuperCoach surprise packet Rory Lobb was one of four ruckmen to record at least 100 points for the round. With Jeremy Cameron suspended and Jonathon Patton missing, Lobb was the leading target inside 50 with nine, also ranking No.1 for disposals (eight) and marks (five in that zone).  At his price he’s an option worth considering especially as he has dual position status and can be selected as a forward.



Josh Kennedy (WCE) 16

Tommy Sheridan (Fre) 11

Lachie Hunter (WB) 10

Zach Merrett (Ess) 10

Taylor Walker (Adel) 10

Kade Simpson (Carl) 10

Jack Watts (Melb) 10



Nic Naitanui (WCE) 6

Todd Goldstein (NM) 4

Rory Lobb (GWS) 4

Josh Kennedy (WCE) 4


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